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Part 40: Episode XXVII-2: In Which Red Beats Blue

Episode XXVII-2: In Which Red Beats Blue

Someone on the Drakengard 3 team must have really liked the Egregori's design. It's the first chapter boss to get an early introduction AND an actual death cutscene after its defeat. Who knows what became of Dubstep Crab. Tron Sky Castle and the wyverns hoisting it up by their mighty members just unceremonious fell out of the sky. And Rave Doll just shattered and had its head used as a prop gag after the fact.

And even still, it's not yet finished. Probably should have known something was up given the fact it regenerated its armor and height during the intermission leading to the cutscene. That's always a big red flag, people.

With the last of its strength Egregori blasts one last laser cannon blast at Zero. Strangely it also gives my wife's PSN account an achievement. These Angel guys are just strange fellows like that.

But being the loyal sidekick that he is, Mikhail takes one for the team and shields Zero from the blast. I cannot help but get the sense of déjà vu from this whole scenario. Though granted the last time around it was against a seemingly invincible demon dragon. Not some scrub lord monsters-of-the-week with only two attacks in the animators monthly budget allocation.

Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! AAAAAAAHHHH!

After a bit of a struggle to get it together, Mikhail decides he is having NONE of this shit right now from some half-assed neon blue hipster gigas shit.

RIP Neon Stretch Armstrong. Join Dubstep Crab, Tron Castle, and the Rave Dolls in hell Another Dimension.

Zero, I've got to say for all your bravado... you're under-performing in the whole chapter finale wrap-up scene. The thing with Four? That was clever. But c'mon, lady. That was two chapters ago. Step it up!

...Well. Maybe not right now. That would be a touch on the tasteless side. I just remembered we're in a bit of an Old Yeller situation with Two at this juncture. Anyway, we may as well get on th--

<reaches out> Mich... ael...



...Nevermind then! Current tally: Mikhail leads with two Intoner kills. Dito and Zero tied for one a piece. Decadus and Octa still have yet to score.

Oh yeah. By the way, Mikhail hit puberty while he was busy disintegrating Lady Two. Drakengard universe dragons don't do elaborate evolution transformation sequences. You just leave one alone for a few minutes while you go off to take a crap. Next thing you know you wander back and suddenly your dragon is ten feet taller, has changed colors, has an axe on the end of its tail and might have even turned evil while starting to grow its skull on the outside. It's wild.

Oh right. We still have to deal with this smug satchel of dicks, don't we? The first one that was actually doing his job to the end. This is awkward.

I suppose from this point on... Heh...

...I'll be serving, Lady Zero.

Pictured: The face of someone contemplating stabbing the utter shit out of someone.

You're not gonna follow Two to the grave?
Heh... Heavens, no! I just want to serve an Intoner. I really don't care which one.

Welp. I'm convinced!

Sure shifty anime prettyboy that has actively been trying to kill us multiple times. To make no mention wasted what must have been a couple weeks making the party walk on foot to even reach this godforsaken desert after stealing our ride/sidekick. Welcome aboard the team! As it turns out, Decadus was really THAT fucking irritating in Verse 3 that this seems kosher.

As per tradition, Cent also relinquishes a copy of his signature weapon to Zero as his recruitment entry fee. But only one of the two he's carrying. Stingy tosser.

False Pact posted:

Fables say this short sword was used to slay a certain monster.
Weapon Size: Medium

One of the villagers was a compulsive liar. He bandied a
sword about carelessly, boasting of his demon-slaying
exploits. Soon, he had lost the trust of all his peers.

One day, a traveler arrived asking the way to a lair of
demons. The villagers were silent, but the great liar spoke.
“Have no fear!” he said. “I will lead you to the demos' den!”

The man lied and lied, and each time the traveler believed him,
they became more lost. But when the liar finally showed the
true path, he was forced to save the traveler from the demon.

“I finally told the truth,” said the dying liar, “and now I must
pay for it.” The traveler slayed the demon, became a hero,
and has carried his newfound friend's sword ever since.

Make of that one what you will.

In addition to Cent joining the party, Mikhail has morphed to his final form. Namek is now five minutes away from exploding. Hold onto your butts!

As with Four's death and Mikhail's subsequent evolution shortly thereafter, Zero's sword has once more leveled up alongside it. Instantly making Cent's gift obsolete! Thanks for nothing, Cent.

Zero's Sword Level 3 posted:

Zero's sword. Effective vs. Intoners. It levels up as your dragon grows.

From the moment I was born, there was nothing.
That's how I wound up with the name Zero.

I tried and failed to find value in my life.
Even religion failed me, for I would have sooner
fought and killed a god than prayed to it.

I took lives and felt nothing. I killed without regret.
Right? Wrong? Sin? Redemption? I couldn't even
work up the energy to care.

One upgrade and verse of Zero's Sword's weapon story remains. Don't hold your breath for a shocking conclusion to the tale. At the very least, I'll spoil she doesn't end up stuck at the bottom of a well at the conclusion.

And with that Chapter 4 draws to a close. Four Intoner sisters down. Only One remains...

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