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Part 20: Episode XX: Shield Your Eyes

Episode XX: Shield Your Eyes

Welcome back! We've completed the quests of the three kingdoms in the Ice world, saving the kings, queens and princesses of the world from a troupe of monsters. Now, we're back at the spring to meet the spirit who dwells within. She'll give us the SkyShield.

There it is!

Yep, that sure is a shield.

Oh, hi there. You're certainly ugly for an elemental spirit of the spring.

Evil Dude: ...monsters in return for the Sky Shield being taken from the elemental. Any more of your meddling will not be tolerated. You should just back off now. Do you really think you can challenge me?

Yep. We are indeed challenging an old foe from this level again... with friends! Sadly (or not), no gauntlet of every boss in a row.

Finally, something moderately almost challenging! Three monsters here makes it harder to just put them to sleep and wail, and Goathorn seemed to be resisting Sleepair and Napattack better than the ArcDemons were. In another case of me obviously overleveling, MskHz's defense is so high right now that Goathorn's melee attack did only 1 damage to him. Dood V only took 9 damage as well. Whoop! Everyone in this battle knows Boom, a non-elemental attack that hits all your monsters and can deal some good damage to you if you don't watch what you're doing. If your monsters know Scorching, Blizzard or another of the level 3 breath attacks, spam those and you'll be fine.

Evil Dude: It won't be this easy next time!

Spirit: Your work has lifted the dark shadow that lay over this world. Peace should be quick to return. You no longer need the Crest. Throw it back into my spring.

Aww, I enjoyed having the god-envoy status.

Spirit: ...their peaceful states. As my thanks, take the Sky Shield.

Woop! Plus, the giant ice plague that seemed to be destroying the world has vanished, leaving the spring nice and watery again.

I think we all know where this is going.

Well this is new and exciting. On the bright side, the SkyShield gives us the power to fly!

Warubou: Wa-Hey? I felt an odd power! I see it! A land floating way up high in the sky, warooh! The Sky Key is what you want.

Perfect. A few more monsters and we'll get on our way.

Type: Material
Learns: Heal MetalCut EvilSlash
Because of Sandata's post about them earlier, I'm naming this guy San...

Type: Slime
Learns: Heal Upper BeastCut
...and this guy Data. (There are now two monsters named Data, but the game allows that.)

Type: Zombie
Learns: Blaze Firebal Outside
Brwsr. I don't care how unfunny the pun is.

I released Sucks the Jewelbag, Awsme the Pyuro and Pinto the Catfly to get these three.

Next time we're going to use our first non-plot magic key and do some breeding!