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Part 118: Memories of the Intoners: Zero

Memories of the Intoners: Zero

The Land of Animals

January 12 — Sunny

Today, I went to the Land of Animals and it was GREAT!
There was a big cat with fluffy hair, and an elephant with
a short trunk, and a horse with a big long neck, and
another horse that was covered in stripes!

We all played in the mud and chased each other around
and it was a ton of fun, but the sun was dumb and hot
and I got tired really fast. Boooooo!

The Land of Fish

February 17 — Rain

I've been on this island for a week. There's lots of fish
everywhere! Big fish, and pretty fish, and flat fish,
and fish with feathers, and arms, and legs, and stuff!
Oh, and mackerel. I like mackerel.

I want to go to the other islands but, I don't know how.
Since it started raining, it's just been water all over
the place.

The Land of Songs

April 19 — Cloudy

I saw some humans today! They all really like songs and
sing pretty much all day long, even though everything kinda
sucks for them at the moment. I even sang for a while too.

Their singing reminded me of Zero. It's funny—even though
I forget a lot of stuff, I always remember her. I think it's
because she was angry with me all the time. I wish she
would have sang with me instead. I'm lonely, Zero.

The Land of Machines

May 1 — Clear

There are more humans here lately, and they're taking up
more and more of the land. They broke up the forests and
mountains and oceans, and now they just move these big
metal boxes and dolls all over the place. The animals that
used to live here are in trouble because they have nowhere
to live now, but do they deserve the land more than others?

I think about a lot now.

The Land of Wars

July 1 — Rain

The girl who fed me this morning says her nation is in a
state of constant war. They kill each other from dawn until
dusk, then sleep for a bit before starting all over again.
Apparently it's been going on like this for decades.

Later, I brought mackerel to the girl's house to thank her
for breakfast, but she'd been blown to pieces by a bomb.
Why couldn't I save her? Where did I go wrong?

The Land of Destinies

September 30 — Cloudy, with Scattered Showers

Another day of nothing but mechanical children. There used
to be so many humans and now I can't find them without a
long and painstaking search.

There was an earthquake yesterday, accompanied by a bright
light in the east—probably more explosions. Contaminated
ash rained down, no doubt killing more people and animals.
I just slept through it. It's not like I can do anything.

The Land of People

November 4 — Cloudy, with Occasional Snow

I came across my first human village in a long time. It was
small—maybe a hundred all told—but they seemed hardworking
and honest. When they saw me, they began to call me their
"divine guardian," which mostly meant listening to them
complain all day. It seems having someone to talk to is a
big deal for them. I can empathize. I look back fondly on
some of my conversations with Zero—they helped me feel
like I wasn't quite so alone in this world.

The Land of Darkness

December 28 — Snow

For a long time, I experienced only failure. But I will not
quit. No matter how much injustice is in the world, I will
not permit myself to surrender to it.

I am not Zero—I cannot change the world with rage and
destruction. If, however, there is some way I can make it
a better place, I will try with all of my strength. I will not
give up. Zero never did.

The Land of Light

January 21 — Fire

My body is very broken now. I can feel the holes in my memory
increasing in number. But I don't need to fight anymore either...
so it's okay.

Are you proud of me, Zero? Did I do well?
Or would you yell at me like always? I'll...see you...soon.