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Original Thread: Read paragraph 12. Let's Finish Playing Dragon Wars!



Between 2015 and 2017, I did a Let's Play of the 1989 Interplay RPG, Dragon Wars. It was my first and only LP ever. I almost finished it, then got distracted and let it fall into archives, leaving it eternally one chapter away from being completed.

Let's fix that. In this thread, I will be posting the 43rd and final update for the main play-through, along with some bonus content to follow.

What is Dragon Wars?

A computer RPG released by Interplay in 1989, it was intended to be The Bard's Tale IV but was re-purposed at the last minute as the rights to the name and setting were held by Electronic Arts. As a result, Dragon Wars takes place in its own setting called Dilmun, a small collection of islands in a land known as Oceana. Despite the last-minute changes, it is a fully fleshed-out game with a deep storyline and setting.

The game was released for the Apple II, Amiga, and MS-DOS, among others. They're all functionally the same, just a few graphical differences. I'll be playing the DOS version. There's also a Famicom version, and as you might guess, it's totally different (and totally in Japanese, though there's a prototype English->Japanese->English version floating around). I might show it off when I've finished the PC version.

Why are you playing this?

It's one of my favorite games of all time! It really is a better game than any of the three Bard's Tale entries and stands up to many of the classic computer RPG's of the era. It's also one of the most open-ended and replayable games I've ever experienced, which makes it ideal for an LP in my opinion.

Original thread can be found here:

It's archived, but I had everything saved on my computer, so I'll be re-posting on LPIX for those of us without archives access:

Table of Contents

- Part 1: Character Creation
- Part 2: Purgatory
- Part 3: More Purgatory
- Part 4: Low Magic & Combat
- Part 5: Literally going from Purgatory to Hell
- Part 6: Tars Ruins
- Part 7: Slave Camp
- Part 8: Slave Estate
- Part 9: Guard Bridge
- Part 10: Mystic Wood
- Part 11: Phoebus
- Part 12: We're in the Army Now: Siege Camp
- Part 13: We're in the Army Now Part II: Byzanople
- Part 14: We're in the (Byzantian) Army Now: The Battle With Kingshome
- Part 15: Byzanople Alternate Paths
- Part 16: Temple of the Sun
- Part 17: Phoeban Dungeon
- Part 18: City of the Yellow Mud Toad
- Part 19: Smuggler's Cove
- Part 20: Necropolis
- Part 21: Smuggler's Cove Revisited
- Part 22: Sunken Ruins
- Part 23: Freeport
- Part 24: Dwarven Ruins
- Part 25: Heavily Guarded Bridge (to Lansk)
- Part 26: Lansk
- Part 27: Lansk Undercity
- Part 28: Old Dock
- Part 29: Snake Pit
- Part 30: Kingshome Dungeon
- Part 31: Kingshome Not-Dungeon
- Part 32: Lanac'toor's Lab
- Part 33: Journey to the Magic College
- Part 34: Magic College
- Part 35: Dragon Valley Part I
- Part 36: Dragon Valley Part II
- Part 37: Royal Game Preserve
- Part 38: Taking the Pilgrim Ferry to Nisir
- Part 39: Nisir (Not Quite the Last Dungeon Yet)
- Part 40: Depths of Nisir 1
- Part 41: Depths of Nisir 2
- Part 42: Depths of Nisir 3
- Part 43: The Final Battle

- Part 44: Purgatory Revisited
- Part 45: Salt Mines
- Part 46: The End
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