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Part 17: Episode XII-2: In Which This Winter Seriously Needs to End Already. Goddammit!

Episode XII-2: In Which This Winter Seriously Needs to End Already. Goddammit!

Hey! HEY! Don't you shrug at me Dito! What the fuck is this shit?! I've used the dumb fake kill everyone gag in like every LP I've done. In fact, I'm positive I did it in Drakengard 2 too! Think I wouldn't notice, you jerks? I expect my check in the mail any day now, Taro Yoko!

Music: Antipurity - Battleground

Stupid pussy snow. I wasn't yelling that loudly.
Seriously? She's blaming the snow?
What was that?
Uh, nothing? Nothing at all. Whew! Looks like the wind's finally died down a bit.
Yeah. Let's hope it stays that way.

Now that the party has taken an avalanche ride to the bottom of a ravine, they'll need to climb their way out of the hole they've dug. As luck would have it, a series of conveniently placed platforms and derelict but stable scaffolding is lining the cliff face forward.

A short bit of platforming will reveal a few hapless soldiers. The guys have the most rotten luck of the whole army what with vading otherworldly possession, braving the sub-zero temperatures, and surviving an avalanche down a sheer cliff drop. All only to run face first into a more irritated than usual Zero. Bad day to be an enlisted man.

Following a brief bit of mountain climbing, Zero and Dito encounter a less than friendly grizzled mountain man in the form of a Titan. It's been a whole year since we've seen one of these jerks and their fancy hats. Fancy hat that is making me want to go play more Bloodborne. I should finish this up and go play more Bloodborne. It's a good game! Y'know. Other than having even shittier load times than this shoestring budget of a game made by noted less than competent development studio...

Hey. That thing was created with Intoner magic.
Huh. Neat. Must be something nearby worth protecting then.
Wouldn't that be awfully convenient to just stumble upon something of use after that whole avalanche deal?
Less talking, more killing.
Really? I'm the only one questioning this?

This is not a second tier Titan or anything special. It's the same exact creature as back in the prologue when Michael was our dragon wingman. The only difference is that Zero is significantly weaker than she was back then. Having to replace a severed arm with a symbiotic parasite grafted onto a metal prosthetic and depth perception going out the window due to flower eyepatch will do a number on one's combat ability. Who'd a thunk it?

Huh... Missing a right eye and having a metal left arm...? When does the Drakengard 3 DLC drop in The Phantom Pain?

Where the hell have you been, dummy!?
Well, the sky was all white with snow and stuff, you know? I was flying really hard, and the next thing I knew, I was two mountain ranges away from you! And while I was over there, I ran into this really strange dragon, and then--
Just shut up and give me a hand already!

Zero never seems to have patience to properly fight any titans. It's always about pulling out the big guns and summoning a dragon as soon as one pops up. I guess it's beneath her to deal with a Chapter 0 mini-boss. At least the frame rate this go around is keeping it together. Not-Spain and The Land of Seas have both always ran like utter garbage for me. The other areas in the game are... passable at the very least. Most of the time... Usually... At least staying out of the single-digit slideshows.

You don't need to tell me that every damn time!
Did you miss me while I was gone? Huh? Were you lonely?
Yeah, I cried until my eyes bled. Quit talking like some pussy-whipped boyfriend, would you?
What's "pussy-whipped" mean?
Dito seems to like teaching you things lately. Ask him. He would know pretty well.
Oh ha-ha! Yeah, pick on the guy stuck putting up with you Intoners' freaky magic crap!

With the combined efforts of Mikhail's fireball spamming and a viscous kicking in the shins by Zero (and... Dito lending moral support by running in circles) the Titan is successfully decapitated. Don't ask me how that works. You see the head popping off. Intoner magic has the quality workmanship of a sub-contractor of a sub-contractor from China.

After the battle concludes...

A big stone came out of the ground. It came out of the ground, Zero!
Yeah, no shit. Why...?
Maybe because we took care of that big guy?
Why would those things be linked?
We're questioning this, but how freaky magic singing makes a 20 foot blood filled robot move around and attack? Say, Z. Why can't you do any of that sort of Intoner stuff...? You holding back or...?
Tch... Shut up. What's with the over-sized tablet?

Read it.
Yeah, yeah. Hold on. Let's see here...
"The jewel bearing the revered one ascends to the heavens from Mt. Bernstein of the Vice Norden, leaving a silvery shadow in its wake."
You wanna try that again in English?
What do you think it means?
Your guess is as good as mine. But I know that I've definitely heard of Mt. Bernstein of the Vice Norden before.

Yay! We're going to Mt. Whatever!

Well, I suppose Mt. Bernstein of the Vice Norden Mt. Whatever is more of a lead than... aimlessly wandering a snow-capped mountain range for several hours. You'd think by this point Four would have just pissed off to the Cathedral City. I'm fairly certain, at the rate of strategic planning Zero is running this operation so far, she'd just give the whole Prologue scenario another go.

Anyway that takes care of Verse 4. On to the penultimate mission of the chapter!

Video: Verse 4 Highlight Reel (Part 2)

Dito and Zero Illustration - Just hanging out after a tough day of murder. Well Zero at least. I think Dito's kill count is still at just Five.