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Part 6: Extra Episode: In Which I Took Way Too Fucking Long Making a Write-up for DLC Costumes

Extra Episode: In Which I Took Way Too Fucking Long Making a Write-up for DLC Costumes

So like every modern game worth its salt snowing from the sky upon post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Drakengard 3 has a bit DLC behind it. There are six DLC prequel chapters. One for each Intoner sister. They're $6 a pop or $30 for the set. Yeah... same price as buying a digital copy of the game at this point... Kind of pricey! Don't worry I'm bad with money and bought them all. Those we will be covering much later down the road. If you are playing the game yourself like some Decadus masochist, here is a tip. Not to advocate overpriced DLC, but I will suggest if you're in deep just picking your favorite sister and buying her DLC to save about a quarter of a day grinding gold to buy all the weapons to unlock the final path. Much like NIER, the DLC is basically "Yeah we know the base game had some bullshit grinds in retrospective. Here's a fix. Cough up the cash!"

DLC Spoiler: Protip: Two's is the most fucked up DRAKENGARD! one and likely the most plot relevant.

While I am a mark for throwing money at additional content on games I am enjoying (I do like Drakengard 3 in the end, even if I appear to shit on it a lot.) I never buy costume DLC on the sheer principle of not giving a single fuck. That said, there are a number of cosmetic DLC purchases available for Zero. All come with a cheat gameplay enhancement as well as a new weapon. And all those weapons do have Weapon History stories accompanying them. The DLC itself are all legacy costumes from characters in previous games in the series. Two each from Drakengard 1, 2, and NIER.

While I didn't purchase any of this junk, that doesn't mean I cannot share its contents. So let's take a look at Drakengard 3's costume DLC:


Music: Drakengard 1: First Chapter ~ Sky <Chiptune>

Our two Drakengard Fashion reps in DLC today will be Caim and his sister the Goddess Furiae.

Caim's Garb

An outfit patterned after Caim, prince of Caerleon.

First up we have classic Drakengard 1 Caim's outfit. The pants have gotten significantly tighter and the armor a bit more curvy. But I must say I am digging the hilarious high-heel Crocs. That wasn't a weird design quirk. Caim, in all incarnations, just rocks the Crocs. Deal with it or get the shit murdered out of you, alright punk? This outfit halves stamina usage when performing stamina attacks. I mean with Caim you just had to hit triangle at the right time to do the equivalent at any point in a combo. Makes sense.

Caim's outfit, of course, comes with his trademark sword. At least it's not in the hands of that piece of shit Nowe anymore. Who, by the way, does not get included in the DLC costumes. Remember his second outfit? What a tool.

Caim's Sword posted:

The sword of a prince from a certain kingdom.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Size: Medium

There once was an awkward prince who found love, politics, and even general interactions difficult.
His only comfort was practicing swordplay in the courtyard.

After a hundred days of practice, he began to feel stronger.
As this strength turned to confidence and washed away his anxieties, the prince devoted himself to mastering the sword.

After a thousand days of practice, he forget the stress of politics and intrigue.
Such things brought only lies and betrayal, but his sword never did.

After ten thousand days of practice, he realized his sword might free him from all stress if he entrusted everything to it.
Alas, he was only running away from his problems...

The C.A.I.M System: Caim Anti-Anxiety In Murder. Stabbing things until you worries go away! Sure it's running away from problems. But they can be stabbed too when they catch up! Order now!

Furiae's Garb

An outfit patterned after Furiae, goddess of the seals.

Well, the skirt is a bit shorter but I suppose Zero is jumping around, stabbing folks and... you know participating in the plot beyond being a damsel in distress that dies in every scenario. I admire the cosplay dedication with the weird dangley belt thingies. Those seem like they'd get annoying fast. Furiae's outfit reduces damage taken by 5%. So just as useless as Furiae herself. Fitting.

Furiae's outfit comes equipped with Furiae's dagger. You know, the one she used to kill herself after her brother realized her incestuous intent and Caim went:

Furiae's Dagger posted:

The dagger of a princess from a certain kingdom.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Size: Small

I mustn't trouble my brother.
He's busy with his sword practice, so I must be a good girl and not bother him to play with me.

I mustn't trouble my brother.
He's busy with politics, so I must be a good girl and not bother him to talk with me.

I mustn't trouble my brother.
He's busy fighting other countries, so I must be a good girl and not bother him with my worries.

I mustn't trouble my brother.
I mustn't let him know of the dark lust hiding in my bosom. If he were to see me like this, I would have to end my own life.

Oh Furiae. Forever your only notable trait will be "wanted to bang my brother." Moving on!

Drakengard! 2!

Music: Symphonic Poem (Forbidden Prelude) <Chiptune>

Drakengard 2's representatives in fashion will be the two female leads Eris and Manah. Fuck Nowe.

Eris's Garb

The costume designed in the image of Eris, a female member of the Knights of the Seal.

