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Part 10: Episode VIII: In Which Material May Not Be Appropriate For All Ages

Episode VIII: In Which Material May Not Be Appropriate For All Ages

Well, then! now that Zero has rid Five of her golden crabs it's time to get down to the business we sat out to conduct from the beginning of this chapter.

Aaaah! AAAH!
Grrah! <stab>
Grrrrrra! <stab>
Eaaaahk! Augh!
ERRRGH! <stab>
Blargh! Barf!
Zero, you don't have to...
SHUT UP! <stab> <stab>
<stab> Ahh... Huh.

Well, after a year of pent up aggression holed up in a shithole cabin Helter-Skelter Scotland, I'm sure that was cathartic for the Big Z.

...Eh? What's your deal dragon? There was a warning and everything not to watch that. It's your own damn fault at this po--

...Oh. Welp! I suppose we weren't going to skip out on a proper boss battle against one of the main antagonists...


It would appear the fifteen or so stab wounds to the chest have given Five a serious case of the Furiae lazy eye. Still probably not as off-putting as having a flower growing out of your eye socket. But, I don't know if it'll be a hit with the brainwashed boys stationed down at the Sunken City.

So then, time for the proper final challenge of Chapter 1. A showdown between Zero and Five. Let's keep it clean. No further summoning demons, dragons, or disciples. Speaking of which, what happened to that Dito kid during that battle...?

Well.... That happened.

Following her head being bisected, a delicious cloud of chocolate-strawberry vapor emerges from the newly very dead Five. It evaporates into the ether as what's left of the youngest Intoner collapses to the floor.

Oh, hey Dito. What's crackin'? I read that short story. That was pretty fucked up, huh?

Hahahaha hah haaaa! You sure loved working me to the bone, didn't you? Well, you little disciple won't be taking your abuse anymore!

New Music: Censorial Sonata

Twenty seconds of Dito kicking Five's corpse and swearing his ass off later...

Dito finishes up curbstomping what's left of Five's face into a fine paste.

I don't know. I've only known Five for about as many minutes and I already couldn't stand her. I think Dito has earned this one. Oh, yeah. By the way...

...Meet Dito our newest party member. What good is an Intoner disciple if their employer is ground beef and their former home is going to be lousy with rotten seafood stench any minute now? Might as well give the kid some work joining Team Zero's Big Murder Adventure.

As a show of good faith, Dito hooks Zero up with the gift of a replica of his spear. And indeed the first spear we'll gain in Drakengard 3. I'll go over spears' mechanics at a later date. For now, let's top off Chapter 1 with a weapon bedtime story, shall we?


The spear used by the disciple Dito.
Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Size: Medium

I detest ugly things. I hate the putrid breath of
monsters, and I hate people corrupted by desire.
How can they even stand to live like that?

Morals? Morals make me puke. Trotting out truth and justice?
Love for your fellow man? Pffft. What a crock of shit.
How can people live in a disgusting place like this?

Life is ugly, and people are nothing but fools.
Why did the world have to end up this way?

The rotten food tastes the most sweet.
A rotten body is beauty personified.
Why does everyone fail to notice these things?

And so did Violence Yosuke did join forces with Murder Mitsuru.

And thus concludes Chapter 1 of Drakengard 3. In which we killed many, many men, rather half-assedly learned to train our dragon, slew an inbred K-Mart brand giant, sunk a battleship by headbutting it into submission, had a no holds barred arena match with a heavenly tacky golden crab to dubstep, and made friends by mutual love of stabbing a particular unpleasant horny lady to death.

I'd say that was a solid day's work as far as Drakengard is concerned.

Video: Chapter 1 Conclusion
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