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Part 21: Side Episode: Chapter 5 Intermission

Side Episode: Chapter 5 Intermission

After that last bit of bullshit, we finally come into Chapter 5 proper. Gee, I wonder if this mysterious masked man is going to be friend of foe? And also, will he have a fondness for axes? We'll just have to go find him to discover these hidden mysteries, won't we.

At least Nowe himself is pretty much admitting that Manah is the main character and he's just kinda along for the ride, unlike a certain other effeminate whiny feathered-haired moron from a Square produced game. Sadly, Nowe will never turn out to be a bad dream.

Before we head off to Chapter 5 proper, let's take a bit of a break. The Village of Stone has produced several new items to add to our growing arsenal of arms that will never, ever be used. As well as an extra cutscene for some mild character development on Nowe. Let's take a look...

"Yes, of course. What is it?"
"That scar on your forehead... I was wondering-why hasn't it healed?"
"Oh, this one? Hmm... I don't know why. Other wounds have long since healed. This one I got during training. Yes, I remember. A knight who was my senior stuck out his leg, and tripped me up. Things like that, they happened every day. That day, though, I don't know, it was different. I'd hate to think what would've happened if General Oror hadn't stopped me. I did some serious damage. Maybe it doesn't heal because it serves as a reminder of that day."
"Uhh...that is an...interesting story... Sorry I asked..."

Yes, a warning that Nowe could flip out with his retard strength at ANY MOMENT and beat you half to death. This is literally the first time Nowe and Manah have had a friendly chat that we've seen and it's Nowe talking about his severe, violent anger issues if he gets teased too much. At least Manah can sympathize with such a tale. After all, she did turn 50 stories tall while pissed in her youth and rampaged around a metropolis.

Anyway, let's see the new weapons we've picked up. It's quite a haul.

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:

CALF-CARVER - 6250 Gold

There once was an extremely valiant and intelligent general. Tales of his bravery spread far and wide, and the streets echoed with his name.

The king felt threatened by his general's popularity. He arrested the general without reason, and threw him into a dungeon deep inside the castle. The dungeon was known to drive its captive insane within three days.

Three years later, the king visited the dungeon. There he saw the general, both of his legs rotted away, glaring back at him with unchanged intensity. The general's stare enraged the king, and, wandering why he hadn't done so three years before, he drew his sword and prepared to deal the finishing blow.

Just before the point of the king's sword could pierce the general's heart, he produced a sword from the pile of rags behind him and stabbed the tyrant, killing him instantly. He had fashioned the sword from the bones of his own legs, which he had amputated for the purpose. The general went on to become a noble and just king.

Description: Cleaves the legs of giants.
Traits: Effective against ogres.
Magic: "Sonic Burst" - Broken as shit invincibility plus time slowdown plus power boost ending with Nowe exploding and knocking everyone else on their ass.

Holy shit that guy is a badass! Why doesn't he appear in the story? Or any story, for that matter?

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:

BLOODY FANG - 9800 Gold

The sword smith longed to create a perfect sword - a sword that would tear through a limb with one slash, and impale organs with a single thrust. A sword that would make its victims suffers right up to their dying breath.

In search of the cruelest of agonies, the sword smith worked night and day. After months of toil, it was complete - a sword that would deal unending pain to its victims. All that remained was to test its abilities.

The sword smith took the weapon to his king, and told him that even the most courageous man would tell its wielder anything he wanted to know. When the king tested his claim, he found the sword smith's words to be true: prisoners divulged their secrets without hesitation.

Elated with the sword, the king demanded to know how it was forged, but the sword smith refused to reveal his methods, fearing his masterpiece would be copied. As a result, he got to experience his work first hand. He shed tears of joy at the quality of his creation.

Description: A sword that steals life force.
Traits: Restores the wielder's HP with each kill.
Magic: "Sonic Burst" - Win button for minor mobs.

Where do all these asshole kings live in Drakengard's world? Is Not-North America just a cesspool of tyrannical kings and crazy badasses that saw off their legs to craft into broad swords to slay said tyrants?

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


In a far-eastern land, there lived a king, who made a pact with a spirit to acquire the strength he needed to protect him kingdom. He would be absent for months, defending the borders of his realm against demonic incursions. He spent so little time in the capital, in fact, that many of his subjects did not even know his face.

One such subject was a renowned female warrior, whose heroic exploits were famous throughout the kingdom. During the season of spring blossom, she demonstrated her skills with a staff before the king. Though each had heard stories about the other before that day, they had never actually met.

It was love at first sight. In the space of a moment, the two heroes were under each other's spell. The warrior exchanged the ring that adorned her staff - a priceless heirloom that had been in her family for generation - for the king's ornate blade, and they vowed to fight, side by side, to protect the kingdom.

Despite their effort, the demons gained ground in the years that followed. Town and villages were destroyed and eventually the capital fell. The lovers fought on until the very end, but when the dust of the final battle settled, all that remained was a staff bearing the words: "If we should part, we'll meet again, beneath the blossom."

Description: A celebrated female soldier's staff.
Traits: Long reach. Possesses a great variety of attacks.
Magic: "Tornado's Eye" - Conjures a giant tornado which sucks up enemies. Also loose change out of couches.

A touching tale. The staff then went on to be pawned off at a local merchant's shop to feed the seller's gambling addiction.

One more for the road...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:

CRIMSON HOOD - 12400 Gold

"Not enough! I haven't had enough!" The magician awoke with a start. The axe... had it spoke to him? Or had he been dreaming?

Since that night, the magician's face, recognized throughout the kingdom, slowly seemed to change. After several months, he began to resemble in infamous thief who had terrorized the lands decades before.

The thief's soul had resided within the axe for years, waiting for the perfect moment to seize a new body. Though the magician tried to resist, the thief eventually conquered his mind and stole his life.

The nobles of the kingdom did not think to question what he did to them. How could they have known that he was no longer his true self? And so they all met a disastrous end, while the magician lived on...

Description: An axe containing a thief's spirit.
Traits: Excels at guard-breaking and linear-sweep attacks.
Magic: "Salamander Wings" - Waves of fire roll across the ground, burning enemies. Unless it is busy making pacts with elves with a taste for child flesh.

What kinda thief uses an axe? It's blackjacks and a bow or bust. I swear, people these days...

Welp, that's it for the intermission. See ya in Chapter 5. It features tentacled tit monsters, minotaurs, cockney ninja, gnomes, the best party member, and maybe even a visit by an old friend. Stay tuned!