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Part 56: Episode L: In Which We Tour the City of Rust

Episode L: In Which We Tour the City of Rust

So, it is time to visit the City of Rust for another Free Expedition mission. This one is a little different from the stock "go kill a bunch of monsters in a re-used map" free expeditions.

First up, it's sort of a follow-up to the events in the main game. After the Knights of the Seal got their asses kicked, the City of Rust was left completely undefended. And wouldn't you know it, a band of murderous goblins have flooded the streets and are trying to kill everybody. So the party Urick and Broken Iron must fight alongside the citizens of the city to fight off the goblin invasion. This is actually a pretty fun mission, since it's more or less just Urick murdering hundreds and hundreds of goblins.

All kinds of crazy shit happens like a Behemoth lumbering into town and the Mercenaries from Chapter 5 coming redeeming themselves by coming to the rescue of the civilians and fighting alongside the party. And they're extremely competent allies with their knife throwing, ninja flipping powerhouse ways. So of course this is the only mission they're ever friendly in...

Anyhow, new weapon for clearing out the town...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


Many years ago, there was a mighty gang of bandits, who made their living by doing dirty deeds for the rich and powerful. One of the founding members was a man named Left Eye. He was a valued lieutenant who specialized in intelligence gathering and other clandestine undertakings.

Left Eye did not participate in battle. No one ever saw him draw his sword. It was a magic sword that brought riches to its owner. And Left Eye was indeed affluent. Being a lieutenant with unique talents, he was paid handsomely for his work and had amassed a sizeable fortune over the years.

One day, some of the younger bandits surrounded Left Eye. They told him that they were unhappy about the size of his share compared to theirs. In truth, however, they were after more than just their fair share; they were after old Left Eye's fortune. Reading their intentions, Left Eye finally drew his sword...

Gone was the reserved man they all knew. Standing in his place, a bandit as fearsome as the ruthless young man who had founded the gang year before. It was over in a second. Left Eye walked away from the youngsters' bodies and told his old friend that he was leaving. Though they begged him to stay, he Disappeared into the desert.

Description: Deprives enemies of their lives and fortunes.
Traits: Enemies lose more money.
Magic: "Sonic Burst" - So I downloaded the Sonic Generations demo today. Why the fuck is a 3 minute demo like 650 MB...?

I guess Garrett finally brushed up on his combat skills. Maybe it was in preparation for Thi4f?

Anyhow, I mentioned this mission was unique. You see, after we murder all that pesky subhuman filth from daring to encroach into human society, we're free to run around the town for a bit talking to NPCs. So uhh...I suppose we ought to do that. I hope you like exposition!

The Pub

"It must have been those rebels. The ones that are trying to destroy all the districts."
"Well, maybe..."
"I hope those anarchist hoodlums get strung up by General Gismor. Did you see that swarm of goblins? That Knights of the Seal were a bit rough, but at least I could sleep safe at night knowing I wouldn't get my guts cut open and eaten in front of me by bloody monsters!"
"Umm...right. Gotta go..."

The Inn

"All the people who were held as virtual slaves in the districts have been liberated. Everyone there is smiling and happy again. It makes you think. What was the point of the districts in the first place? Why did the Knights of the Seal need them?"
"Preventing the end of the world...among other things..."
"Eris, you're not really in the party right now! You don't get to talk!"

"The world is protected by a seal. It used to be that a goddess served as the seal, but now her place has been taken by a dragon. The knights abandoned the three temples and set up the districts in their place. But, what exactly were they guarding?"
"The districts were more strategically placed and defended seals to prevent a repeat of the war with the Empire from eighteen years ago. They were there as a failsafe in case something happened to the goddess seal so a new one could be found witho-"
"Eris, you are not in this part of the game! Hush!"

"Maybe the only person who ever knew was the former hierarch, Verdelet. But he's gone now..."

The Tavern

"But he acted really strangely around the kids in town. Maybe it was a misunderstanding, but people weren't too keen on him."

