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Part 24: Episode XVII: In Which We Set Sail

Episode XVII: In Which We Set Sail

Music: Descendus - Instrumental

Alright. The progress continues! Two of five sisters are taking a dirt nap. The party is hooked up with a fancy new airship to zoom around Midgard in style. Mikhail evolved like a Pokemon for some reason. All good stuff! At this rate the murder road trip will be over in no time.

But, before our next leg of the journey gets underway we need to do a tad bit of mid-chapter housekeeping.

Accord's requests are still a thing off to the side where soul eroding grinding tedium and misery exist. Only the very first request from Chapter 2 is relevant to the proceedings: The Flint Stint. It is another one of those delightful Item Raiding/Glorified Timed Murder Spree tasks set during the mid-point of the assault on Four's army garrison.

The reason only this mission is relevant to our interests is due to the shiny new weapon to add to Zero's armory collection. Let's take a look at the Spear of Empathy. ...That sounds like a high class porno title.

Spear of Empathy posted:

A spear said to be a symbol of true friendship.
Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Size: Small

In a poor nation lived two knights: one clad in ivory armor,
the other in ebony black. They battled to bring fortune to the
land, while occasionally sharing dreams over a skin of wine.

But over time, they quarreled. The ebony knight began to
distrust his despotic king, while the ivory knight strove to
keep his oath. And soon, the friends became bitter rivals.

One day, a cadre of knights held a coup against the cruel king,
led by the ebony knight. But the ivory knight slew his companion
and quelled the rebellion, earning much fame and fortune.

The ivory knight calmed his king's despotic nature, and was
given an ornate spear as a reward. But he refused, and instead
insisted on using the spear that had slain his onetime friend.

Ivory Knight, you're terrible at loot. You always accept the quest reward even if your current equipment has way better stats. Just pawn it off at a merchant a couple towns over for 458 gold and call it a day. Sheesh.

The completion of Chapter 2 also has updated Accord's mail order services with a new listing. I like ad copy detail about a grim faced fellow. That always has potential.

Guardian's Oath posted:

A spear left behind by a grim-faced watchman.
Weapon Type: Spear
Weapon Size: Medium

Oath the First:
Be prepared to sacrifice all for the sake of His Majesty.
Always pursue justice, even at the cost of your life.

Oath the Second:
Always strive to eliminate evil from this world.
Never surrender, though the battle may seem lost.

Oath the Third:
Allow no evil to go unchecked, no matter how small.
Show no mercy to criminals, be they man, woman, or child.

Oath the Fourth:
Any who commit evil are equally deserving of death.
Be they king or pauper, death is the only answer.

Always be loyal to your king... but if you see catch his majesty jaywalking or littering in the street, you END THAT FUCKER! Words to live by...

I believe that takes care of all clerical duties before we kick off Chapter 3. So let's continue our journey...

Music: Nethernox

After murdering Four, Zero flew off to her next destination--the Land of Forests.

It was a place steeped in insanity, and the home of her sister, Three...

Music: Strumble

There's a map over here.

The last thing I need is some stupid fetch quest.
Look at all the rooms down there... I bet this place is crammed with loot!
Yeah, or a fetish dungeon.
Huh? What's a fetish dungeon?
...Don't worry about it.

The deck of an airship is close enough to a camp setting I suppose. Let's see how the disciple troops are doing between. Mikhail is going to sit this session out to rest from his evolution and mull over the meaning of a fetish dungeon, kinks, and the difference between slutty and sleazy.

Probably would've been here for a while, which means they'd be all decayed and falling apart. I bet they smell TERRIBLE, too. Corpses bloat, you know. They fill with gas and then... bleah! I bet you'd hurl on the spot.
...Do I LIKE corpses? Of course not! Ugly things disgust me.

...Whatever you say, kiddo. Maybe our newest party member will be a bit less... gloomy in subject matter.

It's too much... in so many ways...
Hey, what's that thing you've got strapped to your arm?
This? It's a martial-arts weapon.
I... I couldn't...!
Your demands are so... ugh... painful...
I am a slave to you in every way. In every... oh position...

I'm sure one will turn up eventually.
So where to next, Z?
The Land of Forests.
The Land of Forests?
Home to the Intoner Three. She's next on my list.
Crime upon crime piles up on our ledger...
...Are you getting off on this?
At least we've got this airship. Should be smooth sailing from here on out.

Airship Team Zero roll call!

Murder Mitsuru!

Guro Porn Advocate Yosuke!

Masochist Leonardo!

And Guest Starring: Innocent Idiot Dragon Mikhail!

All right, it's a new day, we've got a new ship--it's time to set sail and conquer the world!

We've slain the demon!
Lady Three's gonna be overjoyed!

Welp... That happened... R.I.P. Airship and the prospects of this game turning non-linear anytime soon. And what is to become of that whole key fetch quest subplot?! FUCK! These fucking guys! They have ruined everything!


Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh, baaaabbbbbyyy, yeaaaaaaah!

Ahahahahha! AAAAH! Hahahha!

Yeah! Nailed her right in the--

Zero is alright in my book...

Video: Chapter 3 Introduction
(You should watch this!)