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Part 24: Episode XXI: In Which Not Much Happens Besides a Whole Lotta Killin'

Episode XXI: In Which Not Much Happens Besides a Whole Lotta Killin'

Oh, I'll help ya to something alright. Like my boot getting an introduction to your bony ass.
"...What is that smell?"

"The one-eyed man? Could it be? Was it he who killed my father, Oror, three years ago?"
"He just cut down an entire squad of elite knights with one swing. Take a guess, kiddo."
"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Lala. Oh god. Oh god..."

"Your lady friend is acting weird. I'd like to stay and play some more, but maybe it's time we got out of here."
Alright. Gotta line this up JUST right so I take off the tin can with that bozo's head and it smacks captain metrosexual right in the face and knocks him over. Then an upward dashing slash along the ground should be enough to disembowel that twerp and send a blood spray all over little miss Empire's stupid face. Heh Yeah...this'll be awesome.

Oh what is THIS bullshit?!
"You need my help?"
"Nice timing. We need to get out of here, fast."
"I call shotgun!"
"...Nevermind. Let's just go. Like...right now."

A bunch of knights rush in...

Shit... I miss having a dragon to ride. My feet are killing me. Still got another friggin' 20 miles to hike until I get to the stupid Precious Light castle bullshit. Pain in my ass...
"Don't let them get away!"
Oh well. At least I know that little shit is still alive for me to get around to killing eventually. But that'll have to wait for another day... Hey, Union fuckers...
"...Why's that guy staring at us? Is he working with the fugitives?"
Let's play...
"Aww cr-"

Verse 4: The Retreat - Music: Unrest

"You had a plan?"
"Well...we at least didn't intend fight our way out of the city and get pursued by the knights' airforce again..."
"I don't think the word 'plan' means what you think it means, my boy..."

So, this stage is just another aerial filler against assorted airplanes and hot air balloons. An airship shows up at the end to get utterly molested by the water breath sphere in about twenty seconds flat. I'll just skip to the highlights.

"What, dragon? Does Nowe skimp out on the humor?"
"Perhaps. Unless you count a comedy of errors..."

"I heard he was some big hero back during the war between the Empire and the Union. Nobody is quite sure what his deal is. He's some kind of REALLY angry mute."
"A mute?"
"Yeah, ya know... No talking. Nobody has ever heard him say a word. Just a lot of grinning, scowling...and a whole lot of murder."

Many, many destroyed KotS aerial vehicles later...

"It's true, the one-eyed man killed my father, Oror. But right now, we have to focus on freeing the districts. Right, Manah?"
"So, it was you, Nowe? I had heard that some renegades were going around smashing up the districts... You surprise me..."
"You kids these days have some strange hobbies. Back in my day, we'd just toss rotten eggs at the more obnoxious senior knights from the bushes."
"Why would you do that...?"
"Err...well it was fu-"

"Manah, what's wrong? What is it about the one-eyed man? You've been a bit strange ever since we saw him."
"Also...what IS that smell...? It's been following us since we saw him..."
"Just drop it, Nowe. Gentlemen shouldn't probe about a lady's past."

"You heard words? I didn't hear anything..."
"No, you wouldn't. It was more like his...thoughts, you could say."
"Huh... Did he say anything else of note?"
"Well...let us say it was a good thing I showed up to pick you all up when I did..."

"That must be the District of Precious Light. There are some real bad types that hang out there. A guy called Yaha is the district guardian."
"Let's go to the District of Precious Light. The longer we wait, the stronger their defenses will become."
" we have a plan for this assault on the district? Or are we just winging it?"
"Well...I was figuring we could burn everything in our path on the way to the place with Legna. And then dismount and rush the key on foot, taking out everyone in our way."
"Alright then... At least it's easy to remember, if nothing else. I like it. Let's roll!"

Off to the final dungeon of the chapter. Good thing we just happened to be flying over it after escaping from the KotS pursuit. It's also a good thing Urick suddenly became much more knowledgeable about the districts between verses.