Again a bit of a shorter skirt and a dire lack of a lighter from the preferred pyromaniac female protagonist of Drakengard 2. But fairly faithful beyond that. Eris's garbs grant immunity from Stamina loss while blocking attacks. Which is actually pretty damn good a perk.

Eris's cosplay comes complete with a replica of her spear from Drakengard 2. If you buy the DLC you can actual use it, unlike Eris 90% of that game.

Eris's Spear posted:

The spear of a female knight.
Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Size: Small

I seek a noble will, the destiny of a knight.
With thoughts of the companion I walked beside since
childhood in my heart, I contiue to press forward.

I pray the fragile present can continue. I know that
averting one's eyes from what must be done will
lead to ruin. And yet, this is still my hope.

I am driven by jealousy. White-hot, burning jealousy.
The womanly blood within my body wails, cursing
the two who left me behind.

All that is left for me is a small twinge of pride.
Pain rules my body now, but I pray he will
still see me as I once was.

* Note: W.T. Fits is a cool fellow and hooked me up! Thanks!

Yeah so Ending A was the canon deal for Drakengard 2 in case you were wondering. Eris went on to become the new Goddess. Nowe succeeded in... just returning to the old shitty status quo. If it's any consolation, Manah immediately fucked off and opened an orphanage and Nowe basically became a gym coach and they didn't end up together despite smooching at the end of that terrible game.

Manah's Garb

An outfit patterned after Manah, high priestess of the Cult of Watchers. *

* She was an idiot rebel leader hobo against the Knights of the Seal at this point, thank you very much PSN copy!

Other than the lack of bell-bottom trousers and Zero's strict all high-heels all the time policy on shoes, this outfit is fairly faithful to idiot rebel campaign Manah of Drakengard 2. Personally would have gone with the Cult of the Watchers look. But I suppose One is already color-blind cosplaying as that already. Manah's fairly mundane outfit comes equipped with a 20% buff to healing potions. Considering there's no numerical values to health stats and just a vague bar that fills and depletes... neat?

Manah's garb comes with her shitty white mage staff.

Manah's Staff posted:

Weapon Type: Chakram
Weapon Size: Medium

All I know is loss. An empty body with something great and substantial missing.
I fill the hole the only way I can, and turn my eyes from the emptiness that wells up.

I know little of what I was. The curious small child. The lily-white skin.
The confused expression as the question was asked: "Do the Watchers sing?"

Fear drives me forward. The darkness that laps at my feet, the fate I can never flee from.
I scream out loud that I cannot let it take me. ...I cannot let it take me.

All that remains is my memory. The steely gaze that fixed itself forward through the youth and inexperience and confusion.
The gaze that will someday open a new path.

The blank vacant stare of Nowe awaits, child...

Drakengard! 3! NIER

Music: Snow in the Summer <Chiptune>

Last but certainly not least... Well... perhaps least in functional outfits... We have NIER's Brother Nier and Kainé's spring ensemble!

Nier's Garb

An outfit patterned after <Brother> Nier.

That outfit somehow looks far less idiotic on Zero than Brother Nier. And Zero's bow is better looking than Japanese Nier's uhh... hair... clip... thingie...? In any case, this outfit grants a 5% boost to damage dealt. Cuz you know the outfit of the guy with the smallest frame of the series should have some murder guns!

Nier's outfit comes with Nier's blade. Remember his trademark sword? Me neither. Where's Iron Will?

Nier's Blade posted:

The nameless blade of an unknown warrior.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Size: Medium

Yonah, stop. Sit down and eat. If you keep running around like this you're going to drop your pie on the-
See? What'd I say? You're already making a big mess.

Emil! Quit rummaging through my closet, will you? There's nothing in there but a bunch of old underwear.
You sit down , too, and finish your soup.

Where'd Kainé go? ...Huh? She went to find more food? But I gave her an entire roast pig!
How in the world did she eat that entire thing?

In a quiet dream, I think of the world that was lost. I think of the people and my own past self.
And I think of the happiness I'll never again know.

Alas. Happier times... I don't think Kainé and Zero would get along at all. But Emil and Mikhail? That would be the greatest of adorable side story adventures.

Kainé's Garb

The costume designed in the image of Kainé.

Finally we have Kainé's err... uniform. The hair is a bit off, but you've got to admire the dedication Zero put in going with the white hair. Bravo! Kainé's outfit doubles the window for parries. Which makes it probably the best alternate outfit in the game. Fitting considering Zero is pretty much asshole Kainé dressed slightly more sensibly.

Kainé's outfit comes equipped with Kainé's weird serrated sword deal. Let's see its history since NIER!

Kaine's Swords posted:

Twin swords of loss and muddled identities.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Size: Medium

She had suffered two unspeakable losses. The first, her beloved grandmother.
The second, her beloved friend.

So she killed. She killed the enemies that stole those who were most precious to her.
She killed the enemies that placed the curse of revenge upon her. She killed.

But then she lost sight. She lost sight of the purpose behind her vengeful rampage.
She lost sight of life's meaning amidst all the slaughter.

Inside a dark cavern, she dreamed.
She dreamed of those she would be able to see again after death came for her.