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Part 22: Episode XVI: In Which the Chase Finally Ends

Episode XVI: In Which the Chase Finally Ends

If you want to say a little something before you go, now's the time.
Ah! Aaah!

Four hides behind Decadus...

It would appear Decadus is a bit more dedicated to his job than Dito proved to be. Though given Dito did the exact opposite of his job at the first opportunity, that's not a high bar to set.

Aurgh! <drops sword>


Four shows her concern for her sibling's distressed state while Decadus enters a defensive semi-squat shitting position to cover all angles.

Music: Descendus - Instrumental

...Where am I?

Four is overjoyed at Zero's sudden change of demeanor and runs over to her sister. Decadus seems mildly concerned with the whole set-up, but not enough to actually intervene in any meaningful way.

<nods> What happened? What about our sisters? Where are they?

Everyone else is waiting for you.
Where are they waiting?

Bwahaha! Oh, Four... You big, gullible dummy! You just got...

Welp. RIP Four. At least you finally got penetrated before you died. Just... the wrong kind of sword.

Also, hey Dito. Nice of you to join us. Somehow... Did you just follow the trail of wyvern gibs across the land? Let's avoid any close-ups of that kid's pants, shall we?

...You could have stepped up to the bodyguard duty after the first time your Intoner charge got stabbed, pal. A bit too late to fall on your sword.

Go clean up. Front AND rear. We meet tonight.

So who's next? Three, huh? Two Intoners down... three to go.

...Wait a second. Dummy, come here.
Don't you look... different from before?
...GYA! What the heck!?

And that's a wrap for the final mission of Chapter 2. In which Zero and company wandered aimlessly in the mountains for several days, nearly died in an avalanche, scaled the tower of Mt. Whatever, revealed Mikhail's latent wyvern racism, and conquered a J-Buttrock Tron Castle in the sky.

That was a fairly healthy adventure. Now then, we've got a few spoils of war for Zero's efforts in murdering Sister #2 of 5.

Decadus has now joined the ranks of Team Zero. In battle, not that it matters one good goddamn, we're allowed to bring along two disciple companions. So both Dito and Decadus shall have the opportunity to get stuck on geometry and run endlessly into chest high barriers from this chapter onward.

Much like Dito, as a show of good faith Decadus presents us with his weapon. The first combat bracers of Drakengard 3: The Masochistic Joy. Let's take a gander at Zero's new toy's backstory.

Masochistic Joy posted:

Combat bracers used by the disciple Decadus.
Weapon Type: Combat Bracers
Weapon Size: Medium

Stop! Oh, please stop! If you put me in that boiling water,
I'll be burned from head to toe! How can anyone be so cruel?
How can—Nnnnngh....

Augh! Why? Why do you beat me with that thick iron pole?
All I can do is sob like an abandoned puppy ripped from
its mother's teat. Nnnnngh...

No... No, that's far too large! I'm going to split in two!
I'll be broken heart and soul! Just imagining it makes
me want to... Want to... Nnnnngh...

Uh, no. I'm afraid even I can't do that.

...Right. So here's 75% of Decadus' dialog: Cam Clarke repeating something innocuous Zero says in the form of a question so as to make it sound like some form of torture. Then going "Nnnnngh..." Decadus is probably the least interesting of all the disciples since that's his only joke. At least Dito can have some fun bitching and being a sick little fucker.

Mikhail has also suddenly evolved for reasons entirely unexplained because that's just what Drakengard dragons do sometimes. Mikhail is on the fast track for evolved states. It took Angelus, what? Chapter 5 or so to get an evolution under her belt. And Legna...? I... don't remember because I drank away any retained knowledge of Drakengard 2 long ago. Fuck that game.

With Mikhail's evolution, so too has Zero's default sword gained another level. And with that comes a little bit more weapon backstory. There's no big reveal for Zero's sword or anything. But hey! That's Drakengard 3 wants to roll. So we'll play along...

Zero's Blade posted:

Zero's sword. Effective vs. Intoners. It levels up as your dragon grows.
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Size: Small

From the moment I was born, there was nothing.
That's how I wound up with the name Zero.

I tried and failed to find value in my life.
Even religion failed me, for I would have sooner
fought and killed a god than prayed to it.

Well, you're in luck Zero! You're in a Japanese video game. There's about a one-in-three chance of stabbing a minor to major deity in the face at some point in the journey!

Last but not least, Zero and the gang have commandeered Four's airship! Fuuuuuck yeah! The entire world map of Midgard is finally ours to explore at will from Chapter 3 onward and the game really starts to open up and expand. Linearity say goodbye!

Four is no more. Hacked to pieces and presumably tossed overboard on some snowcapped mountain top. Her frozen corpse to serve as a grim landmark for mountain climbers in the distance future. Onward to the Land of Forests and Sister Three! The murder road trip continues!

Video: Chapter 2 Conclusion

Mikhail Level 2 Official Art - Mickie is looking a bit more fearsome. Still needs to work on the giant axe tail.

Decadus Official Art - He's pretty ripped, but I don't think he could take a dragon.