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Part 57: Episode LI: In Which Legna Makes a Better Sales Pitch

Episode LI: In Which Legna Makes a Better Sales Pitch

Welcome back to Chapter 12. I think we can all agree that the first ending kinda sucked. So, let's try this again.

Completing the game up to this point on New Game Plus/Hard difficulty will unlock a new version of Chapter 12. Once more, we head back to the Promised Land volcano for the grand finale.

Verse 1B: The Slayer of the Gods - Music: Symphonic Poem - "Forbidden Prelude"

The chapter begins identically to how the vanilla Chapter 12 began. In fact, there is no difference in the first mission at all. Well, other than all the enemies hit like a truck now. After the sky falls, everything gets a universal huge bump in defense and attack capability. But, we'll worry about that some other time. Let's just skip to the post mission cutscene...

After the skies are clear, Legna lands by the mouth of the volcano...

"Indeed, this land... This is our final destination! Your time has come, Nowe!"

"What is this relic?"
"The bone casket, created by the nameless."

"Silence! Your fate has no relevance to me. Repeat your foolish history, if you like. But Nowe is no human. He is a new breed. Come with me."

"I...feel like maybe you ought to have filled me in on some of that 'long story' on the way here..."
"Yes, umm... What...?"
"Oh uhh...well the voice in the flying dragon tower said that I am some sort of artificial creation of some blind lady and another guy. Plus dragons. And I'm supposed to help the dragons get back their throne against some guys that don't have names or...something like that..."
"So you...really are a 'dragon child'...?"
"Yeah, I guess I am part dragon. But I don't feel any stronger and knowing that hasn't changed anything. I mean there was that one time when my hair turned white and I started glowing and grew laser wings. But I think that was just from something I ate."
"W-When did that happen...?"
"Uhh....back when I sliced off Gismor's arm after he poisoned me and told me he murdered my father, Oror."
"Gismor did...he...what?! Why didn't you tell me any of this?!"
<shrug> "Guess it just slipped my mind..."
"Nowe, come!"

"Honestly, I have NOTHING left to do at this point."

And here we have where this ending path changes. Legna makes a slightly better sales pitch for the dragons' plan by just mentioning "hey this will save the world". And now Nowe is totally on board with the plan...

"Foolish child! I've already told you! That is why you're a new breed. Think about it. Without gods, there would be no need for humans to carry the burden of the seal."

"Yes, my child. You need not throw away your happiness as a woman to become a goddess."
"H-How...did you find out about that?!"
"Tch... I looked that up on the Dragon Internet too. What is with you humans and your insistent need to know where the truth came from...?"

"I didn't want anyone to know. Especially you, Nowe. The goddess cannot live the life of an ordinary woman..."
"So if you did that I couldn't have two girlfriends...?"

"I see... It's worth trying. Yes, we must do it. Then Eris would be saved from carrying the burden of the goddess seal."
"And THEN I could have two girlfriends! Alright, Legna. Let's do this thing!"

Legna flies the party down into the volcano to the Bone Casket. Seere and his army of golems just fall into the same wormhole they originally appeared from during that ending path. So don't hold your breath looking for 'em to appear.

"Well observed, my child. They're both playthings of the gods."
"What are you trying to make him do?"
"Perhaps if you would give me a moment, I would explain just that..."
"Do you not understand? He must go inside. The casket can help creatures to evolve. With its power, the boy can evolve into a new breed."

<grumble> "Are NONE of you listening to me...?"
"Indeed, once your evolution is complete."

"This goes against the natural order."
"What order is left in this world? Do not delude yourself."

"No... I have to do this. This is my fate. This is why I was born. I must fulfill my destiny."
"Besides, what is the alternative? Heh. Am I just going to sprout wings and fly up to fight Legna just so you could become the new goddess? What would that help?"

Nowe walks up to the bone casket to fulfill his destiny. Though, he's a bit apprehensive about actually entering the thing. Oh, come on kid...

What's the worst that could happen...?

"It is all written down right here. Signed and everything by the Dragon President. Very official. The new breed enters the bone casket. The new breed evolves to a form that can kill the gods. Gods are killed. Happy time for all dragons!"
"And humans too, right?"
"Hmm...? Oh, right. Yes, of course, my boy. It's right down here in the fine print. It says, 'And humans too...' You see! All shall be as written."
"Alrighty. Let's give it a shot..."

Nowe reaches out to touch the Alpha Seed of Resurrection and...

...And he gets blasted back about ten feet onto his ass.

"The bone casket rejects you."
"Legna! What's the deal?! That hurt! Look! My hair is all standing on end!"
"Your hair is...always like that, Nowe..."
"Oh...right... Still, youch!"

The bone casket begins floating out of the ground and humming ominously. That...cannot be good... Everyone should probably stop messing with these Seeds of Resurrection things. This shit never turns out well...

"Is it alive?"
"It is sentient. I sense that the plaything of the gods sees us as its enemy."

Welp...change of plans! We're smashing the damn thing instead. Look, the Dragon Initiative plays it fast and loose with its world domination and god slaying plans. So tune in next time for one of the worst designed boss battles ever, as Drakengard 2 continues!

Verse 1B Cutscenes

Drakengard 2 Poster - Manah should probably pay more attention to her surroundings. Like Caim leaping over to decapitate her...