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Part 27: Episode XXIII: In Which We Discover Why Nowe is Such a Dolt

Episode XXIII: In Which We Discover Why Nowe is Such a Dolt

Welcome to Chapter 6. I believe we're a little bit past the half-way point of the game now. This chapter is a really short one. But it contains several startling* revelations along the way.

* Note: Revelations may only be startling to Nowe because he never bothered to play the first game.

Yeah. He just murdered the old Hierarch, your dad, and half the Knights of the Seal last time he was in the area with an angry agenda. What's the big deal if he was grinning menacingly in her direction as he sliced a dozen people in half with one blow?

Anyway, unlike most chapters, there are no new Free Expedition missions and the towns are devoid of any updated inventory. So, it is straight back to the Closed Lands of the Endless Ground. Way back to the area we first chased Manah. Goodie...

Verse 1: The Lightning - Music: Abysmal Earth

"Right. Let's hurry, Manah."
"You know, it is pretty rude how you turn and talk to the princess every time I speak to you... Just throwing that out there..."
"Manah, are you listening?"
"O-Oh, yes... Sorry."

"Can we save the flirting for later, you two? If we're going over the District of Soul Flame, you can bet we're going to run into the knights. Stay on guard."
"Right. Though, Urick...why are you still wearing that mask? I thought you said you couldn't see all that well out of it."
"Am I the only one getting pelted with bugs constantly flying around here? I don't know how you kids do it. I practically need to hose myself off every time we land."
" get used to it after a while."
"I just sit behind Nowe."
"Ah. So chivalry still lives on... Cute...I guess?"

With the fall of the Holy Crystal in the District of Shining Life, the Shining Breath sphere is unlocked. This new overdrive shoots a ball of energy forward that will strike lightning at anything it comes into contact with. It'll one-shot most minor enemies. But, given they need to be lined up in a row and there's no homing ability for it, it's pretty useless overall. Other than that, not a damn thing happens during this mission.

Verse 2: The Revelation - Music: Exploration

There are no enemies in the first portion of this mission. Just a big huge expanse of nothing...except...

If we take a gander at the map, it seems there's an item box waaaaaaay over in the other direction of where we're meant to go. This is past the cave where we rescued that merchant asshole back in Chapter 3. We've never had a reason to go all the way to this location and we never will again. It's an annoying trip, since we can only mount Legna after traveling through caves for about a minute straight. And even then it's only saving about a half minute of travel time.

The treasure box in question is located on a strange little island inside a cave. This box holds a very special weapon. One that we have seen before, but never actually got much use from its old owner...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


In a solitary confinement cell somewhere in the desert, a man was tied to a stake. He had fought to protect the one he loved, but lacked the strength to save her, and stood on the brink of despair. He could remember her smile... but her smiles were directed at her brother.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, he was about to accept his fate when a girl appeared before him. Her eyes were a deep crimson and glistened like rubies. She smiled like the pretty little girl that she was, but spoke in a strange voice... It was the voice of neither a child nor an adult.

"If I only had more strength..." Her crimson eyes peered into the weak man's mind. He became the girl's servant. Beyond that, he could remember nothing... The only thing he could remember was seeing his beloved kill herself in front of him... Then, standing before the Seed of Destruction...

Eighteen years later... The man's long sword now belonged to a boy raised by a dragon. The sword was used to fight his lover's brother, the one-eyed man. Standing beside the boy was the girl with crimson eyes, now a grown woman. Their tale of life, death and tangled relation was told for generations.

Description: A sword that challenged a voiceless man.
Traits: Unknown...
Magic: "Fang of Shiva" - An explosion of freezing wind mows down the enemy. Followed by a stench of utter failure and ineptitude.

So that's what happened to Inuart in the Ending A path of Drakengard. He flew off with Legna the Black Dragon to one of the Seeds of Resurrection Destruction with Furiae's body and... That was the last anyone ever saw of him. Obviously, he couldn't have died or else Legna would be toast too. But, Legna seems to have found a loophole out of his pact with whatever happened there. And Furiae obviously didn't turn into a mutant angelic abomination by using the Seed wrong. So...what happened...?

Hmm... Exactly eighteen years ago... Inuart... Furiae... The Seeds of Resurrection... The dragons actually know how to use those things properly... A boy raised by a dragon... A really whiny, dumbass fuck-up of a boy raised by a dragon... A really whiny, dumbass fuck-up of a boy with feathered hair raised by a black dragon and being lead along by a blonde haired, red eyed girl trying to destroy the seals that hold together the world...


