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Part 37: Episode XXXVII: Subtle Commentary on the evils of Capitalism

Episode XXXVIII: Subtle Commentary on the evils of Capitalism

Hello and welcome back! We're going to finish up some more of the end-game today, the King's Quests.

We're here in the Palace, what's the King have to say today?

King of GreatLog: What timing! I need a favor. I heard of an evil master who uses monsters to carry out misdeeds. If you spot him in another world, could you capture him for us?

King of GreatLog: ...count on the great hero of GreatLog! He's dressed as a merchant. He's greedy too. Be careful!

This is the first of the King's quests that you get in the endgame. The first of them is a greedy merchant.

Now, I didn't expect to find this guy while wandering around MistyHell, I was just there to get fast gold - you pretty much need at least 10K in your wallet in order to find the guy. Either way, I ran into the greedy merchant in MistyHell of all places. (Also, you get a free screenshot of a Random Key World I was saving for last. Lucky you!)

Not too hard.

We're crime busters!

King of Greatlog: ...evil wretch of a monster master. I knew I could count on the great hero of GreatLog! As sharp as ever! It's not much, but here's a reward.

There's three more King's Quests you can go through, each for more money. The King basically tells you the gimmick for each of the other masters, so you should have no problems finding and defeating them. (For instance, the second one is a Priest who only attacks injured monsters, so all you have to do is battle until your monsters are almost dead and he'll show up.)

I don't think showing them is really necessary though since it's pretty much the exact same thing except you're fighting a different NPC.