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Part 18: Episode XVIII: The worst update ever

Merry Christmas, all.

Episode XVIII: The worst update ever

So, uh... hi. I think we all know what's going on with me and my computer and whatnot, so the basic idea here is that I lost all my screencaps for what was going to be this update.

I did some fairly important stuff in that update. You know, like a boss battle. And saving the princess. So this is awesome.

So anyway, I'll show what I can using screencaps, but unfortunately most things have changed since I already did the boss battle...

The rest will be in State Of The Art UZwormvision. (Read: Horrific MS Paint drawings.)


Welcome back! Last time we got Lady Yuna's soul back from the forest.

We can't get into Lady Yuna's room because there's a guard in front of her room, so we'll have to go around.

Anyway, remember this dude from before who told us that Yuna was in the forest? He slipped another bit of dialogue into the conversation about Yuna climbing up and down vines.

Looks promising. Well, let's go into her room...

This battle is just as much a pushover as the rest of them in the Ice world. Once again, sleep spells and abilities knock him out and he's pretty much toast from there. He knows a couple of dance moves that can confuse you or drain stats... but other than that another disappointingly easy battle.


And that's how I saved the princess.


Oh, and apparently whatever evil force is targeting this world is going after Queen Helen from the Eastern kingdom next.

I love how unconcerned the guard here is that we've managed to break into the castle so easily.

See you next time when we actually have an update with substance and better graphics and shit.