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Part 19: Episode XIX: I'm So Tired Of Climbing Mountains

Episode XIX: I'm So Tired Of Climbing Mountains

Alternative title: I'm So Tired of Catching Monsters (Same abbreviation and everything!)

Type: Beast
Learns: SquallHit BiAttack LegSweep
I actually caught DEKI back when I was compiling the screenshots for the last update. DEKI requested to be named for a Grizzly way earlier in the thread so here you go.

Type: Devil
Learns: Vivify Sap BirdBlow
Cro is a fantastic name, I don't care what you say.

Type: Bird
Learns: Infernos PanicAll EagleEye
Not going to lie, I had COMPLETELY forgotten that Crog even existed before running into him. Guess he's not that memorable a monster. :/

Type: Dragon
Learns: Sap Ramming WarCry
Yep, Dgon too. I guess that's the drawback of having so many damn monsters per world, a few of 'em are going to drop out of mind.

Welcome back, we're at the Kingdom of Estria again, this time to visit the Queen Helen after the East's Lady Yuna basically fed us the next plot point with a spoon.

This Crest is awesome.

Is this a... beach with pine trees inside the Castle?

Aaand the Queen isn't actually in the throne room. Hm.

Hot Palace Guard: Queen Helen's room is past here. She's taken sick from nightmares. If she could sleep deeply, far beyond seeing any dreams, she may be cured...

All right, so apparently the cure isn't to wake her up, it's just to make her go to sleep so deeply that she can't dream any more.

Sounds logical. You know, for an Enix game at least.

Wasn't there some sort of plant scholar in the Nofor port?

Sounds good.

Seriously, he's kind of hard to miss.

Scholar: Sleepherb is the one plant that assures a deep and dreamless sleep. It grows only atop a mountain on the east and north kingdom's border. It is a rare blue flower that grows only in extreme cold. Oh, the mountain can be reached only from the East side.

If the directions were too tough to get from that, basically go straight north as far as you can from the castle and you'll literally run right into it.

I never learned to climb the rope in gym class, this should be painful.

This mountain really only has the gimmick of a shit-ton of dead ends.

This is the only chest on the mountain, and it's a great one. A free magic key for you! These are fairly rare to find outside the Arena and inside the actual random magic key worlds, so it's always nice to get one.

Woo, sleepherb!

All right.

...Yeah, there's no boss battle here or anything, the mountain is pretty much the most boring thing ever.

Hot Palace Guard: This flower will save our Queen? Please come with me to her room!

Give her the medicine!

Apparently the game doesn't like that.

Oh. More boss monsters infecting the royalty. How original and interesting.

GoatHorn: ...three kingdoms around the lake... So I had wormed my way into the Queen's dreams to create nightmares. That drug will ruin my plan.

It's what I do best!

He's got all the fearsome dialogue of Garland from Final Fantasy I. At least he's not going to knock us all down.

I really hate whoever made all these bosses so easy to be put to sleep, I really do. All you have to do in this battle is spam Napattack until he's asleep and then wail on him with either physical attacks or just spamming blazemore on him. I know I'm probably overleveling my monsters as it were but there really shouldn't be any boss battles where you can hold the A button down and take a nap knowing you'll win anyway.

Goathorn: So it was you who took the others! I must inform my King!

Any time, lady.

Wait, we hadn't given her the her- know what, whatever.

Queen Helen: I haven't slept so soundly in weeks. Oh? Who are you?

Hot Palace Guard: This child rid you of the fiend that made nightmares of your dreams.

Queen Helen: Since I started having nightmares, I haven't awoken this refreshed. I am truly grateful. Oh! That Crest... It's the spirit's... So it was all the spirit's bidding.

Well, that's it! We've cleared the troubles of the three kingdoms and the Spirit should have our Shield ready when we get there next time!