Verse 5: The Assault - Music: Breakthrough

"Oh, you're talking again? What was that all about before?"
"I don't want to talk about it..."
"Nowe, I told you to let it go. Just give it time...until we inevitably run into the one-eyed man again."
"Come on! We all know it's going to happen sooner or later, kids. I'm just being realistic here."

NOTHING happens this verse other than the party killing a metric ton of Knights of the Seal loitering about outside the field outside the castle we're assaulting. There's murder meter. Then there's murder meter with mages. Then there's a murder meter with minotaurs. Then ones with heavy troopers. Then one last one with those flying tentacle sac things from Verse 1. It is all about as exciting as it sounds.

"Yeah, Lieutenant Yaha. You've met him before, Nowe."
"Oh, yes. I saw him with the rest of the lieutenants back at the Royal Duel last month."
" person. You don't remember...?"

"Pretty, pretty, pretty sure you did. A few times... Though, you were kind of a space cadet back then... So maybe not."

"That Yaha. I'd rather not see him again."
"Why not...?"
"You...really don't remember Yaha, do you...?'ll see."

"Yeah. Some people call it the Citadel of Light. It's not just some backwater fort, you know. Oh no. Come on, let's get inside."
"We have no time to waste. Let's go."
"Speaking of time, how is that little man-child Hierarch working out since old man Verdelet erm...retired. What was his name...Sera? Sarie?"
<snaps fingers> "Yeah, that's the one."
"You know, I was just talking to Manah about how much she looked like Hierarch Seere when we were back in the city looking for you."
"Is that right?'s been a while since I've seen him. But yeah...yeah, I kinda see it."
"Ergh... Let's focus on the battle. We can all play catch-up later!"

Insert a whole lot of violent deaths of knights here. At the end of the mission, a treasure chest with another weapon appears at the conclusion of the mission. Let's have a gander...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


The axe thought to itself, "How many heads have I cut off?" Over the many years it had executed criminals, traitors, revolutionaries, politicians, even innocent, but it could not remember any of their faces, save for one - a peculiar boy.

The boy showed no fear as he placed his head on the block. Even the bravest men harbor a desperate hope at the moment of their death. The axe could feel the rush of their emotions even as it took their life.

Not this boy - he was different. His spirit was filled to the brim with hope. It wasn't the false hope of a devout believer, but rather, the knowledge that he was there by choice. His spirit was so pure that it made the axe want to scream.

The boy's execution was carried out. Among the crowd that gathered to witness the event, a group of young men shed tears. The axe did not understand what it meant. All it knew was that the young men would speak of the boy's high hopes for the world's future for generations to come.

Description: An executioner's axe.
Traits: With training, excels at linear-sweep attacks.
Magic: "Voice of the Guilty" - Summons the spirits of the dead to torment the enemy.

Drakengard 2 weapon stories: the final bastion of Cavia child hatred left in the land.

"This looks like Yaha's doing. There'll be some sort of special trick to open it."
"What if it only opens from the inside...?"
"Don't be absurd. What would happen if you went out the door to take a leak at the wind blew the doors shut? What then, missy? What then indeed..."

The doors slide open from the inside...

"You don't think it's a trap?"
"No. I think there is a three course feast waiting prepared for us, following a luxurious bubble bath and a massage by beautiful, scantily clad maidens...and of course a handsome, athletic young shirtless man for miss Manah. After that, Yaha will cut his own throat and we can be on our way without lifting a finger."
"The door was locked, and now it's wide open. Even if it is a trap, where else are we gonna go?"
"I suppose you're right. Come on, then."

Verse 6: The Fortress - Music: Exploration

"We know it's a district. That's why we're here."
"We were part of the sightseeing tour, but it seems we've lost our guide. Care to point us in the right direction, lads?"
"What was that? Wait... You're them! You're the traitors from the wanted sight!"
"Did none of you peak outside to see what the commotion was about with all the explosions and death cries coming from outside the fort?"
"We were ordered not to leave our posts."
"...And now I remember why I left the Knights of the Seal. Well then!"

