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Part 16: Episode XIV: In Which There is a REALLY Convenient Coincidence

Episode XIV: In Which There is a REALLY Convenient Coincidence

Verse 3 - The Ambush - Music: Impatience

So despite General Gismor and Eris being present in the previous cutscene and clearly being the only two competent members of the Knights of the Seal, they've both decided to hang back and let the rank and file soldiers attempt to take down Nowe. Since if they weren't able to stop him while he was confused and poisoned, they'll surely be able to match his skills when he is perfectly okay and well rested.

Dragon Dad is off busy scoring some weed to put up with his delinquent son moving back home again. As such, he's unavailable for this mission. Having him come down and just roasting Gismor right here and now would make far too much sense for this narrative. Unlike Caim and Red, Legna and Nowe do not have a pact and thus lack any manner of psychic connection to just communicate with one another. So Nowe has to just shriek at the top of his lungs for Legna to show up and save his ass. If he's out of earshot, like right now, then he's just plain out of luck.

In any case, as one might imagine this ambush goes less than swimmingly. Since, like Legna showing up and immolating the KotS top brass while half of them are standing around in one enclosed area, just having an ambush consisting of a dozen knights with crossbows popping out and riddling Nowe with arrows as soon as he wandered in for a nap would also make far too much sense.

After the first round of the knights' ambush is routed, an item box materializes in the middle of the ruins. This box just so happens to contain "Nowe's Sword". Not to be confused with "Nowe's Long Sword". Two totally different things. Nowe's Sword is much stronger, for one. Also, the description of it refers to the weapon as a "long sword" so that is...ergh... Wait, I think someone fucked up naming these things...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


This sword belonged to a hero called Iron Dragon of the Two Swords. It was a gift from a female knight who trained him for his first battle. It saved the lives of many, including the Iron Dragon's. He cherished it as though it was part of his own body.

One day, Iron Dragon entered hidden land, lead by a priest's divine guidance. There, he met a dragon who spoke the words of men and a child who spoke the words of dragons. Iron Dragon knew right away that this must be the legendary savior, and asked for custody of the boy. But the dragon sneered...

"What right have you to take this child from his father? What could you possibly offer him?" And Iron Dragon replied, "I shall become the child's father. Without knowledge of human ways, this child would grow to become a wingless dragon - a pointless creature. I vow to raise him to be a fine knight. So it is a future that I offer to the child."

Amused the dragon said, "Fine. You shall take the child, but I shall come with him, for only I can teach him the ways of dragons." Iron Dragon agreed, and presented his sword as a token of his pledge. The dragon sneered at the foolish human gesture, and threw the sword into his lair - the only world his child had ever known until then.

Description: A long sword made for Nowe.
Traits: With training, its wielder can deal powerful blows.
Magic: "Valkyrie Claw" - Blades of light arc through the air, slashing enemies.

Well, there you go! A weapon story that both ties into another weapon story and provides backstory for the game. There's even a reason why we found it here in the Forgotten Ruins as well as an explanation as to why it's far superior to Nowe's Long Sword (mostly because it belonged to Genera Oror - "THE IRON DRAGON")

"I thought the Senior Knights were just holding their punches during the Royal Duel!"
" we were trying our hardest to best the lad."
"Ah crap..."

"Who said that?! Which one of you maggots shouted that? I will have your head!"
"Sir...I think he really lost his arm."
"So did I! You don't see me sniveling like a child."
"Yes...sir about that... How did you urgh...fix that...injury?"
"I got better, alright? Any other questions, Eris?!"
"N-No sir..."

Anyhow, there are about three rounds of murder meters to be depleted by killing Nowe's ex-comrades by the dozen. There seems to be no end to them in sight. So, to fix this dire situation, let us have a big ol' poorly written deus ex machina, shall we?

One of the other gateway into the Forgotten Ruins opens up across the courtyard and out pops...

Manah to the rescue! Wait, what...?

"We don't have time to talk. Quickly, follow me!"

Ergh...alright then. Manah is somehow just wandering around the middle of nowhere and stumbles into Legna's old lair purely by chance. Really, she just pretty much goes " must be fate!" and that's all the explanation we get. It also seems Manah is immediately willing to help the guy she exchanged three sentences with while in captivity before being nearly executed. The same guy that then went on to massacre about two hundred of her followers...

...Sure, why not? After Manah we go!

Manah runs on ahead down the "thundering valley". Said valley is lined with lightning rods which strike at regular intervals. This is literally right outside Legna's old digs. You'd think a dragon would pick a less noisy place to make its lair. In any case, it's a fairly simple matter of basically running past the lightning strikes as they come out of the sky.

"Sir...we're suited in metal armor..."
"Cowards! All of you! Let me show you how a real ma-"

"This lightning is dangerous. Please stand back, sir."

Several lightning evasions later...

Manah and Nowe manage to escape past the lightning rod valley into the safe haven of the FMV Cliffs. There's just one unfortunate side-effect of this transition to new grounds...

The FMV Cliffs lack lightning rods... Whoops!

Manah narrowly avoids plummeting off the cliff side to her doom. However, the gods of Cutscenicus Dramatica have deemed this as getting off far too easily and so they work their dark arts to add flavor to this situation.

This translates to the rocks Manah is laying on giving way and her toppling off the cliff anyway. Welp!

Hey, you know how Legna was unavailable in the previous mission in the area just 30 yards away because Nowe couldn't call to him? Well...

...What a shame.

No such luck. Of course, Legna is able to fly in out of nowhere and save his moronic son from dropping face first off a cliff after the girl.

And of course they manage to save Manah from having a hilariously lame death. This does raise the question of how the hell Manah managed to make it through here in the first place. But, details...

Meanwhile, Eris watches as her role in the story slips away from her grasp as Manah takes her first step into taking over the part of female lead of the game.

Poor Eris. She simply possessed too many brain cells to make it onto the Drakengard 2 protagonist main team.

Nowe Saves Manah FMV
(Worth watching, I guess...)

Eris and Nowe Poster - Eris is looking kinda annoyed she's gotten dumped to the sidelines.