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Part 41: Depths of Nisir 2

Part 41: Depths of Nisir Continued

If you don't know your way around the Depths of Nisir, it can be a real slog. There are tough enemies in every room, and while you can avoid them with Soften Stone, you don't have enough MP to just blow through every single wall in the dungeon, and it's not clear where you need to go.

I do know where we need to go. In fact, we could go knock on Namtar's door right now. But we're not going to do that today. There is one more piece of business to take care of first.

This way.

Much like the icy winds of despair earlier, this damages our party every step we take. Fortunately, it does not blow out our light. It's still annoying, of course.

You know what this means.

Much like our encounter with Buck Ironhead, Mystalvision is on his own, there's no mob of Stosstrupen protecting him this time around, it's just a one-on-one showdown. Well, actually seven-on-one. No problem, right?

I suppose I should have seen that coming. The Sun Magic boss comes at us with the best Sun Magic spell.

That said, we're pretty well prepared for him. Inferno has a range of 40', so Mystalvision will have to advance 20' to get within range. Meanwhile, our Dragon Teeth with their 60' range can hit him right from the beginning of the fight.

Have I mentioned that Dragon Teeth are ridiculous? Without them, we'd either have to take him down purely with magic, which is costly, or advance several times to get into melee range while he rains damage on us with multiple Infernos. It's much easier this way.

This is also a spot for Rage of Mithras and Ice Chill to shine. There's only one enemy and he's really far away.

Round 2:

And, we did it! This is it for Mystalvision. That 100 experience isn't going to help us at all, but at least we got him back for what happened in Phoebus.

Oh, crap. Are we going to get thrown in another dungeon or something?


This game hates me.

Next time: NAMTAR