Oh Leonard, you pedo card. You'd think he wouldn't be able to pull that sort of shit anymore with Faerie hanging around making constant jokes about his lust for nubile child ass. But I take it people in Eastern Drakengard Europe aren't the brightest bulbs.

The Church

"Oh, what I wouldn't give to walk arm-in-arm with him, even just once. To see that beautiful face up close... But I'm a nobody. He would never be friends with someone like me..."
"Sorry, but I wouldn't expect to see Lieutenant Yaha around anymore."
"W-Why not...?"
"Oh, we took him out to free the district."
"But...Lord Yaha was loved by everyone in the community. He donated weekly to the church. He funds our orphanage. Why would you do that?!"
"For equality!"
"And peace!"
"Ah, don't take it too hard, m'lady. You weren't his type..."
"...Believe me when I tell you this."

Some Jerk's House

"General Oror? The former leader of the Knights of the Seal? Yeah, he was my fat-"
"That's right, the former leader of the Knights of the Seal. Years ago, the remnants of the former Empire and the Union were fighting a bloody war... But Lord Oror managed to bring an end to the fighting. he was a charismatic leader, and when he appealed to both sides to lay down their arms, they did."
"Uhh, yeah... I know, mister. He was my father."
"Pfft. Nonsense. Everyone knows Lord Oror lost his...functions during the final battle of the Great War when the bombs fell from the Empire's Sky Fortress. Not a man that survived that hellfire could ever bare children."
"Well, I wasn't his biological son. He took me in and rai-"
"As I was saying before being interrupted by this nonsense..."

"He was a gallant presence on the battlefield. Anyone who saw him wield his sword was overwhelmed by his skill and daring. No one was at all surprised when he was later named General of the Knights of the Seal."
"Seriously...I know all this. He was my step-father. Heck, I've got the 'two swords' he was nicknamed after in my weapon chest. Let me fish them out..."
"But, now look who runs things! Gismor and Oror are like night and day. The knights have been reduced to thugs. They're no better than the monsters! The way Gismor leads the knights goes against everything that Lord Oror stood for. It's as if he's deliberately mocking his predecessor's memory..."
"Yes, I know. Gismor is really mean. Thanks."

Another House

"Probably because she was a crazy, creepy poisoner..."
"Yes. She supplied General Gismor with the poison used to kill my father, Oror. As well as the one that was used against me."
"What?! She was in on it too?! Why didn't you tell me this when I approached you at the Water Dais?!"
<shrug> "Didn't seem important at the time..."

"I knew Hanch when she was just a little girl. Oh, she had a smile as bright as the sun. A beautiful child, she was. It all changed the day she went out on a ship with her friends. If it hadn't been for the storm that day, she would still be beautiful... Why did she enter a pact with Kelpie? I suppose it was because her life was in danger... It was her only hope."
"What else haven't you told me...?"
"Umm... Let me think... Well, Urick was the guardian of the District of Shining Life."
"Well, no shit. Everybody knew that. I told you the guardian went missing. Who else did you think it was...?"
" surprised me..."
"Nowe, I am afraid you were the only one surprised by that."
"Really, kiddo. Come on. I did everything but wear a nametag saying 'URICK: GUARDIAN LIEUTENANT OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SEAL'."

"But, the price she paid was terrible. The light went out of her. No one wanted to be with her anymore. No one, except for that Gismor. He took her in and made her his servant. Then things went from bad to worse for the poor girl..."
"Oh, I know. Did you know the One-Eyed Man, was Caim?"
"Caim...? Like as in 'Hero of the Great War' Caim?!"
"No... I didn't know that... Why the..."
"Oh, and Manah and Hierarch Seere are twins."
"Urick, you don't get to know that! You died before we found out!"

Leaving the town...

"When I told him about the Weapons of the Seal, ya should have seen his face light up! You know, there are lots of rumors about those Weapons of the Seal. Hear, have ya heard this one?"

