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Part 26: Episode XXVI: I'm... I'm a Monster

Episode XXVI: I'm... I'm a Monster

Welcome back to DWMII, Madcondor just stole our potential navel plug for the area, the LightOrb. That ghost of a sage named Ugor seemed rather attached to it, so we should probably let him know that its being eaten by chicks right now.

Don't get too excited there, guy.

Ugor: What? The LightOrb was stolen? If it falls into the wrong hands... Urrrgh... What to do...

You can never have enough elipses.

Ugor: Ah, you'll do it? Excellent! But you, being a human - you stand out too much in this world. Look behind my gravestone and take what you find, it's a gift.

The ChangeStaff is a special item that allows you to, you guessed it, turn into a monster for a limited amount of time.

The staff turns you into a monster that's on the same screen as you, so I decided to make myself into the SuperTen on the next screen. We haven't seen a SuperTen yet but as you can see from the overworld sprite it's pretty fucked up.

And no, you can't participate in battles with your other monsters. Yes, I was sad when I realized that could have been a possibility as well.

Here's the suspension bridge that we need to cross.

He won't let a human go through but a random gang of four monsters he's fine with.

Like I said, it doesn't last very long.

First thing you'll notice about the mainland we're on now compared to the starting island is that there aren't conveniant mountains and boulders around the edge keeping us from flying around. So we can go pretty much wherever we want in the Sky World now.

OK, so ALMOST anywhere. There's still mountains blocking off random bits of the land. I want that coin!

Here's the next place we're headed, the town of Pei.

Random Monster: ...taken away by the huge bird. The child was never seen again.

Well, that's a compelling story. Who cares about children though? WE HAVE BALLS TO FIND

Random Monster: A huge bird that likes shiny things makes its nest there.

Perfect, we'll go west next.

A lot of monsters mention some new "Monster King" around here. We're not going to need that tidbit of info for a bit but keep that new King guy in mind.

We'll get to the MadCondor next time, but right now it's all about getting some new monsters.

Type: Slime
Learns: CallHelp ChargeUp WarCry
Fang here is another monster that was relegated from being a boss in the original game to a random monster nobody cares about in the second one again.

Type: Material
Learns: RobMagic DevilCut Paralyze
I've never been able to tell if that little curly thing on Sword was just decoration or a really tiny arm.

Type: Material
Learns: MagicBack Transform Outside
MadMirror is good because it learns my favorite move in the game, Transform. Therefore, Copy will probably be bred with a starter at some point.

Type: Beast
Learns: MagicWall StrongD Cover
IronTurt on the other hand USED to learn the ever popular Call series of attacks but not any more. Even so, he's badass so I'm releasing Sword to get IronT.

Next time we'll try and find the MadCondor.