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Part 36: Episode XXXVI: Because Elves Are Easy to Sprite

Episode XXXVI: Because Elves Are Easy to Sprite

Welcome back, we're going to get a few things done in Greatlog before going to that newfangled Elf world we got the key to from Kameha.

We're going to start with a side story that I've pretty much ignored for the entire LP.

Remember this area? We've really only gone to one room of it, the room where we gave Banan the Spotslime to that girl. Well let's go into the rooms on top.

Early in the game, those two doors led to two seperate rooms with that dude and the lady in them. They hated each other at first but over the course of the game slowly started hanging out and eventually fell in love and made their seperate rooms into a single room with two it's all very romantic and shit

Anyway, they're together now in the end game.

Juliet: ...a real inspiration to both of us. It brought us together in love. As our thanks, we want you to have an egg that our monsters laid.

It's a WhipBird!

Type: Bird
Learns: Ironize ThickFog TatsuCall
Whip isn't that amazing a monster but she's one more thing I don't have to breed myself! She also learns that Call attack that we saw in the video episode!

Let's check out what the Medal Man has for us now that we're done with the game!

Type: ???
Learns: Firebal Bang ChargeUp
It's our first ??? monster! We didn't even need to Sperg to get it! (That might be because Darck is actually unbreedable.)

Anyway, with those little quests out of the way we're going to test out that Elf Key!

Not a big place but it's quaint. Let's find a town or something... there's only one around.

Yeah, that one.

Elf whore: ...savages. Don't get too close to me!

Great, not even here 5 minutes and I'm already being pinpointed as town rapist.

Apparently our quest in the Elven land is to quell the racist tendencies of the Elves. It's like a Saturday morning cartoon!

Elder: By the way, have you seen two young elves? They are brother and sister. They have yet to return from the forest in the North.

Oh, there's a quest. The forest of the north is right north of the town, so it's an easy hike.

Uh, yeah.

Come back, little elf girl!

Elf Boy: This world is only for Elves. Get out of our world!

I hope a MadPlant eats you, ya jackass.

Elf Girl: Really! Wow! You're the first human that I've ever met! Wow, a human is pretty cute!


Elf Girl: Don't you think so, big brother?

Elf Boy: That means you're not evil. Well fine, this is what we'll do. You be my sister Cyal's friend. If you do that, I'll tell you where the Elven village is located. I'm Rolt and I guard the forest.

Cyal: What's your name? ...UZ? We'll be good pals, UZ.

Well we already know where the village is.

Elder: to find this village? I see. Welcome, you're our guests.

Rolt: I was worried that you might be lost.

Cyal approves of Let's Playing, I like this girl.

Cyal: I want to play hide and seek!


Cyal: I'll be waiting outside for you!

Cyal: ...go to the Elven forest. We can play in the big clearing! Do you remember? It's where we met. I'll go ahead, but don't make me wait!

Dammit woman, I'm only one man!

Cyal: Let's play hide-and-seek! I'll hide, so you count to ten, and then come look for me, OK? Ready, start!

It's a shame I don't speak Elven.


Oh dammit, it's AgDevil again. We killed you in the Ice World!

Man, EVERYONE around here hates humans!

AgDevil: You lot can have it. Enjoy, kiki! I'll take this appetizing one and savor it slowly, kikiki!'

Oh no you don't! If you're going to slow-roast Cyal you're going to slow roast me as well! Or, you know, not slow roast either of us.

Need I remind you that I still have three Level 99 monsters, all above +10? Yeah, this didn't take long.

AgDevil: ...this. I'll have my meal back home, kiki! Bye, you horrible tasting human!


Well, guess we're going AgDevil hunting.

While only the village appears on the map, there are actually three 'hidden' things on the map. First is the forest which is right north of the village and the second is the place we're going now.

This place is in the middle of nowhere and we'll have to go there shortly. It's just a shrine with an elf inside saying "We're guarding the village against monsters!"

Here's our stop. This is in the very, very top right corner of the map.


Oh good, damaging floor tiles! To get to where we're going, basically all you have to do is keep going up.

Here, turn right, going up leads to a dead end. You can find a worlddew up there though if you need the healing.

You can go either direction here but you will be forced to walk over the damaging tiles if you go up.

Hm. It's a dead end. There's nothing in this forest yet, actually. Let's go back to the village. (Yeah, I did it in the wrong order, so sue me.)

Rolt: Who did it?! What? An AgDevil took my sister? That fiend! Aaargh!

I love it when characters run off the screen too fast for me to get a screenshot.

Ooooh. Yeah, that might explain a few things. Let's see if those guys at that lookout shrine know anything about these monsters...

Lookout Guy: the north, I think.

Well durr. Let's try that mountain again.

Well damn, this time we were LATE to the party.

Rolt: Everything you've taken from us, I'm going to take back from you now!

He's got a point.

Well that wasn't very smart there, Rolt.

Well, if you insist.

AgDevil: You think you can defy me? Such a rude child! I'll crush you!

I really should stop using nothing but these level 99s. AgDevil has 1500 HP and if you were able to beat Darck you should have no trouble with this guy. He doesn't even have any good spells.

Rolt: ...through so much trouble. It was my fault for putting you into danger, I'm sorry. I have to thank you somehow. But let's go back to the village.

Elder: UZ, we owe it all to you.

Yeah, Rolt lied. We didn't get a damn thing except for thanks for saving her.

Let's just catch a batch of monsters and get out!

Type: Bug
Learns: Sap TwinHits PalsyAir
Since a few pages ago, the thread was asking so much for this guy, I named him Thred in your honor! And yes, he is an abomination.

Type: Beast
Learns: Slow Surround SlimeBlow
Frat is a really underwhelming monster for this late in the game.

Type: Plant
Learns: Blaze DeChaos PalsyAir

Type: Plant
Learns: StopSpell CallHelp RainSlash
Snapper is the eventual finishing of the line that got us ManEater but just catching one is easier. It was a Snap!

See you next time for BREEDFEST 2011 PART TWO.