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Part 33: Episode XXIII-2: In Which Our Troubles Rocket Away

Episode XXIII-2: In Which Our Troubles Rocket Away

Heh heheh!

Well, that's one way to shut down a villain monologue before it even begins...

...Or perhaps not. Well, maybe this time we'll get an actual duel with one of the Intoner sisters post-summon battle and not just a cutscene death.

Music: Iniquitus


Well... That happened...

<continues to roar>
Did he really just do that?
The dragon shows his true colors...

Hold that thought, Octa! This just in... We interrupt this sudden devouring of Lady Three by Mikhail to bring you:

Anime Explosion Laser Time.

...and I was "sent" here by Lady Two.

I've come to take this horrid dragon off your hands.

I'm kind of a busy guy, see? In fact, I only had eight hours of sleep last night!

If I wasn't as powerful as I am... I'd likely be dead by now. And that would be a shame of epic proportions.

I'm going to be late, and then Lady Twoooo might get angry. Not that I'm... scared of her or anything. Oh no, nothing like that. Wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea about me. Anyway... Gotta go, kids. Ta-ta for now!

And so the two neon blue Chozo Statues clasp hands and rocket off into the sky with their jet boots along with Mikhail and douchebag supreme, Cent.

Mik... hail... Gah...

Well that sucked. I hope this show gets renewed for another season. That would be a terrible cliffhanger to end it on.

In any case, we might have gotten punked at the tail end there. But we did manage to take care of Three with an unexpected Mikhail Fatality bring us over half way on the sibling hit list.

And thus concludes Chapter 3 of Drakengard 3. Only two chapters remain in our murder road trip. But we just essentially got car jacked and it's time to go backpacking through the desert. That could prove to be... problematic...

Video: Chapter 3 Conclusion
(You should probably watch this.)

Three Concept Art - For all the talk of her super growing hair you'd think it would be a bit further past shoulder length.