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Part 16: Episode XVI: Jail Break-s Kameha's Head

Episode XVI: Jail Break-s Kameha's Head

We're in jail! It's kind of disturbing how the floor is not only littered with Skulls but also ribcages considering this King is supposed to be a nice guy. That and there are only like 10 people in the entire Kingdom so like... half the people in the North are probably dead in the dungeon already.

Let's see what's up with this wall.

Well, that won-

Kameha: UZ, here, stand aside!

That's right, he just headbutted a brick wall at full speed. This is probably the most satisfying room in the game since you can make him do that as many times as you like.

Predicatably, this isn't that hard of a puzzle to solve. See those blocks up there that are slightly offcolored from the other ones? Yep.

Kameha: UZ, I'll go on ahead!

Aaaand we're alone. Let's go face the King! And by King I mean the fake King. Who is of course standing right next to the real King.

Well this is hilarious. Talking to both of them yeilds you a cliche assortment of "No, I'm the real king!" and "Look in my eyes, don't you believe me?" et al. However, if you talk to the top king enough...

Unless Kiki is his chinese mistress who just walked in the room, I'm going to call that suspicious behavior by the top King.

Fake King: Gaaah! A slip of the tongue, kiki! Arrgh, you've ruined my plan to cause conflict by impersonating the King, kikiki! You will pay!

So the King was an AgDevil in disguise! The biggest problem with the Ice World is that while there are a ton of boss battles to be fought and plot lines to be fulfilled, none of them are of any particular challenge. I mean, I'm still working with 2nd generation monsters here and I had no problem with BombCrag or AgDevil, and I probably could have taken him on with no problem using Jones, Tofl and Ctulu had I kept leveling them up. The only real threats that AgDevil can throw at you are FireBane - which can do damage to all your monsters in one round - and SleepAir which can put them all to sleep. He didn't use either of those in my battle and he's just as easily put to sleep as the BombCrag from before so once again, this battle was a pushover when I spammed NapAttack from D00d and just BlazeMore'd him to death from that point.

King of Norden: Thank you for seeing that I am the true King of Norden! I will put a stop to the squabbling with the Western Kingdom. I'll have the border re-opened.

Woo! We've completed the first plotline of the Ice World. There's still a couple more to deal with, but we'll get to those later. For right now I'm in the mood for some more new monsters! This is only in part because this update would be really short if I didn't.

Type: Beast
Learns: Sleep ChargeUp Berserker
For the life of me I've never actually figured out how to pronounce 'Almiraj'. We'll call her Whaar.

Unfortunately, Almiraj there filled the god-damn farm again so I released Dagon the PoisonGon in her stead. Sorry, Dagon.

Type: Beast
Learns: ChargeUp EvilSlash Kamikaze
Whaar was released immediately after being caught because we caught Garbl here.

By the way, if you haven't noticed, a lot of worlds have kind of a monster theme to them. The Pirate World had a ton of Water monsters, the Ice World is full of Beasts. Every key that isn't for the main worlds has a monster theme as well.

And finally, the monster I've come here actually looking for...

Type: Material
Learns: FireAir FrigidAir SuckAir
This guy is going to be breed about 2 minutes after I get him, I'll just call her Sexxx. (That's right, the game actually has a filter that disallows the name "Sex" from being used. Dammit Enix! )

Back to Greatlog. It's time to get a new set of three party monsters... because we can... via breeding!

We'll start by breeding our WhaleMage Saito with Sexxx the Gismo.

This is never a bad thing when even the Professor is so overwhelmed by the awesome that he has no idea what will be bred.

Type: Material
Learns: Infernos Barrier Surge
Pretty epic looking guy in our party already. Daddy likes. We'll name him Vekie. Big bonus for him over Saito? Cloudking isn't one of those "takes for-fucking-ever to level" monsters.

Next up, MIMIC the Mimic and Sqush our Snaily.

Type: Material
Learns: Beat Massacre Outside
Considering how adorable this guys mother Snaily was, this monster is creepy. As promised, MskHz will be the name for our mysterious pot hiding its face inside.

Finally, we'll breed our mummy D00d IV with kid1 the DragonKid.

Type: Zombie
Learns: SleepAir Radiant ThickFog
Say hello to D00d V! That's right, this joke will NEVER DIE. (Spoilers: It will be dead within the next generation)

That's our update for today. Check out our new party for a second, they'll be all leveled up by the time we get to our next update. We'll hang out in the Western Kingdom next time around!