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Part 33: Episode XXXIII: Penultimate Planning

Episode XXXIII: Penultimate Planning

If you're just joining us, GreatLog is pretty much fucked right now!

Warubou: There is something strange, warooh. I feel an odd sort of power coming from Limbo, but I can't tell if it's from anything that could be a plug. But no choice is what we have.

Cool sentence structure there, Warubou.

Warubou: You have to do the King's bidding. GreatLog's life force is almost all used up... Huh?

Another earthquake! (It's really damn hard to show these stupid earthquakes in a screenshot!)

Kameha: ...castle for a while! Later!


Warubou: ...time left to us now. UZ, this is our last chance. If we don't find a proper plug this time, GreatLog is finished, Warooh! Wa-hey, we don't have the time to be in shock, warooh. I have here the treasures that didn't work as the Navel's plug. Come get them when you're ready to leave to the world to Limbo.

Holy shit!

Dammit guys, I leave for two hours and you let the island get this bad?!

As the Island is flooded and having quakes, the Arena is closed.

Also, everyone in the town is up on top of the tree.

There's a large rope shortcut now between the farm and the top of the tree.

There's really not a lot you can do here right now what with the hell going on, but you can get to a new room!

Kameha's bedroom is open now. Steal his shit! There's a LifeAcorn (raises a monster's HP by 5) and a QuestBook (changes a monster's personality to be braver) in here.

We've got to end this with some breeds. After all, a Toadstool just ain't kickass enough for Limbo. We're going to breed SxyBk the Toadstool and MAD the Madmirror.

Type: Plant
Learns: CleanCut Paralyze Radiant
Say hello to 24601.

And for my final magical stunt, we'll breed the now level 72 (!) 24601 with Ron II the Slurperon.

Type: Plant
Learns: DrakSlash PsycheUp SleepAir
Come on, you KNEW I was going to have a plant on my endgame party. Say hi to Hastr!

Let's see our final party here. Since the theme of this LP has pretty much been 'overleveling to the point of idiocy', I figured...

You're reading that right, every monster is at its max level. There's pretty much nothing more I can do, time for Limbo!

That's all we can do in GreatLog. Strap in, folks! It's almost time for The End of our adventure...