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Part 12: Episode X: In Which General Gismor Provides Refreshments

Episode X: In Which General Gismor Provides Refreshments

Welcome to Chapter 3. Judging by the chapter title, what's the over-under on the number of verses until Nowe turns on the Knights of the Seal? Or General Gismor just gets fed up with the damn kid and tries to murder him?  One. 

Ex-Leader of the Empire and the Hierarch's sister. Also a terrorist and enemy of the state. But she's blonde and purdy, so Nowe just can't stop thinking about her.

Anyway, welcome back to the world map. Chapter 3 takes us back to the Blessed Plains to report to General Gismor for a debriefing. However, a few new items of interest have opened up over in the Endless Grounds. Of greatest note is the first town of the game: The Stone Village. We could actually fly over the village during the first mission of the chapter. But we couldn't enter it for some R&R until now. Pfft...orders from a superior officer. Nowe will get around to it when he has time.

"What? Y-Yes, I am."
"I-I'm sorry we haven't delivered our offering yet. Please would you give us some more time? We'll do our best to prepare one very soon, but please, please spare the village's daughters..."
"S-Sorry to have bothered you! E-Excuse me."
"An offering, is it? Hmph. They're being exploited."
"You're right. I had no idea the Knights of the Seal would do something like this..."

"Say, do you think we've made it clear the Knights of the Seal might be corrupt?"
"Eh... Let's throw in some exploitation of peasants and implied rape. Just to be sure."

Right, then. Villages will sometimes have a short extra cutscene when entered. Usually with terribly voice acted villagers adding nothing really to the narrative. Other than that, they're basically glorified weapon item shops. I know the menu option says "weapon", but they also sell medical supplies and the occasional accessory as well.

There are only a couple of swords available in the store at the moment, and one is well out of our price range. Weapons in the stores won't go anywhere, so it's best just to come back in a couple chapters when we've got more cash to blow. However, Skald's Song is reasonably priced. So let's nab that while we're in the area, mmm?

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


In a cold land to the north, there lived two sisters who loved each other very much. They made their living as blacksmith and owned a little workshop in the village. One day, they were working hard as usual when a villager ran in, and told them that their mother - who had been missing since they were little - had been found!

The sister's mother was trapped inside a glacier on the top of a mountain, as beautiful as the day she disappeared. The sisters tried to destroy the glacier, but none of their smithing tools could make any impression on the iron-hard glacial ice.

When nothing else showed any sign of working, one of the sisters said, "Sister, what about one of our swords?" So they took their finest creation, Skald's Song, and swung it at the glacier. As the blade touched the ice, there was a mighty explosion and the sisters found themselves in the loving arms of their long lost mother.

"How you're both grown!' Their mother had survived inside the glacier for all that time. The sisters cried tears of joy and talked so their mother for days on end. When they finally got up to leave, their mother made no attempt to stop them. They were, after all, smiths who commanded fire.

Description: A work of love.
Traits: With training, the wielder can master ground-sweep attacks.
Magic: "Sonic Blow" - Unleashes inner energy and sends enemies reeling.

The two sisters then went on to cross over into another dimension and became alcoholics that were terrible at their jobs (this is the Debol Popol sword in Drag-on Dragoon 2.)

Before beginning Chapter 3 proper, Nowe and Legna can mosey on over back to the free expedition version of the District of Soul Flame and pick up yet another weapon in the northernmost part of the map.

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


In his instructions to the royal sword smith, the king demanded that his new sword should combine the fang of a behemoth, the beak of a gryphon, the talon of a dragon, and iron from the eastern lands. Though he knew the task would be long and arduous, the faithful smith vowed to make the weapon and set out to find the materials right away.

Clearly, the smith needed help, but no traveling companion could be found. Nor was it any surprise that no one rose to the challenge; it was because the kingdom was weak that the king had searched the library to find a sword powerful enough to protect his subjects. This was no mere whim, the smith knew - he had to find a way.

So, the sword smith traveled alone, but two months passed without any progress. Navigating the monster infested wilderness was proving to be difficult and he was close to despair. It was then that a hero of the time happened to pass by and, after listening to the smith's tale, he agreed to lend a much needed hand. The two fought on together.

After countless adventure, the faithful smith forged the king's sword. Sadly, it did not possess as much power as the kind had hoped, but he was still elated with it. Using the power of the sword, the king kept the monsters at bay and continued to rule the land. The smith was duly knighted and served his king for many happy years.

Description: A sword of protection.
Traits: Increases defense and prevents the wielder from losing their footing.
Magic: "Sonic Blow" - Unleashes inner energy and sends enemies reeling.

What the hell, Cavia?! That's two happy weapon stories in a row! Go get Taro Yoko to stop snorting lines of coke off of Thai hookers' tits and get him back writing this stuff!

Alright, then. I suppose that's enough dereliction of duties and procrastination with returning to base. Let's go pay a visit to our old good pal General Gismor.

Click to view cutscene.

"If this is about letting that woman escape, I'm sorry. I don't know how she slipped past us. He had all these traps and hidden passages and this giant beast and there were portals and reading and-"

"But sir I...don't think I'm old enough to dr-"
"Nonsense! You are a Knight of the Seal. This will put some hair on your chest. I'm sure Oror would have approved."
"Oh...alright, then."

"Thank you, sir."

Gismor hands Nowe a glass and pours him a drink...

"Be quiet. I haven't finished."
"Just savor the flavor of that fine ale. Top shelf quality, I assure you. Only the best for...fine men such as you and your father."

"Heh. I suppose the trait of gullibility can be passed down from father to son, even if they share no blood. Interesting fact."

"You mean, you killed him...? But why!?"
"Oh, I did not kill him directly. What did Eris say you said about the death of Sir Zhangpo...? Ah yes... I merely 'caused him to die'. But if you must know..."
"You fight evil, yet you're willing to trust everyone around you. You're a fool. When I see fools like you, I want to crush insects."
"It is a red letter day to finally bring my boot down on a whiny, insubordinate ant like you. Do send my regards to Oror when you reach him, will you? Tell him I hope that last drink kept his thirst quenched before rotting in hell."

Come on Nowe. You fell for "hey, I'm suddenly being nice despite despising you almost all the time. Here, have a drink out of this shady looking flask." I think your days are numbered here... Face it kiddo... had this coming.

Unfortunately, General Gismor's glorious asshole moment is quickly ruined by Nowe pulling a deus ex anime to spoil everything.

Nowe bum rushes Gismor. The General attempts to go for his sword but...

Super Saiyan Level BS Nowe is slightly quicker on the draw.

Gismor's severed arm plops on the ground a few feet away. Welp. At least he lost it in a video game universe. He's still got tons of options available to him: Robotic prosthetic, gatling gun replacement, rub a virus vial on the stump and grow tentacles, or just go grab another corpse's arm and graft it on there. That last one may lead to possession by Cam Clarke. Fair warning...

Chapter 3 Intro
(You should probably watch this.)

General Gismor Concept Art - You really shouldn't hold your arm out like that...