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Part 17: Episode XVII: Our Lady of Forest Souls

All right, Black Friday update. Sorry for the lack of 'em recently, but this one is pretty long to try and make up for it!

Episode XVII: Our Lady of Forest Souls

I've gotten all our new party monsters up to level 20. Let's take a look at them.

MskHz has inherited some of that great defense from her mother Snaily. She has also learned Massacre, a move that randomly does a ton of damage to one character on screen, either one of your monsters or an enemy. It's a crapshoot but if you get lucky it's a good last resort.

D00d V is decent all around and knows all the spells like Sleepair, Paralyze and RobDance which make it a good guy to set to MIXED in the arena.

Vekie isn't all that impressive yet in its regular stats, but it's got a shit ton of MP. These three monsters will be raised to pretty high levels so their offspring will be benifited more than these guys were. It also learned Watershot, a shot of water that hits a single enemy.

We can now get through the mine, so lets get to the Western Kingdom.

This is the town of Weston. That other town slightly to the West is the Weston Castle, which will be our next stop.

Eskimo: of visitors and gifts. They're offering a reward if you can cheer Lady Yuna up. I'm thinking of going myself.

Well there's our quest for the Western kingdom, apparently the princess is depressed. We're a little ray of sunshine if I've ever seen one, so lets get going.

There's a hell of a line to get in. There's a few people to chat with outside the castle, maybe we can kill time with some interesting conversation.

Merchant: studded with jewels. Any woman would be delighted by it!

All right, so maybe not.

What's this sign say?

Oh, god dammit.

Kameha: You managed to get out of the Castle, dd you? You can thank me for it. I let you have the glory last time, but this time it will be mine!

Well, at least he headbutted the line away. We'll give him a minute and talk with some people in the castle.

Purple Cloaked Dude: ...who had tutored Lady Yuna. He knows about her the best.

Priest: Please go right through.


Even the King of Weston hates Kameha.

Well, there's only one act we can do, really.

I chalk this up to a programmer being really proud of his "Burning Ring" sprite and wanted to use it as much as possible.

This is less funny when none of our monsters are obviously flammable.

Apparently not.

King of Weston: You were superb, but Yuna didn't appear to be much impressed... She used to be full of laughter... It happened so quickly. She came back to the castle like this one day and hasn't been the same ever since then.

Well, that sucks. That one dude mentioned that Yuna had a tutor in the Eastern Kingdom, lets see if we can find him.

This is Estria, the Eastern Kingdom. Now, who is the tutor?

Well hey, this guy looks like a likely cantidate.

Purple Cloaked Dude: ...back home. But yes, I tutored Lady Yuna in the Western Kingdom. It brings back some memories... Lady Yuna was a rambunctious soul. She was much more likely to be out playing in the forests with animals than staying cooped up in the castle. She used to climb out of her room on vines outside her window. She often went to the forest south of the castle. She liked it there. Ah, good memories indeed! Fwohohoho!

Fwohohohoho? Whatever, there are two very important pieces of information in that ramble, the one we need now is the fact that Yuna liked to hang out in the forest south of town.

Here we go, it's just East of Weston, over a bridge.

Eskimo: ...the forest far to the west. A young girl appeared and she sort of glided to me without moving her feet one bit. I turned and ran, but she followed!

Terrifying, I assure you. Let's wander around here.

Hilarious story: A ghost of lady Yuna appears on both of these screens, walking away. This being a sprite game, the way they signified "ghostly" was making her blink visible and invisible quickly. Despite taking several screencaps of both screens, I somehow managed to take nothing but caps of her being invisible. Kill me.

Finally, she stopped at the bottom, always visible, so we could talk with her.

Yuna's Soul: I don't remember who I am, what I'm doing here or anything else. I just know that I need help... Oh? Do you know who I am? Let me hide among your items.

We have Yuna's soul! Next time we'll try and clear up this soul business with Yuna and see what the deal is with the Eastern Kingdom.