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Part 41: Episode XXXVI: In Which We Revisit Barely Noteworthy Locales

Episode XXXVI: In Which We Revisit Barely Noteworthy Locales

Verse 2: The Castle of the Goddess - Music: Exploration

Welcome to the Castle of the Goddess from Drakengard 1. It's been 18 years and time has...well, the place was kind of a shithole to begin with. So I don't think time has taken much of a toll on the old keep. Though, you'd think that massive explosion Red unleashed escaping from the place would have left a bit more of a mark. Anyhow, the next screen shot just about sums up Nowe's character...

"There was a battle... Lots of people died... I'm scared."
"Well, it can't have been long ago. These wounds are still fresh. Someone came in through here with a sword."

Note that I have absolutely no idea what the hell Nowe is talking about. There are no corpses or "wounds" of any sort to be found. Nor does it make any sense that Caim would have come in through the roof... Maybe the evolved Legna is giving off hallucinogenic vapors or something. That would explain why Nowe is randomly seeing things, remembering facts, and then forgetting them five minutes later. And why it sounds like someone slipped Manah some valium...

Anyhow, our goal is to make our way through the Castle of the Goddess to sneak up on Angelus and kill her. Assuming she's still there 20 minutes from now. And she's not facing the doorway when we come out. And she didn't see the giant black dragon land on the roof. And she doesn't hear the fighting that inevitably is going to happen here. And Caim doesn't get there first. And...look, this is just going to be another utterly pointless mission. But hey, it's an excuse to re-use a map from the first game with minimal effort!

If we take a look at the map, it appears we are just outside the Goddess' chambers from the end of Chapter 1 of the original title. Ah...the memories...

That was where we first met Nowe's failure of a father, Inuart. As well as we got our first look of Caim's sociopathic tendencies with him repeatedly stabbing a corpse. Good times...good times...

Manah seems to be sort of losing her shit during this level. Well, the dialog would suggest that at least. The actually delivery is like someone trying to make a toddler eat broccoli and she's the one objecting.

There are only two types of enemies (well three, but the third is very seldom seen) in this mission. Our old pals the Undead Knights are out in force at just about every corner of the map.

And joining them are Black Goblins. They apparently couldn't be bothered to make a new enemy type, or to even re-skin an old one. So they just painted all the standard goblins' textures jet black, made their swords into a solid triangular polygonal hitbox, gave 'em a stat boost and called it a day.

Seriously, Nowe. Could you not have at least read a cliff-notes synopsis of the original game? I've never in my life seen the hero of a sequel have such little knowledge of any aspect of the prior title.

For some reason or another, there is a pair of prisoners in cells on opposite sides of the area. Neither have a damn thing of use to say, seeing as the only path down the courtyard is entirely linear thanks to broken staircases and caved in walls. How did they even make it through that fireball engulfing the area? And why do prisoners have swords and shields...? These are questions you should be asking, Nowe!

Taking the stairs at the southernmost part of the second floor leads to an armory and the solitary new weapon for this chapter. Let's take a peak...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


A master blacksmith, embittered by the god's maltreatment of the world, vowed to forge a weapon with which to destroy them.

The power of the seal negates the power of the gods, and the seal derives its power from the goddess... So the blacksmith sealed the power of the goddess into his creation.

The goddess was a noble knight, Determined to carry out her mission. She was a noble goddess.

Sealed inside was light, the power to illuminate.

Description: A legendary spear made by a master blacksmith.
Traits: Has the potential to become the mightiest weapon of all.
Magic: "Tail of Envy" - Icy spears pierce the enemy.

Great... Another super powered spear I cannot use... Stop being such jerks, Cavia.

Fighting to the front door of the keep...

Of course, the front door is locked. Since this stage didn't have nearly enough padding.

Luckily, the key is kept in a treasure box which falls to the floor just across from the gate.

However, an Undead Heavy comes to life, nabs the box, and runs off... Forcing a chase all the way back across the entire castle. I am not even kidding...

Cue five minutes of running after a poorly animated suit of armor backtracking through the entire level as it spastically darts into every room at a pace just faster than Nowe.

It finally comes to a stop when it gets to a side room filled with its buddies. The party must slay them all to retrieve the wayward key. And then, of course, the entire level re-spawns all the monsters so we need to fight our way through the entire stage. Again.

I'll save you all from that exercise in tedium and just cut to the chase...

Well, ain't you the goddamn detective of the year... You cracked the case! Hmph... I see that purple haired asshole ain't with you. Remind me, whenever I reach the afterlife, to kick that twat in the nuts for pulling that sissy pushing me off a cliff bullshit...

"Humans... Lowly humans..."

"Bastard! Die! Die!"
Normally I'd be thrilled to hear that, dragon... But...
"Why did you come here?"
Do you EVER stop talking, junior? Goddamn, I still wish I had my 'shut the hell up stick' with me...

"RIP... AND... TEAR... HUMANS!!!"

"What do you want? Whose side are you on?"

Did you not tell this dumbass that I'm mute, blondie? No, that's not it at all... I'm kinda curious what the hell YOU jackasses were trying to do... But then I remembered I plain don't give a shit...

"Use me? Absurd!"
Ah fuck... Move it, dipshit!

Caim knocks Nowe out of the way from getting his head bitten off...

Yea...well don't let it go to your fucking head, junior. Normally I'd laugh my ass off when she bites someone's upper torso off... But I think those days are kinda gone...

"Hate... HATE... HATE!!!"
<sigh> Goddammit, Angelus... You used to be cool...

Huh... That dragon looks kinda familiar...

Music: Fate

"You mean the one-eyed man? He is in a pact with the red dragon. His voice must have been the price."

"Why do you care? You'll avenge your father, and save the world."
"Yes, I know...but..."
"Oh, will you STOP being so wishy-washy about every damn thing, boy! It is time for some payback..."

Verse 2 Cutscenes

Caim Concept Art - Can't stop rockin' the crocs.