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Part 26: Episode XXII-2: In Which This Mission Doesn't Even Deserve a Full Update

Episode XXII-2: In Which This Mission Doesn't Even Deserve a Full Update

Verse 8: The Busy Work - Music: Valley of Avidya

Since the writers of Drakengard 2 just cannot seem to come up with a suitable way to move along the plot to the next area without a chapter's end plodding helping of filler bullshit, here we are. Nowe and the party return to the City of Rust to...aimlessly wander around and hope someone has some information on the districts or...something. Even though Nowe already knows where one of them is located and I'm pretty sure the plan is going to still be "storm the place and kill everyone" regardless of intel... Nothing of remote interest happens in this mission, so here's a quick summary:

The party immediately stumbles upon a mustached fantasy Thomas Edison getting mugged by bounty hunters. Said muggers get their shit kicked in immediately and run off. Edison thanks the party and says he might know someone who has information that could help them...but only if they go beat-up all the rest of the bounty hunters loitering in the alleys around town.

Five minutes of running around the map killing pudgy ninjas with terrible fashion sense later...

A shady bloke down an alley says he might know someone who knows something about the districts. But only if we drive the bounty hunters out of town for him since they're messing with business. Funny, I could have sworn we just did that...

Upon leaving the alley of the Shadowbroker, another one of the bounty hunters says they've kidnapped Edison and are holding him hostage over by the fountain in the plaza. And if they don't want this nameless civilian that has spoken three lines to get hurt, Nowe and his party better head there.

They do so since whatever...

The bounty hunters spring a cunning trap on Nowe and a platoon of Knights of the Seal flood into the streets. I guess both the gangsters and the knights in town didn't get the memo that Nowe and company just came back from getting into their base and killing all their dudes. Or that they've literally killed three-fourths of their organization's high command at this point.

Needless to say, this shocking ambush goes less than well for all parties involved. The people of the City of Rust also all don green raincoats to join the uprising massacre of what little of the town watch is left. The bounty hunters vow revenge, since they seem to have some bizarre form of reverse cutscene injuries wherein they immediately revive from gameplay death once one kicks in.

The twelve year old shoe-shine boy says he overheard the Knights are chasing someone with information about the districts...back in the Closed Lands from Chapter 2...again... Goddammit...

With this information in hand, Nowe vows to free everyone to probably die horribly in the coming apocalypse redux from the tyranny of the Knights and they fly off to Chapter 6. The end. I'll never get that thirteen minutes of my life back...

I cannot fucking believe I walked all that way across a friggin' desert and some assholes beat me to the murder party. If I didn't find out that shitheel that stabbed me in the eye was still around for me to shove my foot up her ass down the road, this woulda been the worst trip ever.

I don't see nothing, dragon. Unless you mean the stars. Guess they're kinda bri-oh wait... You can see again? Did another one of those things get destroyed? Hell, I was too annoyed to even notice this time.


Continuing Adventures of Old Friends.
(Probably worth watching.)