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Part 53: Episode XLVII: In Which Seere Just Wants Everyone to Fuck Off

Episode XLVII: In Which Seere Just Wants Everyone to Fuck Off

The following takes place after the meeting with the lieutenants but before Eris, Nowe, and Zhangpo head off to the District of Soul Flame to go ward off terrorism.

Nowe sets off to leave the Grand Shrine on his next mission...

"A man with a dragon did win the war with the Empire. I suppose it is only natural for one with the same talent to be called out every time so much as a hornet's nest is located in someone's back yard."
"No, not compared to the duties of a hierarch like yourself, my lord."
"Perhaps... Like you, I never asked for such grave responsibilities."

"Well, that was nice of him..."
"My other options were an elven woman who craved consuming the flesh of children and a man who...enjoyed...the company of young boys."
"That's rough, buddy..."

"After his death, I became the hierarch, as was his wish. But in truth, I would be happier reading all the books in the Shrine. That would be more rewarding."
"With the Empire gone and the Knights of the Seal firmly fortified in their defense of the seals, there really isn't a damn thing for me to do around here. Overseeing the Royal Duel tournament was the only thing on my calendar for this quarter."
"Well, maybe one of these days something will liven up things."
"You will not speak of such heresy, Nowe..."
"Ergh...sorry, my lord."

"It seems like every day it is 'Hierarch Seere, Nowe was fighting with his fellow knights again' or 'My lord, Nowe's dragon startled our horses with his theatrics. Sir Viper fell and broke his arm and Sir Zoah dinged his prized helmet and is vowing to tear out the dragon child's spleen' or 'Hierarch, the dragon child was questioning the holy practices of the Knights of the Seal.' Every day, I hear this kind of stuff when I just want nothing more than to sit in my chambers and enjoy a good book in peace."
"It is getting...rather...irritating..."

"I'll do my best."
"I hope you mean in the sense you will knock that shit off before I am forced to sign General Gismor's petition to have you re-assigned to a guard posting of patrolling the ass end of nowhere for the next year."

And that was another thrilling addition to the narrative. But, we'll yearn for idle banter like this once we get to the next new scene. It is...a thing... Not a good thing... Not a good thing at all...

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