"The enemy is attacking! All troops to your positions! Don't just stand there, someone warn Sir Yaha! Drive the traitors away!"

Yeah, that goes well. The Citadel of Light is basically another gauntlet of endless enemies. Though, this dungeon is full of "traps" scattered about. There are such mind bogglers as...

A floor made of lighting which only Manah can tread past safely. Which seems kind of silly considering how she's already nearly gotten struck by lightning once within the last few days. At least there are no cliffs around this time.

Another puzzle involves a gust of air which will immediately blow Manah or Nowe back since both of them have the skin-and-bones build of your average resident of the El Nido Archipelago, so only Urick can brave the winds unscathed.

Further on, there is a wall with a secret entrance that must be struck in precisely the right place to open. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the map maker of the castle to hold off on plotting the route into the dungeon.

Lastly, there are strange runes on a series of six doors in the dungeon of which are quite enigmatic to Nowe. Apparently, our hero never used tally marks to count anything. Though, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Nowe was both illiterate and unable to do grammar school level addition.

Behind Door #1...

"You again?! How are you everywhere?!"
"I've come to free you all."
"Ahh... Then you must be the promised savior..."
"I'm no savior."
"I wasn't talking to you, whippersnapper! I wouldn't trust you to save a bucket of water!"

"What the hell's going on in here? Who's there?"
"The Knights of the Seal! Flee, all of you! Now!"
"But...the knights took us here on their airships. I'm not even sure where we are... We were on those metal prison ships for days. All we saw was endless desert when we landed. Where do we go...?"
<shrug> "To freedom!"

There's nothing of note behind doors 2, 3, or 4. Door #6 has the switch to the gate leading to the end of the mission. But Door #5 has the final new weapon of this chapter. Let's sneak a peak...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


The iron club was placed at the corner of the torture chamber. After prisoners had been subjects to every conceivable form of torture, it would make an appearance.

With their bodies in mutilated ruins, victims longed for the iron club's fatal blow, and an end to the pain.

From toothless mouths, they would wail, "The club! The club! Please, show me the club!" And, like a bloody angel, the iron club would come to answer their prayer.

The weapon turned its victim into meat with a single crushing blow, then waited in silence for the next prayer. Caked in flesh and blood, it came to resemble the bodies it violated.

Description: A club that turns its targets into ruined piles of flesh.
Traits: Heavy blows break the enemy's guard.
Magic: "Sonic Blow" - Look, we realize nobody is ever gonna wanna use a magic besides this one. So we just put it on everything.

Low-poly and dodgily rendered?

Click to view cutscene.

"Given the color of this place, it's either that or this is one fancy bathroom."

"So, you kids gonna go smash it or what?"
"Well, that's be rude."
"The guardian lieutenant hasn't even showed up yet."
"...So let me get this straight. You've been waiting for the big strong pact-beast powered guardians to show up before smashing all these districts?"
"Pretty much."
"Man, the young get their thrills is odd ways nowadays..."
"Oh, stop making yourself out to be so ancient, sweetie..."
"...Oh hell!"

"Ah, the guardian, Lieutenant Yaha. It's been a while."

"What do you mean?"
"It's the power given to him by his pact-beast. Or maybe, it's the price he had to pay..."
"No, no. Silly, Urick. My beauty is a grand gift from my friends, the gnomes. My price was my ability to feel pleasure. Oh...but the memory of it still lingers deep within my heart... Special memories I'll never forget..."
"Why are all these lieutenants so creepy...?"

"But sadly, as the guardian of the District of Precious Light, I am duty bound to defend it from those who would destroy it. We must fight."
"I take no pleasure ending the lives of those who possess such young, supple forms as yourselves..."
"Master Nowe, you did move so gracefully at that Royal Duel. But, out of that stuffy knight uniform I see you have a body to match your delicate skills."

Tune in next time for SUCH a bullshit boss fight. Goddamn.

Citadel of Light Cutscenes

Lieutenant Yaha Intro

Lieutenant Yaha - The most fabulous elf.