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Part 64: Episode LV (Part 1): In Which...

Episode LV (Part 1): In Which...

Welp, here we are again back in Chapter 12 for the grand finale of Drakengard 2. I hope you're all excited...

This time around we get this little blurb before beginning the chapter. You may think this means things are going to be significantly different, huh? Pfft... Hahaha!

Verse 1C :The Same Bullshit - Music: Symphonic Poem - "Forbidden Prelude"

Same shit, different five hour investment into this godawful game. Only now it's way harder since every single enemy takes off a quarter of Legna's health bar with its attacks.

And we once more follow the Ending B path where Legna makes a better sales pitch to Nowe and our dolt of a hero agrees to become the weapon of the dragons.

And once more, he's rejected and we have to fight the damn thing.

Verse 2B: The Fuck?! You're Making Me Do This Boss AGAIN, Cavia?!?! - Music: Final Battle

And yup... Cavia forces us to do this godawful boss battle all over again. That's just plain cruel.

Once more, the Bone Casket reveals its creamy evolution marble center and starts flying around the room. Though, this time around things change a bit...

"I'm going to be honest, my boy. I'm sort of just winging it at this point..."

The energy sphere begins hurdling back toward the ground. Its destination remains...

...the helpless heroine zone.

Manah still sees it fit to shove Eris out of the way. Pfft...childhood friends. Who do they think they are with their long term commitment to the male lead and thinking that will get them anywhere.


"Do WHAT?!"
"You heard me, Legna!"
"I feel as though I am going to regret this but..."

Legna rams that sonuvabitch to almost no effect whatsoever. We're still really winging it at this point...

"As I recall, humans do not take too well to having large, heavy objects dropped on top of them, correct?"
"Well... I would forget about that childish fantasy of having two girlfriends, my boy..."
"Calm down. The enemy is still al-"
"-the hell...?"

The Bone Casket begins shrinking down and down until... vanishes into Manah's crotch. Uhh... Que?

...What? How did she...? But... WHAT?!

Legna drops Nowe off to go see Manah...

"How on earth did you do that?"
"Oh well. No use arguing with a good thing!"

Eris wanders in off screen...

"I won't thank you. I could have saved myself without your help."
"And how did you manage to absorb that giant...thing?"
"Shrugging is not an answer to that question..."
"Look, Eris...why question it? Isn't the important thing that everyone is safe?"
" I would REALLY like to know how she managed to absorb a Seed of Resurrection into her body..."
"Nowe is right. This conversation is meaningless."
<frustrated grunt>

Legna decides to chime in...

"But should we really be following the word of the Book?"
"I was COMPLETELY wrong about that whole Bone Casket thing... Besides..."
"The world is in chaos, Legna! Shouldn't we be trying to help the survivors?"

"You raised me-a mere human! It was you who raised a helpless infant to a full-grown man!"
<snort> "I see no grown man from where I am standing..."
"Don't misunderstand. It was simply because you were the new breed the weapon of the Holy Dragons."

"How many dragons have you ever heard of that willingly took part in the affairs of a human? Their kind are loud, obnoxious, bicker and fight over the most trivial of matters, shed blood out of the pettiest of emotions. No good comes of any interaction with their kind!"
"Well, there were Caim and Angelus..."
"And look how that turned out!"


"The Book of Seeds is no prophecy. It is a record of the future. It is fact."
"No, FUCK YOU, dragon dad! I'm going to live as a human and have two girlfriends and that is final!"

And things now go back to the Ending A path...

Good thing Seere was camping out with his golem legion...just in case Nowe screwed up or the dragons started some shit...

"We're just in time."
"My lord, we've been expecting you. The world is in chaos."
"Oh no? Really, Eris? I'm only inside a goddamn volcano trying to fix this shit!"
"I...I see..."
"How did you even get down here, my lord?"
"I hopped on Golem and he jumped down here. It's not hard to figure out."
"Oh... Well, how is he going to get back out?"
"Well, he's just gonna... Err..."
"Well he'll just..."
"Ah, shit..."
"I'll worry about that later. Let me lay some knowledge on you fools. The dragons? Bad news!"

"So get your dragon dad to knock this shit out or else I'm having the golem army bombard this place so hard that the bombs falling at the Blue Mountains at the end of the Great War will look like a firecracker."

And the rest...?

Yup... Same shit again. First base POWER OF LOVE Deus ex Anime...

Verse 3C: The Repeat Final Battle - Music: Growing Wings

"You're the new breed! Why are you so damned ignorant?!"
"I am the new breed?"
"On who now...?"
"Ugh. Nevermind!"

No, Cavia! No! We've already done all of this! Skip to the new stuff!

Oh... Legna can now suck Nowe into the Negaverse where he's invincible and can spam Dragon Overdrives until we smash all the spinning aerial cubes around him. It's more annoying that dangerous. And... That's it! It's the same damn boss fight otherwise. Just way longer and harder...




Welp! See you in the ending!

Verse 2C Cutscenes

Drakengard 2 Artbook Cover - Hey, Nowe's buttshield is coming undone!