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Part 35: Episode XXXV: New Game +

(Yes I did, Huzzah. I'll get around to that soon)

Episode XXXV: New Game +

Welcome back to DWMII, last time we beat the main adventure and aren't we proud of ourselves!

Mom appears to have been drugged up throughout the whole 'island sinking' thing.

We have our super floating, flying and breaking powers back as well!

Pretty much everyone on the island calls us "Hero" now, nice.

And this guy in particular has a present for us.

It's a Lionex egg!

Type: Devil
Learns: Infernos HealUs VacuSlash
Rawr is a very good monster for breeding, he can be used to make a lot of good stuff like BattleRex, Andreal and Garudian.

This tunnel had been blocked all game, let's find out where it leads...

It's a shortcut between the Stable and the Breeding hall, very useful!

We're going to go visit BlueJungl, one of our remaining Magic Keys before we go see Kameha.

Very nice looking place, though not quite as Jungle-y as I was hoping. Those giant trees can be smashed with the HarMirror, which is pretty nifty.

Oh, that's where all the trees went. These people chopped 'em all down! The environment is being slowly destroyed by the BlueJungl citizens and it's up to us to stop them! (I'm kidding, but I think that would be hilarious.)

There's a village as well filled with Elves, snazzy.

I think since my monsters were so high leveled, the game didn't want to spawn any regular battle NPC's to fight. Therefore, I saw about 30 priests and nothing else in this world.

Sand Dunes are in the Jungle too, apparently.

Only two islands, not too tough! The monsters here are pretty crap as well.

Except the boss, it's a CatMage! Pretty rare monster considering the rest of the ones here. Even so, I killed it by basically looking at it.

And the treasure at the end of the only cave was pretty good too! It was a hell of a key as well! Literally, it's MistyHell!

I caught a couple monsters there as well.

Type: Bird
Learns: Sap Surround BugBlow
By Neo Helbeast's request, it was by complete coincidence that I found Pickys in the next world!

Type: Beast
Learns: Slow Ramming SideStep
Aww, it's so cute!

Now, let's go see what our favorite (read: least favorite) character Prince Kameha is up to.

Kameha: ...and trained as a master. UZ, I've gone far beyond you! Want to battle me and see?

Well, this should be quick. To the arena!

Kameha isn't really that tough, his monsters are pretty blah. None of them have more than 520 HP and they all have pretty crappy abilities as well other than MimeSlime's Blazemost. Just wail on him. If Tonguella uses Increase a few times just use WhiteFire et al on him and he'll be gone quick.

Kameha: ...and conditions and other factors just weren't right for me to win today. Oh OK, I lost. It's my turn next. Here, you can have this.

It's our first post-game key! We'll get to it - along with covering some more of the fun shit we can do in Greatlog - next time.