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Part 116: Episode LXXXIX: In Which We Must Listen to a Final Song

Episode LXXXIX: In Which We Must Listen to a Final Song

Zero, stop putting on endgame airs. We all know you dragged Accord's wreckage down the block, punted her head into the horizon, and posed One's corpse with your sword so you could look all JRPG protagonist stoic for the finale. You're fooling nobody. We all saw you fuck up your attempt at a JRPG protagonist speech at the beginning of the end.

And the black and white filter? What's up with that? What do you think this is...? That's only been allowed when—err... Wait. Why did I suddenly get this cold chill down my spine...? It's like some memory I tried hard to forget. Weird.


This is it. Once the flower's in full bloom, you have to destroy it.

The actual blooming of the flower is apparently the last Intoner spell. Zero finally sat down and fully read the instruction manual for the damn thing in this timeline. At least beyond the chapters covering going into a blood rage and resurrecting herself if she gets owned.


There's one more thing I need to tell you.

You've grown strong... Mikhail.

<sniffle> Zero...

Zero, you big dummy...

Video: The Final Song

God DAMMIT Taro Yoko!