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Part 19: Episode XIV: In Which the Gang Gets Racist

Episode XIV: In Which the Gang Gets Racist

Verse 6A: Wyverns
Music: Prevolt - Battleground

Welcome back to Verse 6... already in progress. It would appear we're after a flying fortress now...? I reckoned we were after some manner of airship Four was retreating aboard. Not hopping straight into Imperial Flying Clam territory. But here we are... sort of...

This is the last mission of Chapter 2. But unlike the previous couple of chapter conclusions, we're not jumping straight to a boss fight. Instead there will be an intermediary mission to serve as a tutorial for the final gameplay mode in Drakengard 3. Well, sort of the final gameplay mode. Hrmpf...

Instead of the sort of All-Range Mode Mikhail mounted battles of earlier, we're now shifting to just straight up Star Fox/Panzer Dragoon shooter on rails style of gameplay. Mikhail is constantly flying forward. Baddies will swoop in and take pot shots at him and Zero. They must be killed before swooping off screen for maximum points.

By the way, what happened to Dito...? Did we just ditch Dito back on top of Mt. Whatever...? That seems rude.

The two primary methods of attack are the same as the other Mikhail mounted mode. Just with far more of an emphasis on locking onto enemies darting about rather than just laying into stationary targets.

Given the more arcadey nature of this mode, Mikhail is granted the ability to perform a dodge roll. Doing an evasion roll doesn't grant too much distance than dodging normally. But it does grant a bit of invincibility frames which are always welcome when dodging in dodgy framerates.

And no there is no projectile deflection. Why would there be...? That's stupid! Did that stupid fucker Peppy Hare tell you to "do a barrel roll" to avoid projectiles?! It was him, wasn't it? Spinning your ship around in place is not a barrel roll. It's a aileron roll. A barrel roll is like doing a big loop while flying in the same direction. Don't listen to rabbits about aviation! There's a reason that degenerate swine of a species is barred from the Cornerian air force to this day.

Huh... Don't know what came over me.

If you like freezing.
Really? You're cold? It feels great to me.
Yeah, well, I'm not covered in scales and blubber.

Must be Four's song at work.
Stupid wyverns. Just a buncha low-class dragon wannabes! They can't even talk! Or understand language! And don't get me started on those pathetic wings...
Come on! Let's roast these wyverns! Let's roast 'em AAALLLLL!
...Wow. You're like a different beast when you're talking about wyverns.
Ha heh! Thanks!
That wasn't a compliment.

Huh... I wonder where Mikhail's opinion on drakes or wyrms fall. And eastern dragons must be a whole other can of worms.

As stated by the suddenly purebred dragon supremacist Mikhail, we're facing nothing bt wyverns this mission and they are indeed rather shit K-Mart brand dragons. A single locked on blast will obliterate any standard wyvern and they just love to fly in lined up formations for easy mass baking sessions. In retaliation, maybe one or two will get the chance to fire off a sickly glowing snot colored fireball. I'm sure Mikhail has choice words for the inferiority of wyvern produced fire as well.

Given our dragon companion's new-found bigotry against the lessers of his race, the player is henceforth awarded bonus experience for fully committed to the cause of the DPF (Dragon Purity Front) of the Land of Mountains. The Land of Mountains strangely attracts a lot of racism in its skies. Look forward to Elven Genocide: Prequel Edition here later in the game!

What's that?
Looks like a rock.
...You're attacking us with ROCKS?
See? I told you wyverns were stupid!
That really means something coming from you...

Alpha Wyverns also stalk the skies. They are a tad bit more hearty than their lil' buddies and require several direct fireballs to slay. And yes, their aerial combat instructor is evidently Killer Croc. They just... throw a giant rock at you. I guess it's a big rock. Though upon closer inspection, I see a chain tied to the rock. I am uncertain of the release mechanism between it and boulder. But, details... What puzzles me more is what is that chain attached to? Can we fly in for a slightly closer look, Mikhail... That can't be what I think it is...

I... err... Well...


Yeah that chain is attached to its dick. Wyverns don't have legs. They do have a huge shlong to make up for the lack of other limbs. I mean usually this would be a joke on odd modeling of a fantasy creature but...

We sort of already did establish earlier that is indeed dragon dick in that region. So... Yeah... Those are some dire ass kidney stones.

What's wrong, Zero, did a wyvern get you? ...Stupid wyverns!
No. You smell so bad, I think I'm gonna horf my lunch.
It's okay to barf on me, Zero! I don't mind!
Are you kidding me? No wonder you reek so bad.
Ha ha! Thanks!
That wasn't a compliment!

As many dead wyverns as Mikhail can muster later...

Weird. ...A little TOO weird.

Should we try going around it? What do we do, Zero? ...Zero!?
Agh! ...Dammit. It's so cold, I think my brain just froze.
Well, snap out of it! We've still got dirty stinking wyverns to kill!
I guess we'll be seeing Four soon, huh?
Yeah. She's got nowhere left to run.
Well, try to talk to her, okay?
You're sisters! If you guys talk, you might be able to understand each other better!
We don't NEED to understand each other better.
Why are you mad at Four, Zero? Is it personal?
Like, did she steal your ice cream as a kid or whatever?
It's not about that. I just want her dead.
But why!?
All sisters want to kill each other. Most just don't follow through.
I just don't get it, Zero. I just don't get it at all.
Aren't you the one here raving about killing all the wyverns you see? Aren't all you ancient dragon types supposed to be brethren or some crap?
Nuh-uh! That's mean, Zero! I'm not related to any lousy, dirty, stinking wyverns!
But you DO stink.
They stink more!

The remainder of the mission is simply nothing more than continued training in the basics of Space Harrier. After the skies are finally free of wyvern scum, the skies briefly clear enough for us to finally come upon our target.

Tune in next time with Sister Slaughter: Round Two Against Four!

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