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Dragon Warrior Monsters

by UZworm

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Original Thread: 2007: A LP to the Past/Casual LP thread



What's more 2007 than doing a VLP of an RPG? Let's play Dragon Warrior Monsters!

What is Dragon Warrior Monsters?
DWM is an old Enix title released for the Game Boy Color shortly after Pokemon Red and Blue. Since it came out shortly after the Pokemon games and the two games are somewhat similar, most people dismiss DWM as a Pokemon knock-off, but it's far better than that. There are a score of differences between the games, specifically the wonders of breeding giving DWM a much more deep monster-building ability than you ever had in the original Pokemon games.

Past that, it's a general old-school Enix title featuring all the monsters you know and love from the other Dragon Warrior games, from Slime to Dracolord.

How do you intend to make a VLP of this game?
Copious amounts of smooth jazz speed-ups and having enough entertainment in the commentary that it's fun to watch even during the more tedious parts. Obviously, none of the grinding or nonsense like that will be on screen.

What the hell are you doing with the monster names?
Back when I did a screenshot Let's Play of this game, I used to name my monsters after folks in the thread. Since this LP will feature far fewer monsters getting time in the spotlight than the SSLP (mostly because I gave a little profile to every monster we caught in SS form, and doing that in VLP form would be silly) I'll just be naming them after whatever Let's Players from SA I feel like! Watch for yourselves, as that also means *LP MATCHMAKING*.


Update 1 - The Saga of Yarr Begins!
Update 2 - Smug Furbies
Update 3 - Bullbird = Abomination
Update 4 - Nonstop Weed Jokes
Update 5 - All Jazz Edition
Update 6 - Any Significance?
Update 7 - Drunk Breeding
Update 8 - 80's Montage!
Update 9 - Octocostal
Update 10 - It Lives!
Update 11 - Showdown!
Update 12 - ENDGAME
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