Nowe is fucking INUART'S CROTCHSPAWN?! That... That...


That makes so much sense... Nowe is some magic test-tube baby of a dead chick and the biggest fuck-up of Drakengard (outside Verdelet.) All the bone headed utter stupidity coming out of Nowe now falls right into place. Drakengard! 2!

Well, that was quite the revelation. Maybe Nowe can get some more use out of that sword than his dad did. Granted, that's not a difficult set bar to beat. I believe it was used to knock Caim on his ass once and...yeah, that was it...

Heading to where the informant is allegedly hanging out...

"Strange. This is definitely the place. Maybe the informant was mistaken or maybe...this is a trap."
"Ha. Now you've got it."

"Granted, you're supposed to, ya know, spring the trap before announcing your presence. But hey, you're young. 'A' for effort!"
"Who the hell are you!?"
"Ah, do excuse me. I forgot I was wearing this ugly mask."

Urick removes his helmet, begging the question of why he even wears it in the first place. Besides looking pretty sweet..

"You're alive...?"
"Which means you did desert the Knights of the Seal after all."
"'Deserted' is such a harsh term. I prefer to think I was just cashing in a lot of overdue vacation hours and sick days. I guess I got a bit carried away."
"I have nothing more to say! I am a Knight of the Seal! It is my duty to arrest those who betray us!"
"And here I thought the three of us were all going to go out to lunch to catch up together. Oh...right... Nowe and the princess. Still a sore subject, eh? Awkward..."
"Ah. Still in the denial stage of moving on. I'll drop the subject. Well, then. Shall we begin?"

Music: Breakthrough

Yeah so Eris...

Eris is not fucking around with this ambush. There are a dozen mages, a half dozen minotaurs, and a hundred or so grunts. And that's just the first wave.

Nowe, like his father before him, is ever quick on the uptake.

"My eyes are wide open, thank you very much. All I see are a group of traitors responsible for the deaths of hundreds of my comrades and threatening the safety of the very world."
"What happened, Eris? You used to be so...sweet."
"I see that you haven't changed, Urick. All talk and no action."
"And I see you never managed to dislodge that stick up your ass in the years you've grown. It must get ever so uncomfortable after all this time. I see now why Nowe dumped you for the princess."
"I...what?! He did nothing of the sort! Nowe, don't you see she has bewitched you. You need to snap out of it!"
"Oh, now it's a 'bewitching' that did it? And I bet your next boyfriend will be hypnotized by elven magic when he ends up with another."

"Where are those airships?!"

Eris: REALLY, REALLY not fucking around anymore.

Each of those screen shots above are their own separate wave of enemies and accompanying Murder Meter. It gets a little bit crowded on this battlefield. I think less people were present for the final battle between the Union and the Empire than this ambush.

Of course, this show of overwhelming numbers is kind of foiled by one key tactical advantage our team possesses...

...Namely, the fire breathing dragon that can annihilate scores of men at a time. However, another unexpected factor also proves to disrupt Eris' attempt at stopping Nowe and his band.

"Manah, what's wrong!? Talk to me!"
"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god..."

Oh, MANAH! I know you're here somewhere! I can kill these Union fuckwits all day and still have some energy left to stomp a mud hole in your ass!
"What!? What's happening!? I want a report now!"

"Argh..." <drops dead>
"The one-eyed man!?"
"Soooo... Time for a tactical retreat back to the airship..."

"Sure, I agree. But maybe in the middle of a battlefield is not the best of spots to do that, eh?"
"P-Please don't kill me..."
Asking me not to kill...? Come on guy, that's like asking the sun not to rise in the morning.

"Caim? The one-eyed man is Caim? The man who saved the world eighteen years ago? THIS is the hero who saved the world!?"
Rip and tear! RIP AND TEAR!

"Manah... Damn. Revenge will have to wait. Let's get out of here!"

And so Nowe and Manah of the newly re-soiled trousers beat a hasty retreat before we even get to see any of Caim tearing the Knights of the Seal a new one single handedly. Lame!

Verse 1 & 2 Cutscenes

The Drakengard 2 Party Artwork - Also Seere because he's feeling left out being only in about three cutscenes the entire game.