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Part 43: The Final Battle

Part 43: The Battle With Zombie Lizard Faerie Beast From Hell Namtar

Namtar is the rare case of a fight in which we cannot run away. We could advance upon him, but at 60' he's already in Dragon Tooth range, so let's just swing away and let him come to us.

Round 1 goes smoothly. Namtar doesn't have a ranged attack, so he just walks up to us while we fire away at him. He's now in range for close-range magic and the Freedom Sword.

Round 2, Namtar gets an attack in. He misses. Not an impressive start for the Beast From The Pit.

Dolph and Valar continue to bring the pain from the back row.

Round 3, Namtar finally connects with an attack, stunning Kali in one shot.

Meanwhile, Piers dishing out some serious damage with the Freedom Sword.

And Madrick with the end-of-turn Group Heal to pick Kali back up.

We continue this routine for a couple more rounds, and then...

...finally, Valar downs Namtar in round 5 with 15 shots from the Gatlin Bow.

Yeah, I think we all know where this is going.

Onto Namtar Part Deux!

Namtar kicks things off with a brutal breath attack which hits from 60' out. This is shaping up to be a much tougher fight...

...except that he follows it up by wasting the next two rounds advancing. While he's doing this, we can heal up and hit him with Dragon Teeth and have Valar sink a bunch of MP into Rage of Mithras:


Namtar is back to just punching us. Seems like he should have stuck with the breath attack, but maybe he only had that one good belch in him.

His melee attack isn't nothing, of course. We do have to keep everyone healed up; if a couple front-liners get stunned, our mages start moving up to the front and someone could get killed.

Ulrik's got this though. Namtar goes down for the count again...

..and pops right back up with yet another wisecrack.

This time aronud, his attack stuns for a ton of damage, similar to the Stosstrupen's attack. Since it only stuns, this fight isn't really dangerous, but if the whole group is stunned, we have to start the fight over, so we do have to throw heal spells every turn or so to be able to deal enough damage. This costs MP, and our supply of Dragon's Eyes is starting to dwindle.

Still, we do have the Sword of Freedom.

Piers ate his Wheaties today. Or whatever you eat when you're adventuring through literal Hell.

Louie with the finisher, and he even gains a level in the process!

All right then! Three long fights in a row, and there's nothing left but a corpse. I think that about wraps it up.

Eh? Why would we get loot now? The game's over, what are we going to do with a better sword or a bunch more Dragon Stones? Really guys, this is unnecess-

Dead Body. That's the loot.

That's right, we have to pick up Namtar's burnt corpse and carry it. This can NOT be good.

Oh hell.

We're in the Magan. There is one thing left to do: walk just a bit to the south, and drop him back in the hole where he came from.

Also, we're right next to the energy pool, so we'll stop over there and heal our wounds and MP before we start the walk, just in case we run into some Underworld beings on the way to the Pit.

All right, we're ready to go. To the Pit!

You HAD to know this was coming.

And you also know what's coming next!

Pick him back up, keep walking.

I can't remember if we ran into these earlier in the LP, but in any case, they're always guarding this bridge. If we say No, we get pushed back a tile. If we say Yes:

OH NO EVERYONE IS AT ONE HP WHAT WILL WE D oh right we can just use Bandage and everyone is healed up for free.

Almost there.

Namtar... is afraid. Let's get him.

There's no place for Namtar to run. We're in front of him, and behind him is the Pit, which clearly he wants no part of. We can advance as much as we like, he will keep trying to run until we attack him. Whenever we do try to attack, he will immediately advance into melee range. I go up to 30' and start throwing spells, Dragon Teeth, and the Kitchen Sink at him. (The Kitchen Sink is not an item in Dragon Wars, or at least it is not one that I have found yet. I wouldn't put it past this game.)

Of course, now that we're in melee range, we get to swing the Freedom Sword at him for some serious damage. Which is good, because he of course has a ton of HP.

He also hits for a ton!

Have I mentioned that the Freedom Sword hits like a goddamn truck?

Namtar wisely attacks his biggest threat, stunning him in one shot.

We heal up quickly, but there's a problem. Piers and Louie are in the back row now and can't attack. We could have them move up to the front, but this happens one slot at a time, and it's possible for them to cross each other up. Basically, if Louie's turn comes first, he would move up one spot to #6, then Piers who is #7 would move up to #6 on his turn, so they'd just end up back in the same spots. Not good. We could have just Piers move up, but it would still take a few turns. I have a better idea.

Louie will use the Druid's Mace to heal the party every turn.

And Piers will use the Freedom Sword as an item to cast Inferno.

And then Namtar just one-shots Kali. RIP.

Valar responds. With arrows. A lot of them.

Piers wastes a Freedom Sword cast here, since you can't do damage to someone who is already dead.

And Valar gains a level, for those keeping score.

oh shit

throw him in the pit, throw him in the pit



The End. Or is it?

Yep, it is.



Next Time: Purgatory!