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Part 46: Episode XLI: In Which Nowe is Terrible at Identifying the Deceased

Episode XLI: In Which Nowe is Terrible at Identifying the Deceased

Verse 3: The Return - Music: Impatience

"Why do you not realize? What do you think strength is?""
"It makes me hit things gooder."

"Hey, what's that over there?"


"Leave them be."
"No, I can't. We have to help them! Let's fight off those monsters!"
<grunt> "I knew you'd say that."
"It is not like there are entirely more pressing issues regarding your destiny and the fate of this world or toppling horrors beyond your comprehension or the like..."

So we have about five minutes to take out a new swarm of arch-dragons before the airship is shot down. That's more than enough time to clear the skies of all the nuisances.

Nowe spends the entire time asking redundant questions and screaming in Legna's ear that they have to hurry or the airship won't make it. Poor Legna had better get a cozy position in the new dragon regime if their whole plan defeating the gods works out, after being forced to put up with Nowe for nearly two decades.

After the sky is cleared of holy dragons...

The airship violently crashes into the roof of the Ancient Tomb regardless of how fast we complete the mission. Funny...I could have sworn this flying tower thing was collapsing just a few minutes ago.

"Shall we check? Dead or alive, I know that you won't be satisfied until you know."
Please all be dead so we can get on with more important tasks...

Legna drops Nowe off...

Seriously, what are they doing with all those floating cubes? All it's going to take is one drunken dragon flying too close to that thing and there's going to be a huge mess all over this joint. Dragon OSHA standards are far too lax.

Oh, and Eris is alive again. Wait, what?!

"What is it? You look like you've seen a ghost."
"Is it because time has been distorted?"
" is because you didn't even bother to check my pulse after stabbing me in the gut..."
"What to the who now?"

"Nowe! Stop talking nonsense and lend me your shoulder!"

"No, I am Eris' sister, Aeris."
"That was a joke, Nowe..."
" ARE Eris. And alive?"
"Yes, Nowe. Eris. Childhood friend. Still alive."

"ARGH! Still...have a rather large...hole in my chest stitched up... I'm glad to see you, but let's stop with the hugs."
"Oh... Right. Hey, sorry about that. Gismor turned into a naked shadow monster with a stretchy arm and... Well, Eris I'm so glad to see you again."

"When I die, I want it to mean something. ...I...I heard about Urick..."
"He died for his beliefs... ...But I can't think about that now! Was Hierarch Seere on this ship?"
"No, it was just me. Hierarch Seere took off without me. He said there was something he had to do."
"What's that?"
"He didn't say. He just took off swearing quite a bit after the sky fell. Something about a golem or...I'm not sure. I was still in bad shape at the time."
"Hmm... Weird.

"Look, Mummy! Under his bed he has one of my dresses. I keep telling you he's pretending to be me and being bad! Seere is playing tricks, mummy! You believe me, right mummy!? I knew you would! What's that...? You want me to go on a trip with you to the woods? Just the two of us?! You mean it?! Yay! You hear that, Seere!? I get to go with mummy on a trip and not you! Nah-nah!"
"What happened to her?"
"She's...wounded and broken, like the world. I have to save her. Save Manah and the world."
"Ever considered...just cutting her loose, Nowe? This is sort of all her fault... I'm just throwing that out there. And hey, I'm back. I'm willing to put all this behind us."
"No...that'd be kind of mean... I should at least try to help her. We've been through a lot together."
"Mummy?! Where'd you go? I can't find you! I don't know these woods! Come back mummy! I'm sorry! I won't be bad again! I won't! Please! I love you! Why don't you love me back?"
"How...long has she been like this...?"
"Who said that? Who's there? What...? You can help me...? Make it so mummy will love me? Really? How?! I'll do anything! Anything!"
<shrug> "Hadn't really noticed until recently. It's been kind of a busy week. But I've got to help her."

"You...will...fight us? Foolish...humans....dragons."
"Manah, what's wrong!?"

"Umm...has she been doing this often...?"
"No...this is new..."

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