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Part 101: Episode LXXVII: In Which the Warranty Has Been Voided

Episode LXXVII: In Which the Warranty Has Been Voided

April 4th leaves us with just shy of three weeks to wrap up this final tour of Midgard before the destined final battle on April 22nd. There's no real significance as to why all timelines end on April 22nd. It's the day after my wife's birthday though. So that's kind of funny to me, at least.

Verse 4: At What Cost
Music: Nethernox

This is actually a unique map. How about that? I mean, it's using a bit of that chakram tutorial's architecture along the way. But when you've had to repeat the same paths as many time as this game, anything is a breath of fresh air. Even if it is a cursed grove with soldiers in varying states of undead and heightened levels of fucked.

Mmm? I don't mind it so much.
He said SANE person, Cent. That means not you.

There's nothing stopping us from just speedrunning the early part of the level, other than having to scramble through a few lays of dead bramble obstructing the path. But where's the fun in that. Besides, the soldiers in the area have a bit of, let's say troubling, chatter if we linger. Everyone is now full on distorted reverb madness voice mode.

S-Sound? And time? I don't understand!
It seems they still have partial control of themselves...
Wait. They don't even realize they're dead!? Ha ha ha! That's so awesome, I can't stand it!

I... I connect! Now attack!
I... ate the <BLEEP> out of the <BLEEP> that day... I ate the <BLEEP> until it tired me out...
Squadron! Forward! Forward!
Forward! Forward. Forward! Forward.
Give me the green... And the red too! Please! Please!
More! Moremoremore! Gimme seconds, mother...
This... quaint little hut in the forest...
Inside that hut is a big... peach-man-lizard.
Man-peach-lizard, you say...? Those are the worst... WRARGH.
Whhhiii... Whhhh... Aaannnnah! Noooo... whiiiiiiite!
Don't run away!
Huuuuuuh?! It's Zero! The flower born from the egg!
I... miss... my... moooooootherrrrr...
Wheeeen... this battle is over... I'll finally see you!
Once I see... moooother... I'll have her maaaake... heeeer... whiiiiitee souuuoooup for meeeee... And... a white STEAK! And some white... SAAAAALAD! Oooohhhh...

<deep exhale> We're leaving.

Some member of the insane soldier posse decided to line up all three treasure chests in this stage one right after another toward the end of the path. So that was a kind gesture by the mad undead mob back there.

In any case, this map is quite short. It's just one long curvy path leading to a bit of bramble. As the party approaches, the forest helpfully removes the vines in the party's way and...


All these samey and slightly remixed Land of Forests map missions they've thrown at us have really started to blur together. But I do believe I would recall the forest of two story tall flowers. Maybe we should go back and hang out with the undead jamboree...

No such luck, huh? Fiiiine, Drakengard 3. Let's mosey. Go earn your title. What have you got for us this time?

Five? I thought I killed you.

You dumbass. You resurrected yourself?
<heavy breathing> Arise... Galgaliel.

So Five is undead now. And you cannot have a shambling revenant magic fueled demi-god without...

A entourage of magic fueled undead minions. At this point, I believe we're up to a half dozen different ways to still be bound to Drakengard's crap box world, even after death. Drakengard: A universe not content to murder anyone just the once.

So Dito, you've been rather vocal in this branch. How do you feel about the reunion with old master and her new putrefying flesh spring fashion?

Hehehe... Ha ha ha ha!

Oh, Five! You're looking better than ever now!

This is exactly the kind of insane world I've always wanted!

It's just perfect for an undesirable sap like me! I think I'm gonna stay here FOREVER!

I love this new you, Five. You can do whatever you want to me. Anything at all. Heh hehehe.

Why am I getting a sense of déjà vu all the sudden. Weird. I wonder what that's all about...?

Hey, Z... Hehehe. Looks like your number's up! Hehe... Hahaha!

Oh right, that's why. We did this sort of thing already. Heeeeeeeeey! This arena is just the same one from the end of Branch B but with gigantic ominous magic flowers plopped in it! This isn't a new map at all!

Phanuel, arise!

...Excuse me? Dubstep Crab?! You can't bring back Dubstep Crab! We killed that thing literally 70 updates ago! Drakengard 3, don't you dare pull a boss rush on m—

Egregori, dance!

And now the Bugzapper Twins have returned as well?! What? You people could have been summoning boss fights this entire time you've been getting caught on geometry and running in circles in place?! You guys are the worst party members!

Alright then. So Cent and Dito are going to have a Pokemon battle due to Dito switching sides cuz he's turned on by the resurrected corpse of his former Intoner master. Meanwhile, Zero will be double-murdering Five and her revenant horde in a field of gigantic flowers. This all escalated quickly for not even being the half way point of the branch...

Drakengard! 3!

Video: Branch D Verse 4 Highlight Reel
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