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Part 39: Episode XXXIV: In Which Manah Finally Realizes This Has All Been a Terrible Idea

Episode XXXIV: In Which Manah Finally Realizes This Has All Been a Terrible Idea

Verse 6: The Final Seal

"Hmph...though they didn't get to run very far..."
"You saved us again, Legna. Hey! That shadow... Legna, let's land."

They do just that...

Uhh...if you say so. That doesn't look like any part of the area I've seen...

"Oh no..."
"...I am SO fired."
"I've done the right thing. The people are now free from the knights' oppression."
"You know...I am beginning to see why mother left you to the woods...."
"And what is that supposed to mean...?!"

"It wasn't the people you set free, Manah. It was the final seal."
"What do you mean?"
"Does no one open a history book anymore...?"
"...Not recently."

"However, unlike the goddess, a dragon is strong. Binding the red dragon required methods...most cruel."
"I...told Hierarch Verdelet that I didn't think it was necessary to go to all that trouble. But he was worried the dragon might grow resentful of its duty. So we bound it...just in case. It...wasn't supposed to ever be undone. I am afraid now the is going to be... Umm...well... Not happy..."
"The people's lives bound the world together, kept it from falling apart. in this sense, they were true martyrs."
"Sure, it wasn't the best solution. But there was not really any way around it once we began. It wasn't like the martyrs' lives were being sacrificed for the Knights' personal amusement..."

"Manah, you've re-enacted your own crime."
"To put it simply, the red dragon will probably start burning every human it sees and will not stop until all the land is a scorched wasteland. And if we do stop it...all the seals will be broken and the world will descend into chaos again. astounded at you two's overwhelming ignorance has brought us to this dire point. I almost cannot put into words how much of a fuck-up the two of you are...but thankfully, I don't think I will have to... I can already see a village burning on the horizon... Congratu-fucking-lations, Manah..."
"No! Stop it! Please!"
"I...I didn't know! It couldn't-It couldn't possibly be a mistake! Tell me this isn't true!"
"No, Manah. It is very much true. You have FUCKED the world twice now... I am thankful I cannot age so I do not share a face with history's greatest comedy of errors made flesh..."

"Great... You have been doing an exemplary job of that thus far, 'savior'."
"I believe she's in a place called the Sanctuary."
"At least, that is where she was kept under guard up until now. But thanks to the efforts of you two paragons of justice..."


Welp, I guess we won't be vacationing in the City of Rust anytime soon...

So yep, our heroes have unleashed an extremely powerful dragon that has all of humanity on its shit list and have also taken out the sole force in the region that maybe could have stopped it. Great effort, team!

Music: Twilight Hill

"This is pointless! There's no reason to fight anymore!"
"If the knights insist on continuing the fight... Then so will we!"

So this is the final battle against the Knights of the Seal's air force. The skies are awash with their airplanes, combat balloons, and gun platforms. We'll never fight them again after this point in the game, since this is literally all that is left of 'em.

At this juncture they're pretty much only fighting in attempt to avenge Gismor and their thousands of fallen comrades taken out by Manah and Nowe's campaign for peace and equality. So, of course we cannot precede until every last one of them join their fell soldiers in an early grave.

Nowe is still kind of confused about what exactly they've done wrong. They MUST be writing him intentionally to be such a moron. I refuse to believe this was anything but on purpose at this point.

"What was that scream?"

The rest of the Knights of the Seal air force reduced to charred scrap metal and twisted wreckage later..."

"There's no such thing as a meaningful battle, but reality is that if we don't fight, we die."

"She's approaching! What energy!"


"And what's that supposed to mean, boy?!"
"I just mean...well look at her..."
"If you're going to continue to make racist remarks about dragon kind, you can walk to your next destination..."

"We have to stop her! She'll burn down the entire world!"

Angelus loses interest in Legna and flies off in the other direction. The party gives chase...

"I thought I heard the red dragon's voice...but it was too quiet. What was she saying?"
"I couldn't make out much. But it wasn't anything friendly about your human kind. Especially in regards to their ability to withstand streams of concentrated fire..."

For the rest of this mission we just need to kind of follow behind Red at a distance as she darts around the area. If we get in her way, she's slam through Legna taking off a massive chunk of his HP.

And if we follow too closely while chasing her, she'll flip around and bitch slap Legna upside the head with her tail, obliterating a third of his life bar in the process. So, it's basically just trailing behind for a bit until the mission soon unceremonious ends along with the chapter.

But, before we move on to Chapter 9 proper, Legna undergoes one last evolution and transforms back into his Black Dragon form from Drakengard 1. Huh... I wonder what that's all about...

Verse 6 Cutscenes

Angelus Illustration - A pissed off Red means you're soon to be dead...