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Part 29: Episode XXIX: Your Head's Too Big

Episode XXIX: Your Head's Too Big

Oh. Hi. Wipe the dust from your monitor and let's get back going with this!

So, from the Castle Hitano, we need to head south to get the first of those magical artifact things that we're supposed to get for the king. (I think the writers for this game were drunk by this point.)

Here's the cave. This is also the easiest place in the Sky world to level up.

Not a very difficult looking cave, just a little hole in the wall.

Too small, apparently. We can't fit our giant melon in there. So... what's the way to do this?

(This, by the way, is one of the few actual differences between Cobi and Tara's games. In Tara, her head is small enough to get through there.)

Well, if you've played any Zelda in your days you're probably aware of the "Use the item you got in the area to get past obstacles" theory. Which is to say, go back to Hinato and use the change staff!

I chose the Skullroo in the first square of the Castle. Pretty much any monster that looks like it has a small head - I believe ArrowDog works as well - can be used here. Just don't turn into the EvilTree or something.


This place looks like a bit of a maze, but it's really pretty straight-forward. In fact, the reason we're doing this one first is because it's probably the simplest of the three areas the treasures are hidden. (DAMN YOU HEAVEN ARMOR TOWER!! )

One of the few branching paths in the place leads to the SilvrCape, which resists status effects like poison, sleep and confusion.

A Metabble!

Metabble: ...but only if you can beat me! No need to hold back just because I happen to be smaller than you!

Metal monsters are a new beast, as it were. With 999 defense and only 20 HP, all you really have to do is wail on the thing with attacks for seven turns - assuming you do 1 damage per monster per turn - and you pretty much have this battle won. No spells will work on it.

If you can't tell what the hell that tiny little scrunched up sprite there is, we just got the HeavenHelm.

Two more heaven items to go! Next time, we get the Heaven Sword!