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Part 32: Episode XXXII: WHAT A TWIST!


Welcome back to Hitano castle. We've gotten all three of the Heaven Items and it's time to give them to the King or whatever the hell the plot is at this point I lost track.

The guards will let us in now.

See, he knows Heaven Items when he sees 'em.

Something tells me this isn't actually the castle.

ArrowDog: That means you get the LightOrb... That means you'll be our next king!

Wait, what? I don't remember that part of the contract.

MadGopher: ...beyond here. You'd better be on your best behavior.

Duly noted. Let's head in.

Aaaall righty then. Let's see what this guy has to say.

Army General: ...find all three treasures. Anyway, the King has left orders that you should bring your trove to the meeting chamber. To reach the King's castle, take the traveler's gate at the back.

That was suspiciously easy.

This drops us off on a small part of the sky world surrounded by Mountains. It's impossible to get to the section of land by floating.

Here we go.

Now THIS is a castle.

There's a bunch of monsters just hanging around here like they're on lunch break. What kind of army uses Demonites anyway?

There are three hallways here, all of them guarded by an EvilArmor. Beating them is worth 9800 EXP so it's well worth the time. To go farther take the center hallway, the Right one has a worlddew but that's it.

Just for fun I tried talking to one of them after using the Change staff to become an EvilArmor. Didn't work, but there was a different "I WILL KILL YOU" message from them.

There are two branching paths here but they're really just in a square of rooms with two down staircases.

The staircase on the right gets you this lovely little ring, which makes your monsters gain more AGL when leveling up.

Now, for the staircase on the left...

All right, keep going down.

Uh. (In that chest is a Bolt staff, get to it by floating)

The fuck is going on here?

Well... that's interesting.

Oh shit, this guy has his own animation on the overworld. You KNOW this fucker is important.

Mudou: Well? Where are the three items?

I don't know why he had to hand them over individually.

Mudou: ...treasures that I asked for. Well done. And now, the final test. Show me that you are worthy of recieving the LightOrb!

This big bad motha' trucker is the hardest boss we've seen thus far. 3000 HP, he knows the devestating spells Scorching and IceStorm... plus he's resistant to pretty much everything. This guy is tough. Fortunately for me, both Nyarl and Derp are barely if at all effected by fire and ice attacks, ahahaha. That turned what should have been a very tough battle into... well, a cakewalk. A couple of casts of Increase by Nyarl made the team pretty much invincible to his regular attack and the only one in danger of dying at any point was SxyBk because the spells were actually hitting him. Both Nyarl and Derp know TwinHits AND BiAttack, which mean a duel casting of Twinhits and the two of them were dealing a combined 500 damage per turn. Combine that with an extra 150 per turn from SxyBk's Explodet attack and, well, Mudou was not a threat for very long. He does know DeMagic - which can counteract things like TwinHits - but he never used it.

Mudou: But I am merely a gatekeeper. I'm under the LightOrb's spell, like everyone else. The real King is in a room beyond this one. If you want the LightOrb, you'll have to keep going.

...Yep, the writers were DEFINITELY drunk at this point.

Let's go see this new Ki-

You are fucking joking. I refuse to believe that is the character we walked into this room and just saw. What's next, the King of GreatLog is secretly TARA?!

Kameha: ...three treasures, UZ. Surprised? I'm the Monster King!

I swear to GOD, if Mudou hadn't taken that Heaven Sword away from me...

Kameha: While looking for a plug for the Log's Navel, a huge bird caught me and hauled me up to its nest.

And I've got that bird's descendant on the farm, bring in Gaet and he'll finish you off!

Kameha: The Orb didn't work as a plug. So, I used the LightOrb's power to become the King of the monsters. And then I ordered my subordinates to look for treasures that might work.

Kameha: brought are no good as plugs, there can't be anything else useable in this world. They must be worried about me back home, I'd better go home!




Kill Kameha! Kill Kameha!

Darck: ...Limbo, a world between worlds. I travel to many worlds as I seek treasures for my collection. I'm here to collect your treasure.


Darck: ...evokes envy or jealousy in others is an invaluble treasure. For those emotions give me strength. I am the true Monster King. While I was away, I understand my subordinates were abused by you? Tch, the fools. One could never get good help. Anyway, enough of this idle chatter. In my collection, I have something that will plug the Log's Navel. You need it to save GreatLog. I'm willing to exchange it for the treasures that you've collected. I would consider that an equitable arrangement. Wouldn't you agree?

zzzzz*snap* What? Oh, yeah. Equation agreeing, sure.

Darck: Fine! Fine! Fwahahahahaha! I will take this LightOrb and the treasures here first! In return, take this Magic Key.

Darck: ...welcome for you when you come.



Oh good, Warubou.

Oh great... We'll find out what the problem is next time because god damn this update has gone on too long.

I got one new monster in this update as well.

Type: Dragon
Learns: EvilSlash Massacre LureDance
MDag looks like he's on some sort of drugs, probably several at once.

Join me next time, shit just got real!