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Part 61: Side Episode: Level 99 Stats

run DNC posted:

Ya but you cheated, now do it without cheating yourself gold.

Alrighty. So, the next update should be in about two weeks... I already did it legit once...I was really bored and drank way too much back then...

Though, in all seriousness I've probably gotten more than enough gold to buy all the weapons at this point. I just cheated it in so I could buy new shit as we got to it in the LP.

Anyhow, I was curious about everyone's stupid stats. And also I just 100% finished the game and recorded all the footage for the last couple of updates, and want to stick Drakengard 2 back up on a shelf to collect dust for the rest of eternity. So I put in some cheats to get everyone to Level 99 to see how everyone topped out.

Nowe - Best at nothing! Worst at nothing! Even his stats are bland.

Manah - Most intelligent (read: magic ability) by far. Weakest strength and lowest HP. Since she's a staff wielding girl, of course.

Eris - Highest defense. Probably because she's the only one actually wearing armor for a part of her body other than her butt...

Urick - Strongest strength and most HP. Shit defense and apparently he's lost more than a few braincells from dying a few times.