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Part 52: Episode XLVI: In Which There is Redundant Backstory

Episode XLVI: In Which There is Redundant Backstory

An added feature of New Game Plus is several added scenes expanding Drakengard 2's rich backstory and characters. These scenes are usually randomly toward the end of a chapter. And unless you were REALLY paying attention to every meandering scene during the course of the game (like me, of course) then it's easy to overlook.

For instance, this first scene is slotted just after Nowe first learns of some of the Knights of the Seal's more shady methods and almost immediately starts doubting the organization which he ought to have been fully indoctrinated into loyalty by this point.

But before meeting the colorful future bosses of the game district lieutenants.

Nowe returns to the Grand Shrine after slaughtering those pesky sub-human tribesmen assaulting the District of Shining Life...

"General Gismor summoned me. Look, I'm nothing special."
"I'm just a human/dragon hybrid biological weapon created to help the dragons slay the gods and take over the world. I shall also systematically dismantle and murder my way through the entirety of this organization within a month..."
"Eh? What's that? Kinda hard to hear in these helmets. But regulations and all..."
"Huh? Oh, nothing. Was just daydreaming..."

"Being raised by a dragon is not normal. I remember when they found you."
"When they found me?"

"Of course, we really didn't know what to believe, but we were sent there with our last general, nonetheless."
"Wait, hasn't Seere only been the Hierarch for two or three years...?"
"Err...well, I suppose that's right..."
"But this had to have happened over a decade ago..."
"Ergh... Yes, well... I just mixed up some of the details! Let me finish! Now, as I was saying..."

"And there you were, just a small child huddled beneath a dragon's wings. The dragon attacked us, but somehow you stopped it by speaking to it in words we could not understand. You were able to speak with dragons without a pact. General Oror said this must be our savior."

"I mean we really tried to convince him. You were covered in dirt and infested with lice, ticks, fleas... You name it, it was crawling on you somewhere. And the stench... Oh gods...the stench! It would cause lesser men to faint... But Oror... He said..."
"He said he would take you as his son. What could we do? That's how you came to be."

"Like wearing your damned helmet. Do regulations mean nothing to you?"

And...that's all. I think we could have figured out that story on our own. In fact, I'm pretty sure that one weapon story told us a more in-depth account of Oror and Nowe's first meeting. But, there you have it...