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Part 42: Episode XXXVII: In Which the Protagonists Die

Episode XXXVII: In Which the Protagonists Die

Verse 3: The Goddess Seal - Music: Fate

I suppose something like this was inevitable. It is time to go all Old Yeller on poor Angelus before she goes on another rampage and turns any more towns into an extra crispy roast. Note that I do believe this is the only time the game actually directly refers to Legna as the Black Dragon. Too bad he doesn't get any of his Drakengard 1 incarnation's ability to teleport everywhere like crazy.

"I will never forgive...! I will NEVER forgive the treacherous humans!! Perish in my blaze, humans!"

Like Caim, Angelus pretty much fights like a beefed up version of her playable self in Drakengard 1, with a few upgrades to the Drakengard 2 skillset. Her primary attack is firing off a small volley of homing fireballs or stopping for a moment and spewing out one huge dummy fire shot.

Angelus has also picked up Legna's ramming upgrade from the fallen District of Shining Life. However, while it is Legna's most useless overdrive, Red can easily use it to absolutely ruin the black dragon's day in short order. It's pretty important to keep locked onto her while dodging, as she usually will dive bomb us several times in a row before flying off again.

"Where... Where was I? Who did I seek in the dark?"
"I...I have a plan... I am...going to...kill EVERYONE!"
" that wasn't my plan... That was always...his...plan. Him...?"

"It looks to me like they're the victims."
<snort> "When will you learn to think like a soldier!?"

One new attack Red has picked up is dropping mine like fireballs behind her. They don't actively seek out Legna. But if he flies close, then they'll explode into a fountain of lasers that will home in directly on to his position. Luckily, they can be shot out of the sky before being detonated.

"You can inhale aaaaaair and process it with a straaaaange mechanism known as luuuuuuungs! With this daaaaaark proceeeeesssssss you can perform the aaaaaaancient rite known as breeeeaaaathing!"
"...No... That was from..."

Red's health drops below half depleted...

"From Caim?"
"Kill Angelus."
"What!? They wish to die?"
"'Death will be a blessing for Angelus and I,' he says. Indeed, this would be a fitting arrangement for all concerned."
"Poor Caim... He must have been attacking the districts for the last three years. He must have been trying to set the red dragon free..."
"Show no mercy! Do you wish to die!?"
"Well, no... Not really..."
"Then MAN UP ALREADY! Don't you want to avenge that human father of yours?! Or that idiot joker in the mask? Here in the chance to do that!"

In the second half of the battle, Angelus pretty much just starts using stronger variations of her previous attack. Though, she can also bust out her Drakengard 1 overdrive on top of that. It is really important to evade that shot if you enjoy having a sizable amount of health.

"That voice... That voice... Whose voice was it...? Caim! Caim, the one who calls to me... I cannot see... Where are you? Caim...."

When Angelus' health drops below 25%, she will begin belching out massive walls of fire across the area. If you're close to where she does this, you're pretty much fucked. So it's best to keep a little bit of distance between the two dragons to give some breathing room for evasion.

"Now, fight! That is my-no, everyone's wish."

But the player...

When Red nears death, she pretty much just flips the hell out and will perform every attack in her arsenal in rapid succession. We need to finish her off as quickly as possible, as getting pelted by several attacks in a row can easily kill Legna if his health isn't at nearly full strength.

When Angelus is defeated...

"I think so..."

Angelus crashes into the Castle of the Goddess' courtyard...

Hey, dra--Angelus...

Sorry I took so long... Heh. Killing everybody took a lot longer without you around...
"How the people must have turned against you... I did not know... I could not know."
It's cool... Those Union guys were pricks anyway...

Ditto, Angelus...

Click to view cutscene

And so the Angelus, the Red Dragon, dies...

Music: Growing Wings (short edit)

"Kill me if you desire. But, you can never dirty my soul, wretched human."
"Holy shit, dragons can TALK?!"
"Holy shit, the hairless monkeys can think?! Color me surprised."

A bawk? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? More importantly is it kil...
"J-just get...out of my way...before I land on you..."
"Feel the fiyah."
"Shut up."
"Shutting up."

"We must find a new goddess at once. Another sacrifice to the seal. I am no priest. I am an executioner."
Baldy was a frickin' priest?! I thought he was a hired archer or something.
"Hehe. I suppose you did..."
Heh...dragon. I think you may be one of the first to actually get me...

"Sooo... You...umm... You know how to do this, right?"
"Yes, human. Would I be agreeing to commit to something were I to have no knowledge of beforehand? What manner of fool do you take me for? Unless... Are you saying you don't know how to perform the pact?"
"No, I know... Of course I know! I was just making sure you knew is all. So umm... You go first!"
"We must both begin at the same time."
"Right... Right! Of course, the same time... We just...mrefhrrf"
*Sigh* "Put your hand on your chest."

"I have never seen you weep before."
Pfft... What are you *sniffle* talking about, dragon? It's just the damned rain. Big surprise! The Empire's weather is *sniff* shitty...

Verse 3 Cutscenes

Caim and Angelus' End
(Yes! Go watch this!)

Music: Growing Wings (Short Edit)

Caim and Angelus' Death