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Part 28: Old Dock

Update 28: What's Up, Dock?

Last time:

After sailing on the Lansk ferry, we're taken to the Old Dock on King's Island.

If we want to return to Lansk using the ferry, we have to buy a return ticket.

There are cheaper ways to get back to Lansk, and really as cool as the Undercity is, there's no need to return there. The free ferry to Nisir, however, is very relevant.

You may remember that we picked up a Pilgrim Garb earlier. If you're thinking we can just use that to dress up as pilgrims and board the ferry, well... yes that's exactly correct. We could go to Nisir right now. But why would we go there? Well, we know that Mystalvision is hanging out there, and we do want to take another stab at him. But we'll save that for a bit later. First, we should investigate Kingshome and get some intel on our real target -- Namtar.

So for now, we'll leave the pilgrims alone. One thing we will do before leaving the Old Dock: check out the statue across from the ferry.

The fourth wall has been broken! I enjoy these weird anachronisms that always seem to show up in 80's PC games. Anyway, we can use Strength to push the statue out of the way...

...once we bump Piers up to 24 in that attribute, that is...

There, that's better.

Earth Summon is useless and the Ice Wand is meh (it casts Ice Chill). The IBM PS/2 is kind of nifty though. When equipped, it adds +4 AC. It doesn't take up an armor slot or anything -- it's just free AC for whoever carries it. It also has 63 charges of Guidance (the spell that gives us a compass in dungeons). I don't remember if the Guidance lasts indefinitely like the Magic Lamp does, but with 63 charges it doesn't much matter. We'll never need to waste MP on Guidance again. Hooray!

Leaving Old Dock puts us just south of Byzanople. We won't be returning there, but there's a bridge leading west. We haven't heard anything about this before. Where does it lead?

Oh my. Lots and lots of weak enemies. What will we do about that? Oh, right:

Everyone else in the party just dodged for the first round. Goblins are weak and Inferno is ridiculous.

Decent experience return though.

All right folks, it's bridge time. You know what this means. Let's get ready to fight some guards.

...Huh. Something doesn't seem right here.

Louie: I have a bad feeling about this.
Dolph: Where does this even lead?
Piers: Let's go! This must be the way to Namtar's lair!
Kali: Lair? I thought he was ruling Dilmun these days? He's probably in the Kingshome castle right now...
Piers: No, I can feel it. Follow me, everyone!

(They open the door, to find...)

Another door?

Piers: Yes! This must be a sign that Namtar is close!
Dolph: No, this is a sign, a LITERAL SIGN written IN BLOOD saying DO NOT GO THIS WAY!
Piers: That's just Namtar trying to trick us!
Kali: Don't do it!
Madrick: We can just let him go by himself, whatever happens to him happens...
Valar: You fool!
Ulrik: You moron!

Paragraph 50 posted:

The door closed behind you with an ominous sound evoking the finality of the tomb. The door and wall from the bridge must have been sound proofed, for no sooner do you emerge from the bridge than a mad chorus of howls assails your ears. Insane screaming seems to spring from every direction, although you cannot see the source of the noise. It's enough to drive a person mad!

Piers: ...
Dolph: ...
Valar: ...
Ulrik: ...
Madrick: ...
Louie: ...
Kali: Don't worry! I'll cast Soften Stone to get us back through the wall!

Kali: .............Shit.

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