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Part 34: Episode XXXIV: The End (For Now)

Episode XXXIV: The End (For Now)

Welcome back to Let's Play DWMII. The final boss battle awaits us!

We're ready to go, let's see if anyone has any words of encouragement for us at the farm. Drakslime, any of your patented words of wisdom?

Aah, that's the stuff.

...Yeah. To Limbo!

It's a tiny little floating island with some powerful monsters on it, which also makes it the best leveling spot in the game. You can get about 6-9 thousand EXP per battle here, even more if you only take two or one monster with you.

The idea here is to get into that castle, but we can't get straight in what with the giant black void and the mountains surrounding it.

Naturally, there's a tower down here.

Make sure to get the treasures from Warubou before you leave.

Bridge over nothing, right here.

Hey, I remember this guy, we saw him way back in the Oasis leading the thieves and in the Ice World at the spring!

Evil Dude: ...really was you. Did you bring the Treasures?

Evil Dude: Hand over the treasures!

All of our items are gone, we can't float, swim or break shit any more.

I wish I had a Lionex servent.

Evil Dude: ...fight you without restraint!

If you haven't been breeding your monsters well in this game, this will be the battle that destroys you. All of these monsters in this battle know spells that hit all your monsters and hit them for decent amounts of damage. GigaDraco loves to spam WhiteFire, Centasaur can use StopSpell to stop your monsters from casting anything, etc. Fortunately all three of the monsters are effected by Fire and Ice attacks so if you have moves like WhiteFire on all your monsters you can use that to great effect. All of the monsters have about 900 HP so if you can stay alive for 9 turns and use an attack all enemies style attack every turn with every monster, you'll be fine. If your monsters are all level 99 it doesn't hurt either.

Evil Dude: I did just as Lord Darck bade me... And obtained the treasures of the other worlds... I did... In return, he was supposed to give me the strongest monsters... Why... Why can't I beat your monsters?

And just like that, the nameless evil dude disappears into thin air.

You can go either left or right here, eventually you will reach the throne room.


Darck: ...treasures here, did you? Fantastic! You're a true collector! You see, I believe there are two varieties of collectors. There are those who collect things of value only to themselves. And then there are collectors of what evokes desire and envy in others. Even though the act of collecting is the same, the motivation is entierly different for the two types. The vanity and greed that lurk deep in hearts, when they are unleashed, they give me power.

Darck: ...shall be yours. But, you won't.

It's on!

This guy is certainly worthy of being the final boss. Darck knows one of the best moves in the game, GigaSlash. If your monsters are only in their 40's level-wise or haven't been bred very well, there is a good chance that Darck will one-hit kill them. If you have a monster with Transform (Hi Hastr!) you can and should use that to transform into Darck and GigaSlash him with his own attack. Twinhits+Quadhits is a perfect pair for this battle as well, since Darck's 4000 HP is very hard to just whittle down with singular attacks. His ace in the hole is DeMagic, which can pretty much negate both strategies I've laid out there. Make sure you either have a monster with HealUsAll or a bunch of Worlddews in your inventory because you can't waste several turns using HealAll to get your party full when he hits you hard. Fortunately, he can't heal himself so it's really just a waiting game. If you've bred your monsters well, it's completely possible for a team of level 40's to defeat Darck with no trouble. If your team is level 99's... well, you can probably guess how this battle went.

Darck: I see... It was I who was mistaken... You collected not out of vanity or greed. No, it was something else... It was a different motive altogether... One that I could not understand... And one that did not give me power... You are the worst kind of collector... but you've managed to collect the best partners for yourself... Urgh... you win... open the chest...


Warubou roads, take me home!

Warubou: Wa-Hey UZ, I believed in you! Let's see if it will work, warooh!

Warubou: You finally did it UZ! Warooh!

Warubou: Did something shake? Wa-wa-hey! We were too late! The Navel's closed, but not enough life force was left to support the Island!

We were too late?

Warubou: There's nothing we can do now, warooh... You did well, but maybe this is fate. Tell everyone to leave the island. I'll try to buy a little more time... This is goodbye. Take care, UZ...

Wait, what?

Warubou: ...force is coming back! And with such fervor! The Navel is sealed!!

It's kind of hard to see the little stars in some of those screenshots, but all the places we've been to are sending us life force - a fine plot twist we've NEVER seen before in any movie or video game - GreatLog is saved!

King of GreatLog: Let me introduce you to the hero, UZ, the Savior of GreatLog! Even though the Island's crisis was caused by Kameha, (editors note: That's a funny way to spell 'Tara' ) I'm unhappy that no one paid any heed to your dire warnings. Quite shameful. But your actions moved the hearts and souls of all of us. UZ, words could never express our feelings of thanks to you!

Party in the Castle!

Where my bitches at?!

You know what, for once I think I'm actually happy to see Tara.

Tara: I was sad that no one would believe us, but you saved GreatLog with your monster friends. That's great! Oh? You look sort of sad, somehow. Oh wait, you've gotten to enjoy going to other worlds and meeting people with your monsters. You must be sad that it's over.

Wait, that wasn't Tara who sa-


Warubou: ...for a replacement plug, you can go on a journey for yourself, warooh!

Warubou: ...other worlds exist out there. You'll never ever run out of other worlds to explore, warooh!

Oh, and by the way...

God dammit, Kameha.

Thanks a lot for sticking around with this thread so far, everyone. That's the end of the main adventure. I'm not sure where I'll go from here; I still need to get 100 more monsters or so to reach my eventual goal, so we'll probably be seeing a video breeding update where I get a shit ton of monsters. After that I plan to do at least a couple of the extra missions like the  elf key  and the others, along with finishing the Arena Battles.

Either way, it's been fun so far, I hope I'll see you all for DWMII's extra content.

If you have any suggestions for things you want me to try out, please let me know! Please feel free to suggest the next Magic Key world you want to see me do as well.