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Part 28: Episode XXVIII: Valentines Day Special!

(Kidding, I love you guys)

Episode XXVIII: Valentines Day Special!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! In celebration of this joyous holiday that nobody cares about unless they have a sexbuddy, we're going to get our monsters laid! That is to say... IT'S TIME FOR BREEDING FEST 2011! Not only a cheap way to get more new monsters, but a cheap way to unclog the incredibly saturated farm!

Seriously, the farm has the full 30 monster capacity PLUS like 15 monsters asleep on top of that. We need to clear out some room!

But first, let's check out our newest Magic Key world, WhiteSky!

Let'sa go!

Yeah, looks pretty much the same as the sky world with a slightly lighter palette. Makes sense.

The only village near the door shrine is a tiny little place with a population of 6. Even the priest can't afford a full priest set-up and has to stand next to an empty vase. No Inns appear in small villages like this so if you want to heal in Magic Key worlds that only have small places like this you better get used to going back to the door shrine.

Hey kid, I know a DrakSlime you could be friends with.

This world has a LOT of islands.

And some pretty weak if not fun to look at boss monsters.

Fortunately there's a full fledged town on the second island.

Kid: And they're drooling!

How exactly do a spectre, a flower and a robot drool? I don't know either.

Oh yeah, there's a tower as well! Only thing in there is an Agl Ring though.

Hey, remember when I said you could steal monsters from other masters if you threw enough meat? Apparently a sirloin and a rib was enough meat here.

Type: Beast
Learns: Berserker SandStorm WarCry
Ellie here is a FUCKING ELEPHANT and that's awesome.

And before I get to the final boss I might as well tackle this cave.

Now that's the stuff. There's two other towers on this island to get to before the final boss as well that I almost missed by not checking the whole map, so...

EVEN BETTER. We'll get to this thing eventually.

Gyahaha! I'm rich! Rich in keys!

Oh yeah and there's a final boss or something WHO CARES KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYS

The two keys we just got are DreamIsle and QuietDesrt. Good keys!

Anyway, that's more than enough of that. Time for...


First up, Dgon the DryGon and Goose the MadGoose.

Type: Dragon
Learns: Infernos CallHelp BiAttack
No, Vamp is not a Vampire dragon, as awesome as the prospect sounds.

Next, IronT and Fang the IronTurt and FangSlime.

Type: Beast
Learns: Heal Vivify Errand
Corm learns Vivify! That's a good spell!

Next up, ALF the FloraMan and Ron the AngleRon.

Type: Plant
Learns: Sleep OddDance LushLicks
Ron II!

Now, for my next magical stunt, I had to pull off a fairly complicated manuver involving catching another Slime in the Pirate World and breeding it with, in this order, Tree the Treeslime, a random Snaily I caught in BlackSea, Cocnt the TropicGel and eventually Slash our other Slime.

Type: Slime
Learns: MPass Barrier Vivify
Kong is a bitch to breed, you need two slimes and one of them has to be +5. As such, Kong is +8 and actually has all right stats since I raised all her ancestors to level 20. She also learns the incredibly useful Vivify skill!

And now, two of our more recent catches. Meat the Gigantes and MAD the MadCondor.

Type: Devil
Learns: Blaze CleanCut ThickFog
Gaet can be used to make a lot of pretty cool monsters in a breeding table.

Now, we start the good stuff.

First off, we breed Pcock the Emyu and Doll the MudDoll.

(Got that screencap a bit late)

Type: Bird
Learns: Barrier EerieLite Informer
As I've said before, Mist is one of my favorite monsters, which is why I'm starting off this breeding chain with him.

Now, we're going to end up with a new gang of starters by the time this is over, so I'm going to be doing a lot of level grinding here.

First, we breed Taco with the newly beefed up Mist.

Type: Bird
Learns: Speed BeastCut LifeSong
Flo doesn't look all that impressive, but this is not the last we'll be seeing of this particular breeding chain in this episode...

While I was level grinding in the Sky World, this guy joined me.

Type: Plant
Learns: Bolt Heal GigaSlash
Fooo! is from a part of the Sky level we haven't been to yet in the LP proper but I'm not one to look a gift monster in the mouth.

Next, we'll breed Ereku our Roboster with Dragn our Dragon.

Type: Material
Learns: FireAir Massacre SandStorm
I think we can all see where this is going. Scrvy is just the beginning of this hilarity.

Now that Flo is level 50 (I HATE LEVEL GRINDING) we'll breed him with Ellie the Trumpeter.

Type: Bird
Learns: Beat FrigidAir IceSlash
Say hi to Pie! But we're not done yet... (We all know where this is going.)

For the first "final" breed of the day, you might notice that QikMN hasn't gotten any love yet. Well, he's managed to get up to level 64 with all the level grinding! So we're going to give him a suitable mate, namely our old Gulpple Apple.

(This is pretty much the point where I gave up on taking screencaps of the sexy time between monsters)

Type: Plant
Learns: NapAttack SleepAir MouthShut
If he wasn't a starter I was going to name him Mario, but we'll go with SxyBk, which is pretty much the second best thing.

We're almost done! For our final hilarious acts of sexytime...

Pie the Blizzardy meets Vamp the Vampirus and Kong the KingSlime screws Scrvy the MetalDrak.

Type: Bird
Learns: MegaMagic Surge StrongD
I'm naming him Derp as requested. Hope you enjoy, Piebald!

Type: Slime
Learns: Bolt Ironize Hellblast
And say hello to Nyarl! We're one step closer to that  Granslime !

All right, this took WAY too god damn long to do. Four hours of level grinding never felt so good, hope you all enjoyed BREEDFEST 2011.

(I'll have the OP updated with the update name and all the new monsters tonight or early tomorrow)