"So apparently, someone got it into his head to get rid of whatever it was that required the seal in the first place. He studied the Goddess Seal and forged special weapons. They were called the Weapons of the Seal. But, in this world, there are certain people who benefit from keeping the seal in place. Like the ones who guard it."
"How are you ALL so bloody ignorant about the seals?!"
"Eris, for the last time! You don't get to comment, you're not really in the party yet!"
"But I'm in this cutscene..."
"Hey, is this the only time all four of us appear in the same scene...?"
"Yes... I am pretty sure it is..."
"Now that's just weird..."
"Will you all let me finish my tale?!"
"Mister, we already have three out of the five Weapons of the Seal. The last two are sold in a weapon shop and a reward for completing the game again."
"This conversation is meaningless."
"Well I'm soddin' finishing!"
"Just let the kid finish his story, eh?"

"Like I was saying.. They set out to destroy the weapons and kill whoever wielded them, so that no one would ever know they existed. Well, and that's the story."
"Great. So we can g-"
"But apparently, the weapons they destroyed were fakes. The real ones were hidden away somewhere in a secret place. But, it's just a legend, ya know? The old man shouldn't take it so seriously."
"Well he did. And he made us go look for them."
"And they were terrible gimmick weapons!"
"Womp, womp, waaaaah!"
"Hehe. I like him."

Anyhow, let's clean out the last two weapons for this playthrough so we can get straight to the Ending B path next time. After completing Chapter 8, Heaven's Clocktower unlocks as a new Free Expedition. There's not really much to it, other than a lame gimmick with the place being full of keys now requiring doors to be unlocked in succession. Also goblins. Never enough goblins... Anyhow, weapon time!

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


There once lived a man to whom killing was as essential to life as breathing. There was no special reason why he murdered. He was not driven by bloodlust. It was only that murder was all he knew.

One day, he encountered a group of thugs who had surrounded a helpless girl. As usual, he murdered every last one them without hesitation.

When he turned to kill the girl, he found her thanking him with tears in her eyes. It was the first time that anyone had ever thanked him for what he had done. As he looked at her, he finally realized that his actions had meaning and purpose.

Smiling, with happiness in his heart, he brought his sword down on the young girl's head. With kindness in his eyes, he paused for a moment to watch the pool of blood expanding around her crumpled form, before leaving the scene feeling greatly fulfilled.

Description: A sword created solely for murder.
Traits: The sharpest blade imaginable, but it robs its wielder of HP.
Magic: "Horn of Chaos" - Restless spirits wander around the wielder, offering protection. While his HP drains slowly anyway...

Huh. Guess I was wrong about not getting Gismor's Sword. Too bad it's a gimmick weapon that drains Nowe's HP fairly quickly and isn't at all worth using since it's only unlocked at the point of the game where enemies become ball-crushingly powerful on the offensive. Oh well. At least the weapon story was one of those whimsically grim ones. Caim would have liked it.

The final weapon of this playthrough is located in a weapon shop. It just so happens to be one of those spiffy Weapons of the Seal that goober back in the City of Rust was rambling about. It is also REALLY pricey...

Drakengard 2 Weapon Stories posted:


A master blacksmith, embittered by the god's maltreatment of the world, vowed to forge a weapon with which to destroy them.

The power of the seal negates the power of the gods, and the seal derives its power from the goddess...
So the blacksmith sealed the power of the goddess into his creation.

She was a goddess whose heart concealed a forbidden love. She was a pure goddess.

Sealed inside was life.

Description: A legendary sword made by a master blacksmith.
Traits: Well balanced and easy to use.
Magic: "Ancient Voices" Conjures ancient spells.

Lame weapon story. But it is one of the most powerful weapons in Nowe's arsenal, so it's worth the price of admission. And our weapon completion total is now up to 94%!

Anyhow, see you jerks for Ending B next time. It is gonna be a...thing... Stay tuned...

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