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Part 21: Episode XXI: The King Fucks My Plans Up

Episode XXI: The King Fucks My Plans Up
(With special guest star: AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION!)

Welcome to our first ever super-special MAGIC KEY edition of Dragon Warri-

Get out of my way Red Dude, I want to see the key appraiser.

Red Dude: ...from the castle for a long time. The King thought it was another of the Prince's silly pranks at first, but he's worried and appears unable to concentrate on work now.

I've been trying my hardest to forget.

Red Dude: ...Kameha in another world? Come with me to see his Majesty!

Dammit, I don't want any plot advancement in this update, Red Dude!

Red Dude: ...Prince Kameha's whereabouts.

King of Greatlog: Where has Kameha gotten to? What? Another world? So the rumors were true... No wonder he could not be found. Well, so long as he is safe, it's fine. It is quiet while he's absent.

Pretty sure even the Prince's dad hates him, nice.

King of Greatlog: ...that you let me know. Ah, I should also give you this. It's a magic key named Sky Key.


I... they don't even give a fuck about hiding these any more, do they?

King of Greatlog: ...duplicate from the Castle. I can imagine him being a nuisance,

The man knows his son well.

Well fuck that shit, the King ruined my update plans.

I guess since I got the Sky Key completely by accident this could still count as the super special MAGIC KEY edition?

At least I can appraise them.

All right, we have two magic keys, BlackSea and PlainMagma. I'll explain what the names of the keys mean in the next update, until then I'll leave this to you guys. You want to see the Black Sea or some Plain Magma?

Also, am I the only one who thinks the King of Greatlog looks like a Walrus?