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Part 23: Episode XXIII: LogJam

Episode XXIII: LogJam

Welcome back, it's probably going to take two updates to get us to the Sky Key, one update in Greatlog and an update doing stuff elsewhere. We'll get our crap together in GreatLog today.

You'll notice that the island has actually started to show the signs of sinking. Trees that were above ground before are now in the water.

The people of the island are starting to notice as well.

Back on the farm, Dad has finally finished building the Stable. Talking to that mushroom over there allows us to put monsters to sleep, which allows us to open a spot for a new monster without being forced to release our old monsters. Very useful.

This guy is also in the stable. He'll tell us how much our monsters can grow. As you breed monsters, your monsters get a higher 'max level'. Right now all our guys max out around level 55.

We can give our Mom that potion she wanted. She didn't actually give us anything this time, but she wants us to run another errand.

Fortunately, I have a Rib with me already... she still gave me 600 gold though!

And she has another request. Ask Tara to do something, dammit!

Mom: ...dreamed about is finally completed. I want to have a nice dinner to celebrate, so I'd like some Sirloin. Please go buy some for me.

Nice. Fortunately (again) I already have a Sirloin on me as well. Sure, it's probably covered in sand (and mildew) from BlackSea but she'll never know the difference.

Well don't we feel loved? That's all we can do with Mom, so let's go check out the Tinymedal place that opened mysteriously after we finished the last world.

The Medal Man Master opened his place above the vault, apparently during our adventures in the Ice World.

Medal Master: I am a collector of TinyMedals. I only recently moved to GreatLog. TinyMedals are all over the world. If you find any, can you bring them to me? I'll trade you gifts for them.


As you can see, we have 10 TinyMedals from our adventures. Along with the ones we found in the plot worlds and GreatLog in vases, drawers et al. you can also pick up TinyMedals in the random Key worlds inside boulders you can smash with the HarMirror and just lying on the ground sometimes.

The prizes you can get from him are mostly eggs for rare monsters.
MadCat - 3 medals
HornBeet - 4 medals
SkyDragon - 4 medals
Octogon - 5 medals
Servent - 5 medals

If you save your medals there is another prize later in the game you can get. He'll also sell you a Meteorb for 3 medals, but it's just a taming item - it's kind of the Master Ball of the DWM world - and not worth wasting the medals. Medals are so hard to come by at this point in the game after you've gotten all the free ones that it's worth it to just buy a bunch of sirloins rather than spend 3 medals.

This has been open for a while now, but I figured I'd check out the Library.

Going to the Library allows you to see what monsters you have caught or bred before. So far our Bestiary looks like this;


?s 0

83 monsters total. Not bad! We really should get some more Birds and Devils though, it's pretty sad how few we have. I'm amazed I've only got 5 plants as well. Somebody get me a Bird/Plant magical key!

This guy is the Christener. He can rename your monsters... and that's it. Pretty useless since you rarely have monsters for more than a full world anyway in this game.

This guy collects Magic Keys. He's got a really nice one there behind him, but we can't get to it. Looking on the shelf there gets us a free Key though.

Finishing up our 'Tour of New Places we can go in GreatLog" is the Tavern. Every so often you'll find people here willing to breed their monsters with yours. Poor guy looks like he has almost no business, but that's the price you pay when you set up a bar in a city with like 30 residents.

This guy is the first 'breed with your monsters' guy. He wants to breed something with his SpikyBoy. He mentioned he wanted to breed with another SpikyBoy if possible, so let's breed it with Spike.

Type: Material
Learns: Sacrifice Farewell RockThrow
I already said this, but I love me some BombCrag, if not only for their badass overworld sprite. I'm raising this sonuvabitch Soap myself and breeding him with one of our party guys later in the update!

Go to the Arena and you'll find this guy.

Since we're so low on Bird types in our library, I'll breed Crog the CragDevil with his WildApe.

Type: Bird
Learns: Shears ChargeUp Ramming
Fun childhood story on this guy. Back in the salad days of my youth before DWMII was even out, I played way too much DWMI. At one point in my best playthrough of the game ever - I think the only time I ever got the full beastary and everything - I had a Level 99 MistyWing with almost perfect stats named Myst. My friend Kyle had a KingLeo about the same magnitude of awesome and we both loved our Creatures so much that we decided to link-cable breed them to get the most powerful monsters we'd ever seen. Still not quite understanding how the type system worked, we stupidly did so and he got a CatFly, I got an ugly as shit BullBird. We were so pissed at the breeding fucking us over like that, we both deleted our game files in disgust. I'll name this guy Myst in honor of my fallen old comrade.


After a short trip in BlackSea to level up Soap and get him to learn some skills and raise his stats up, it's time to breed another new starting 3!

Starting of course with D00d V and Soap.

Type: Zombie
Learns: FrigidAir K.O.Dance ThickFog
And with QikMn, the presigious Dood name has gone to pasture... for now anyway.

Next, MskHz will get to try its hardest to mate with DEKI, a Grizzly bear. I have no idea how this one's going to work.

Type: Material
Learns: SquallHit BiAttack RainSlash
Ereku here is pretty much awesome. It's a god damn ROBOT WITH A SWORD AND GUN.

Our final new party member will come from my favorite, Vegi the DanceVegi and Vekie our CloudKing.

Type: Plant
Learns: TwinHits Barrier MagicWall
I gotta get my plant type in there. Amberweed sounds like a type of candy to me, so we'll go with the 'something delicious' name of Taco.

That's all for today! Next time we'll get some other stuff done on some other Key worlds.

We'll explore another Random Key World as well, and with the new ones we've picked up recently we have a selection of them again. Take your pick from the following;
PlainMagma - Slimes/Materials
GreenShore - Water/Beast
BlueJungl - Beast/Bird (No plants in the Jungle )

(All three will have not-all-that-rare monsters judging by the first parts of their names)

Take your pick and see you next time!