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Part 35: Episode XXX: In Which a Party Member Dies

Episode XXX: In Which a Party Member Dies

Just in case you've forgotten how these pact things work the last three times someone died due to them...

"We n-never did make it to that place with the great"
"Hey, hey kiddo... Don't get too...upset... They...they weren't really that g-great... It was just close to...the office...and I was too lazy to travel fu...rther down the road... Heh..."

"Urick! No! Don't go! Urick!"

" a state not...even another pact could"
"I'll be training with General Oror in the afterlife... See you around...kid."


And so Urick dies and with him the district key goes up in smoke. Well...uhh...mission accomplished...? Good thing we had that climactic battle with Caim so we could...have the exact same outcome either way...? Drakengard! 2!

Nowe carries Urick's body to the burning Holy Flowers and plops him in the fire pit...

...Unfortunately, it turns out that dying pact-partners are EXTREMELY flammable. Nowe and Manah are engulfed in magical flames in a flash. Thus marks a tragic end to a poignant act of kindness between friends.

Okay, maybe he just burns away and explodes into a shower of light like the other pact-partner lieutenants Zhangpo. There wasn't enough budget for those losers Hanch and Yaha to get a pyrotechnics filled death sequence.

"Yes, to reach our future."
"I...meant to the last district..."
"Yes...that's what I was getti-"
<sigh> "I mean, you're right!"

"Alright. Where is the last district? Let's end this, once and for all."
"The last district is called Heavenly Time. I don't know about its location or its key."

I swear to god, if we go back to the fucking drunken pirate merchant guy again I am deleting the last two updates and stopping the LP with the ending where Caim kills everyone.

Nowe and Manah skip off together outside...

"Urick died to free the District of Shining Life."

Translation: Why couldn't you get the useless girl killed instead...?

"Alright, Legna. Let's head back to the District of Soul Flame and see if anyone in to-"
"My boy, I just received a message directing us to the District of Heavenly Time. And now, I know its location."
"A message? From whom?"
<groan> "The Dragon Internet. Someone posted about it on a message board. I looked up map directions and everything there too... Do you really care, my boy?"
"I...find that information suddenly information slightly unusual..."
<snort> "Funny, I don't recall 'my boy' having yellow hair and breasts..."

"...Let's go to the last district. It's time to end this, once and for all!"

"Phil, we're in the Knights of the...what again?"
<yawn> "...The Seal?"
"And this is the Castle of the...?"
"...The Goddess? What's your point?"
"You have answered your own bloody question! I swear you are the single most thi-"

"Hey... What's going on!?"

Other than a VERY pissed off red dragon...

Urick's Death

Guard Duty

Urick's Death Illustration - Manah: "Meh, can we leave already...?"

Urick Concept Art - You should probably get that massive tumor on your chest checked out, guy... Well, if you weren't dead.