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Part 31: Episode XXXI: Air Maze

Episode XXXI: Air Maze

Welcome back to DWMII, we're at the Heaven Armor Tower today to get the third and final Heaven item.

This tower makes extensive use of the floating gimmick that we got from the SkyShield.

Here's the chest that has the armor in it, right next to the entrance. Of course, there's a ledge there so we can't just get to it.

Just float up on the first screen and take the stairs up there to get to the second floor of four in here.

Not really a hard puzzle, this one. Go down, going to the right leads to a dead end.

Oh god dammit, I hate these puzzles. (this one is actually pretty easy)

Simple enough.


Oh. That was easy as well.

Take the stairs up there and you'll hit floor 3.

There's three ways to go here. Take the middle path to lead to...

This one takes place between two screens (Ignore the half ghost of UZ on the second screen there) but it's still not too difficult.

Also next up:


Now (THANK GOD) just walk down the staircases and you'll get to the chest.

Heaven Hourglass? The hell is that sprite?

We have all the Heaven items! Time to go to the castle and see who's in charge here.

But first, a gaggle of new monsters.

Type: Material
Learns: TakeMagic WindBeast PaniDance
They seriously ran out of ideas to the point where they were using Plates with bat wings?

Type: Dragon
Learns: FireAir MultiCut SuckAir
*SPLAT* POOP HIT UZ (If you played the original DWM you know exactly what I'm talking about.)

Type: Bug
Learns: Upper TwinHits TwinSlash
Armor is one of the cooler looking bugs.

See you next time!